SaviqMorning \o06:51
Saviq<alan_g[m]> "Oh, looks like the compilation..." <- GCC got bumped 12 → 13, so that's the most likely the trigger.07:06
alan_g[m]<Saviq> "GCC got bumped 12 → 13, so that..." <- Yeah, I can reproduce on 23.10. So going experiment a little to see if there's an incantation the compiler can grok09:21
alan_g[m]<alan_g[m]> "Yeah, I can reproduce on 23.10..." <- But there are still more issues on sid. Time to spin up a container...13:10
SaviqDoesn't seem like the fix stuck in CI?14:34
SaviqOr at least wasn't enough14:35
alan_g[m]Saviq: It fixed the problems I can reproduce locally, now I'm trying to track down the others14:36
alan_g[m]<alan_g[m]> "It fixed the problems I can..." <- (These look like the errors I saw on 23.04 that only happened on my machine!)14:47
Saviq- migrated all (but yet unsupported riscv64) the snap/hardware permutations to checkbox-mir tests16:40
Saviq- modified the [testing matrix](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1kUbTSt4zWVpTtgZNJvvxCdugsRUv6C5PK9Xw5dxppCc/edit#gid=422087474) to show what's missing, what's new16:40
Saviq- fixed tarball generation, having realized it didn't work after 2.14.0 was tagged16:40
alan_g[m]Today: looking into FTBFS with g++-1317:24
mattkae[m]- Got #2629 to a state that I am happy with 😄 https://github.com/MirServer/mir/pull/2981 (did some unit tests too). I need to do some final testing tomorrow, but it seems pretty solid right now21:47
mattkae[m]- Did some more HR onboarding things, but then my brain began shutting off after the 10th one. Only 7 more 🤞21:47

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