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stennogood day, during installation of ubuntu-server, after completing the installation, it immediately starts 'unattended-upgrades'. I cannot opt out of this from the instsaller menu. Pressing the 'Cancel update and reboot' button just continues the update, and i cannot reboot the vm via hypervisor as the machine is 'busy'.10:16
stennoThis was the state of my installer (minus the last two lines) for about 20 minutes https://i.imgur.com/EA4dEUY.png10:16
stennoin the 'full log', i could still see packages being unpacked and prepared10:17
stennois this a known issue?10:17
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znfHow the hell do you dhcpv6 client in netplan?21:47
rfmznf, "dhcp6: yes" in the  device entry21:51
znfenp0s6: Re-configuring with /run/systemd/network/10-netplan-enp0s6.network21:54
znfenp0s6: DHCPv4 connection considered critical, ignoring request to reconfigure it.21:54
znfenp0s6: DHCPv6 lease lost21:54
znfenp0s6: DHCPv4 address via
znfenp0s6: Re-configuring with /run/systemd/network/10-netplan-enp0s6.network21:54
znfenp0s6: DHCPv4 connection considered critical, ignoring request to reconfigure it.21:54
znftoo many lines, my bad21:54
znfbut if I dhclient -6 enp0s6, it works just fine21:56
rfmznf, well always worked for me (in fact I had considerable trouble turning it off because I didn't want it.)  I suspect there's something in the router advertisements that controls this, but I don't know what.22:06
rfmznf: look at  https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/stable/netplan-yaml/   and search for dhcp6, note the bit about "autoconfiguration will ... only use DHCP if requested in the RA:22:08
rfmznf, and ipv6 address autoconfiguration is all done in the kernel, dhclient shouldn't need to be involved.22:10
znfwell, this provider uses dhcpv6 not slaac22:12
znfand the only way to test the functionality is with dhclient22:13
znfunelss you know a better one22:13
rfmznf, I suppose you could try "accept-ra: no" to tell it not to pay attention to the router advertisements22:19
rfmznf: if that works probably should talk to the provider about fixing their RAs22:19
znflet's see22:20
znfnope, still loses it instantly22:21
rfmznf, beginning to sound to me like the dhcpv6 server is busted22:22
znfwhy would it work with dhclient -6 then? 22:22
rfmznf, couldn't say.  something about the mac address being used, or the lease time is different maybe. sniffing the packets (e.g. wireshark) might give clues.22:24
rfmznf ah, I looked at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1776013 (which doesn't really seem to be the same problem) and it reminded me that it's systemd-networkd handing DHCPV6, not the kernel (which should just do SLAAC)22:29
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Launchpad bug 1776013 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-networkd: DHCP lease lost (Ubuntu 18.04)" [Undecided, Invalid]22:29
znflemme see22:30
rfmznf, is it at all possible you have two systems on this net using the same MAC?  This can happen with cloned VMs, or with virtualbox VMs bridging to a wireless connection22:39
znfthis is on a public cloud22:39
znfspecifically oracle's public cloud 22:39
znfI'm fairly positive they have everything neatly isolated22:40
rfmznf, did you check (with "ip -6 a" to see if there was a non-SLAAC ipv6 addr after the netplan apply?  presumably if it "lost its lease" it should then request a new ip and use that.22:48
znfyes, there's only the link local address 22:49
rfmznf, well, I'm baffled.  Seems Oracle Cloud's dhcp server and systemd-networkd's dhcp client don't like each other.  Hard to believe you are the first one to hit this.22:52
znfcan't find any info anywhere22:52
znfit *should* be automatically configured by cloud-init22:52
znfbut it doesn't seem to be22:52
znfI _am_ getting the routes tough 22:52
rfmznf, well, it does seem to be configured, the "lost lease" message shows networkd is trying to get an address, it's just failing.22:53
znfoh, ok23:04
znf> One of the systemd developers confirmed the issue lies with malformed DHCP packets sent by OCI:23:04
rfmznf, yeah, now that I get the google query right it's all over. 23:39
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minimalznf: you should raise this on either the cloud-init channel or as an issues on the cloud-init github repo23:53
znfthey're aware already 23:53
minimalznf: hadn't noticed anything in either place23:54
rfmnot sure what c-i could do about this.  I did notice systemd has already integrated a change to ignore the bogus junk, but no doubt will be a while before that gets in a systemd release and even longer before it gets to ubuntu23:59

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