IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> RESOLVED by the legendary Rik Mills! (re @Anarchotaoist: BUMP: I still cannot resolve this.)00:33
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> RESOLVED by the legendary Rik Mills! https://www.kubuntuforums.net/forum/currently-supported-releases/kubuntu-23-04-lunar-lobster/software-support-bf/672474-libkpim5libkleo-data-will-not-install (re @Anarchotaoist: BUMP: I still cannot resolve this.)00:33
Guest66hello, where can i get help with my log in screens?04:50
Guest66is it normal for the log in screen to be displayed on all monitors?04:50
PvtJokeron mine i move the mouse between the 3 and the login screen moves with it04:53
Guest66is there anyone way to set it back to the default? I just switched to linux from windows and this only started happening after i installed open razer04:56
PvtJokerI just installed Kubuntu a few days ago. You might want to look in the system settings. There are many options04:56
PvtJokerI came from Windows as well04:57
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Guest34Hello all, Bonjour . I 've installed Kubuntu dual boot with win11 and I dont know if TPM secure is active by default when I installed Kubuntu or if I have to activate it?07:39
lubo76Guest34: OS can not change settings in UEFI.08:00
lubo76see UEFI.08:00
Guest34Ok Thank's for answer :)08:49
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IrcsomeBot<[][I/0][]> any fix? (re @[][I/0][]: i got error during booting12:11
IrcsomeBot<[][I/0][]> 'xsession warning unable to write to tmp'12:11
IrcsomeBot<[][I/0][]> and root partiton is already full(i think this isnt problem)12:11
IrcsomeBot<[][I/0][]> any fix??12:11
IrcsomeBot<[][I/0][]> edit : it used to work even with full  occupied   / partition)12:11
weedmicis this a username?  <[][I/0][]>12:17
BluesKajHi all12:20
IrcsomeBot<YesEyeCan> Has anyone heard of kubuntu dual install stopping windows from sleeping?12:40
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Yippeehi evereyone13:07
YippeeI want to delete software I installed. Does anyone know the command for terminal to erase remnants of programs?13:08
PvtJokerYippee did you try apt remove softwarename?13:08
PvtJokersudo apt remove softwarepkgname13:08
Yippeethank you13:09
Yippeeit worked13:09
Yippeeso apt purge the same as apt remove?13:09
PvtJokergood question. i am new13:09
Yippeelol me too13:09
PvtJokeronly came from windows this week :)13:09
Yippeeooo you'll love linux13:09
PvtJokeryeah i used to use another distro a long time ago!13:09
PvtJokerso far Kubuntu is very easy compared to the other distro i tried13:10
PvtJokereverything seems to just work!13:10
PvtJokeri always was a KDE Kid :)13:10
PvtJokerKDE is great13:10
PvtJokeralthough i did break /etc/fstab this morning. I had to reboot in emergency mode!13:10
weedmicwhat do lines like this mean "<IrcsomeBot> <YesEyeCan> Has anyone heard o...."?13:11
PvtJokerweedmic it appears to be a relay bot13:12
PvtJokermaybe it is a relay from discord or something13:13
weedmicI know what ircsomebot is, but why does "it" sometimes spit out someone's name and a sentence?13:13
PvtJokeri don't know weedmic13:13
weedmiclet's assume the relay idea is correct - if "we" repond w their name is the relay boustrophedonic?13:14
PvtJokerhey @ YesEyeCan are you reading us?13:15
weedmicsmart - PvtJoker - actaully test it to see :O13:17
user|50monitor config13:31
user|50custom hertz settings13:32
IrcsomeBot<[][I/0][]> no (re @IrcsomeBot: <weedmic> is this a username?  <[][I/0][]>)13:50
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IrcsomeBot<YesEyeCan> I fell asleep21:36
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