MetamorphosisI wonder if I can get a better laptop with $200 compared to my current one: Lenovo G5070, Intel Core i5-4210U (170 GHz 1600MHz, 3MB), 6 GB DDR3L RAM, AMD Radeon R5 M230 2GB, 1 TB 5400rpm HDD, 15.6" HD (1366 x 768) display, Windows 10 Home. I'm looking at Lenovo as they used to be cheap.11:40
lotuspsychjeMetamorphosis: there are so cheap HP models around too11:41
lotuspsychjeMetamorphosis: but i5 for 200$ thats gonna be hard to beat11:44
Metamorphosislotuspsychje 2014's i5 isn't much better than 2023's celeron.11:44
lotuspsychjeMetamorphosis: whats your endgoal exactly, find the cheapest laptop ubuntu can run?11:45
Metamorphosislotuspsychje I use Kubuntu as my main OS. But I consider it to be Ubuntu just with a different theme lol11:46
MetamorphosisI also need to have Windows for certain software, but I barely even log in to Windows.11:46
lotuspsychjeMetamorphosis: there are some cheap 14" asus and acer netbooks around too11:47
lotuspsychjemaybe if you grab one second hand11:47
lotuspsychjeasus vivobook and acer swift11:48
Metamorphosislotuspsuchje Cool. I never had an ASUS or Acer, most of my computing life has either been Lenovo or Dell. 11:48
MetamorphosisLenovo was actually unheard of when i was younger, Until they suddenly destroyed the competition everywhere.11:49
lotuspsychjei still got an old acer aspire one netbook here running lubuntu working great11:50
JanCmy Asus EEE 900 from ~2008 broke down a couple months ago  :-(13:20
leftyfbI've still got a couple Dell mini 9's I'm trying to get rid of13:20
JanC(might be a power supply issue, I haven't tried to replace that yet)13:20
leftyfbI had one of the eee's as well13:20
leftyfbI soldered a usb hub, bluetooth and a flash drive to the unused pci bus13:21
lotuspsychjecool leftyfb 13:21
lotuspsychjei had great luck with lubuntu 20.04 on ancient machines13:21
lotuspsychjethey still work leftyfb ?13:24
JanCthe battery of that EEE PC900 was no longer really usable, but I used it as a terminal to access other computers in house sometimes  :)13:25
leftyfbthe mini 9's do, yeah. But they're 32bit and don't really run distro's very well. I've got cloudready on it and it's still slow13:25
JanCthe EEE PC900 was 32-bit too, had an old no longer supported distro version on it...13:26
JanCcouldn't upgrade it at some point because it didn't have enough disk space...13:27
JanC(even when 32-bit was still available)13:27
JanC/ was 4 GiB...13:28
lotuspsychje18.04 cant be made pro ?13:29
JanClotuspsychje: I couldn't upgrade it long before that, and too lazy to do a new install (and it wasn't used to go on the internet really)13:30
lotuspsychjesorry to hear asus broke13:30
JanCI think it was still 12.x or 13.x  :)13:30
lotuspsychjeJanC leftyfb i saved this handy link for some lighty other distro's, https://itsubuntu.com/22-best-lightweight-linux-operating-systems-in-2020/13:31
leftyfbyeah, I don't need to use it anymore for anything13:32
JanCit wasn't used much anyway, and old distros work well enough to SSH into some other computer a couple times a year  :)13:32
leftyfbI just want to get rid of them but to someone who will actually use them13:33
leftyfbI have actual servers and raspberry pi's I can anything else with if I want to13:33
leftyfbit's crazy how much more powerful a $10 pi zero is than the Dell mini 913:33
leftyfbthough that's not a terrible idea13:36
leftyfbgut the mini 9 and shove a pi in it13:36
leftyfbIt would need to connect to the LCD, keyboard and trackpad13:36
lotuspsychjethere are few barebone laptops specialy made for pi's but they are so expensive13:37
lotuspsychjeyou can buy laptops for that price13:37
leftyfbI never liked the mini laptop keyboards though13:37
leftyfbyou had to jump through hoops just to type a |13:37
hamidlotfihi there,13:45
lotuspsychjewelcome hamidlotfi 13:47
hamidlotfiI config the netplan with an interface and ovs-bridge and set the mac address manually on the bridge but after applying the netplan, the other mac was randomly assigned by OS to this.13:47
leftyfb!support | hamidlotfi 13:48
ubottuhamidlotfi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!13:48
hamidlotfiok, thank you.13:48
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