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seb128ricotz, hey, did you start working somewhere on thunderbird 115?15:39
ricotzseb128, hi, there is a basic build at https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/ubuntu/thunderbird-next/+packages15:46
ricotztranslations are not working15:47
seb128ricotz, thanks! and do you have any idea why they are not working?15:54
ricotzseb128, sorry, no15:57
ricotzthe upstream language xpi build works16:06
seb128no worry, I'm on holidays starting friday so I will probably poke at it once I'm back in august16:06
seb128I was pondering trying to update mantic this week but I will probably not get to it16:07
ricotz115.1 or even 115.2 should be a safer candidate to switch major versions16:07
seb128I was not looking at updating stable series yet16:09
seb128but getting the new serie in mantic before the freeze would be nice16:09
seb128I also need to check if the deb version looks as un-integrated that the snap, the 115 snap is really not nice looking16:09
seb128using blue color, not enough spacing in fonts, it feels quite an usability regression compared to 10216:10
ricotzI am using this 115 here, this is the new UI16:10
ricotzyou can set the spacing and therefore the default could be altered16:11

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