edwin86 Hi, I have a question about "runcmd", there are some shell scripts under runcmd field , where I can find the install logs02:49
blackboxswedwin86: 1. cloud-init status --long to make sure there were no errors rendering your runcmd YAML as a shell script (very frequent problem).  2. check that the script was emitted to /var/lib/cloud/instance/scripts/runcmd.  (If not you'll probably see a Failed to shellify in /var/log/cloud-init.log).    3. stdout/stderr of your script typically go to /var/log/cloud-init-output.log   03:05
blackboxswedwin86: 4. check content in the rendered /var/lib/cloud/instance/scripts/runcmd to make sure it looks like the script that you intend... and 5. If you don't see errors or output indicating problems in cloud-init*.log, try re-running the script with `sudo /var/lib/cloud/instance/scripts/runcmd`  to see those errors on the terminal.03:06
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edwin93blackboxsw_away got it ,thanks.08:12
edwin93another question is that , When I execute the runcmd command, which user is used to execute the specific command? Is it root, or someuser as root ?08:15
meenaedwin93: cloud-init runs as root, it does everything as root 08:16
edwin93got it , if I want to specify some folder to some user , I need to run "chown $USER:$USER /data ", is it right?08:18
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