toddcps aux | grep snap/snap-store00:08
loloka 'terminate running snaps' button maybe good... if only to give the error: can not self terminate00:32
donofriook I must be missing something I installed openjdk-17 but I'm unable to use java from edge/firefox to download websphere and install it on my ubuntu box (aka the ibm download director - java tool) will not start ;(01:27
sarnoldis installing a JDK alone enough to use java applets from browsers? I sort of assumed they'd require a plugin of their own01:30
rboxi thoguth firefox hasn't supported java appletse in like 20 years01:30
sarnoldand what with the old plugin architecture being thrown away a few years ago, I further assumed that you just wouldn't use java on a browser from the last five years or something01:30
donofrioI tried in edge and no joy01:30
donofriothis is for ibm websphere for context01:30
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plt2Does the developers of exim4, sendmail or postfix ect.. hang around in this channel?01:46
plt2I wonder if they every go any of the c conferences?01:47
plt2ok bbl01:47
sarnoldI bet some of them do attend the occasional conference, but I'd be a bit surprised if it's for C specifically01:47
plt2I need to talk to them including the developer of fail2ban01:48
plt2For me back to work.01:49
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sarnoldhi BlossmingTinkaWi02:10
BlossmingTinkaWiich war mir erst nicht sicher ob dieser chat klappt02:12
BlossmingTinkaWiwo findet man den server liesten oder so02:12
sarnolddepending upon who is around, what questions have been asked, etc, it can get moderately busy02:14
sarnoldit's not like ten years ago, but IRC isn't as dead as people keep saying02:14
BlossmingTinkaWi@sarnold pls wait a min my english ist to bad02:15
BlossmingTinkaWioki this make ne funny02:17
sarnoldBlossmingTinkaWi: jetzt ich geh weg; bzw man immer mag nur englisch auf diese kanal -- mit deutsch kann man reden auf #ubuntu-de -- schoenen abend :)02:20
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devslashI installed the xorg desktop in Ubuntu to test something that needs a UI but I am done with that. I did apt purge xserver-xorg-common to get rid of x org but it still boots to a desktop login window04:22
devslashare there any other packages that i need to install ?04:22
alkisgdevslash: check /var/log/apt/history.log for the packages that you installed04:24
devslashonce I enter my login credentials, it boots to a static blue screen04:25
babblehey all: is there a way to set per-window view preferences for a couple of Nautilus windows in Gnome 4x? I'd like to have a pair of windows, one narrow enough for the sidebar to collapse, and the other wider, with the sidebar visible, so I can put them side by side.04:26
devslashi dont see any useful info in that path04:27
alkisgdevslash: pastebin that file if you need help with it04:27
devslashi made this change recently. within the last few weeks04:28
devslashi only have 1 history.log for that time period04:28
alkisgIf you want help, pastebin its contents04:29
devslashbut i dont see any references to another package called rustdesk that i was testing that made install the desktop04:29
alkisgIf it's been rotated, it would be in history.log.104:29
alkisgAnd then they go to history.log.X.gz04:29
devslashone sec I am gonna paste the link04:35
devslashelks https://paste.ofcode.org/3bG6rVB5m5ZLnK2baa6hnKT04:40
devslashlike I said, it boots to a login screen (which I dont want) and if you login in, it shows a blank blue background04:41
devslashalkisg this is the previous history.log: https://paste.ofcode.org/cDmT8s5eZXqfNFzTLMUrff04:43
alkisgdevslash: see lines 14 and 2204:43
alkisgWhen you installed ubuntu-desktop, you installed a whole lot of packages. These are the ones you want to uninstall04:44
devslashI purged those packages04:44
devslashI removed ubuntu-desktop already04:44
alkisgSo create a huge apt purge command with all those 100 packages in it04:44
alkisgThat's a metapackage04:44
alkisgIt won't remove all its dependencies04:44
devslashwhich packages04:44
devslashon what line'04:44
alkisgSee lines 16, 17, 18, 24, 25, 2604:44
alkisgGet the names of all 100 packages in these lines, and put them in a big apt purge command04:45
devslashI have to type them all manually04:45
alkisgNo, you can copy/paste them and remove the extra cruft like commas04:45
babbleor you can use a redirect and a shell expansion to bring them in from a text file.04:46
babblelike: sudo apt purge `< path/to/apt-packages.txt`04:46
devslashon line 16 it mentions libvulcan1 i did apr purge libvulcan1 but it says not installed04:46
devslashI just wanted to make sure that thats right04:46
devslashas far as ubuntu thinking i have them installed but it says I dont have libvulcan1 installed04:47
alkisgdevslash: for example the apt purge command for the first installation that you did is: https://paste.debian.net/1286295/04:47
alkisgBetter see the raw version at https://paste.debian.net/plain/128629504:47
alkisgWhen you ran apt autoremove at line 42 it removed SOME packages, but not all of them04:48
alkisgSo now you want to purge all of them04:48
alkisgThis is because when you install package A, and it automatically pulls B and C, and then you purge A and you autoremove, it will e.g. also remove B if no other package in your system recommends it, but it will keep C if any other package in your system does recommend it04:49
alkisgSo "install a metapackage, remove a metapackage and run apt autoremove" is NOT the correct way to remove what you installed04:50
devslashok thanks04:50
devslashalkisg thank you that fixed the issue for me04:52
alkisgAnd the apt purge command that corresponds to your apt install ubuntu-desktop, is: https://paste.debian.net/plain/128629804:52
alkisgdevslash: I guess you only run the first command; you also need the second one04:53
devslashI'm running both04:54
devslashI want nothing to do with XOrg on my server04:55
alkisgIt's best to take snapshots before doing such things. Or use a VM and revert to last snapshot.04:55
devslashwell my server is not a vm04:55
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darwinif I was able to install and reboo but then the EXT4 partition has a problem mounting, but it's on a PC with hardware from 2011 (SSD not that old though) does that mean the SSD is bad or the hardware is starting to have some incompatibility?06:55
weedmicdarwin: when you run some basic smart utilites on the ssd, did it look within parameters?06:58
weedmicin your /etc/fstab, did you list drives by UUID?  - and "problem mounting" what was the actual stdout?  - i suppose, I mean to say this is the order I should check:  review the error message, ensure correct /etc/fstab entry, check smart, run fsck, review report.07:03
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weedmicext4 is pretty much the most stable fs yet.07:04
darwinwhat smart utilities should I use?  I didn't do anything to fstab so it is as default was.  I will try to reboot and see the exact error07:09
morno88Hello i am setting up ubuntu core with ubuntu frame that displays a website but what we are missing is a refresh button anyone know if a refresh button is avalible for ubuntu frame with wpe-webkit-mir-kiosk?07:13
plt2Has anyone tried using the fail2ban report module?07:14
plt2My server is large and has plenty of resources to send out 50,000 abuse complaints per day07:15
darwinthe error was: end kernel panic--not syncinc: VFS: unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (0,0)07:16
plt2That does not sound good.07:16
plt2Time to pull out xojo and write a abuse reporter.07:17
dabblerdarwin: do you have a live ISO?07:18
darwini have one or can get one07:18
dabblerif you can get a desktop environment, gsmartcontrol is the most user-friendly way to check SMART params. otherwise, if stuck with a terminal, i think the underlying util is smartctl07:19
darwini'm not the type of user/programmer who thinks having a terminal is 'stuck'07:20
darwinthanks; I will see if I can run gsmartcontrol or smartctl07:20
dabblerhaha ok. np07:23
weedmicdarwin: I'm about to paste some basic smart commands, but I did not get the term "stuck" - is that a comment on how you view terminal - or terminal is not functioning?07:40
weedmicfirst thing I normally do is just to see how much use the media had "smartctl -all /dev/sda | grep Power_On_Hours" - then I run a short test "sudo smartctl --test=short/dev/sda"07:41
darwindabbler said 'if stuck with a terminal' but I don't think like that.  I started with UNIX and strictly UNIX-like (the only other being Slackware) for my own PC; what I was asking about is for a user's PC I administer07:41
weedmicsorry, that is way to english for me - "stuck" means you live or hate terminal?07:42
darwinask dabbler what he meant07:42
darwinsounds like he meant he doesn't think terminal is as good as GUI, which I don't agree with07:43
weedmicoic - dabbler - what does stuck mean the usage you above used?07:43
weedmicoic - my view on that is "give me konsole or give me death" <(")07:43
weedmicfor a complete detailed report "smartctl -x /dev/sda"07:43
weedmicbut... most of that is not so useful (to me)07:44
weedmic20tb drive is now less than 400 euro - everything is basically free to replace at will07:44
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dabblerweedmic: by "stuck with" I just meant "having no alternative to". I had no idea how much or little experience with Linux they had.08:02
darwinit said power on hours: old age: 1191908:17
darwinbut that doesn't sound old.  That's under a year and a half08:18
weedmictks darwin08:22
bob_x2what package contains mkfs.vfat tool on ubuntu ?08:27
darwinthe smartctl short test passed with zero errors.  I don't think it's the SSD rather than something about the hardware design is from 12+ years ago (even though the system-/logic-/main-/mother-board was a new replacement just maybe five years old and the CPU is newer also)08:30
weedmicdarwin: concur="I don't think it's the SSD"08:31
weedmicdarwin: kernel panic can be tough.  mostly b/c of the panic, often what caused it cannot/is not written down.  but, sometimes, it a clue is written down.  you should examine the logs the last few minutes before the kernel panic.  if you are lucky, maybe it was a process (software) - which cna be adjusted.08:33
darwinwell I can't get logs, because it doesn't boot08:36
EriC^^darwin: what happens if you try to mount the fs from a live usb?08:37
EriC^^darwin: did you try booting using the original kernel? maybe the kernel it installed during installation/update isnt working right08:37
darwini guess I could do that.  Of course08:37
darwinthere was no update08:38
EriC^^if you get grub then i guess the fs isnt damaged if you have just 1 partition, so maybe the kernel just has a problem08:38
EriC^^are you sure? nothing in advanced options in grub?08:38
darwinyes, I get GRUB, then starts to boot, then kernel panic08:38
darwini will check.  So maybe I can mount the partition and get logs?08:39
darwinthis has happened two or three times, installing from two or three live ISOs, actually, which I guess the kernel updated later.  That's why I don't think it's a kernel rather than something programmed wrong for old hardware now (okay, maybe in newer kernels, but I don't know if it occurs with other GNU/Linux)08:40
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EriC^^well yeah mount the partition, look for /var/log/syslog or /var/log/boot.log, but i doubt there will be anything, it sounds like its having trouble mounting the fs in the initrd stage08:41
EriC^^worth a try though, i'd see if there's a previous kernel in the advanced options in grub08:42
EriC^^darwin: can you pastebin the results of "ls -l /boot" after mounting the fs? maybe you're missing some files there08:43
weedmicdarwin: you can boot with a live linux and have access to the logs - still reading above08:43
darwini doubt there's an older one because I usually installed it the day I downloaded or after08:43
EriC^^darwin: during the installation it will install a new kernel if the machine is hooked up to the internet08:44
EriC^^my money's on bad kernel/initrd08:45
weedmicif it works with live linux, but not when booting regular, it is not hardware (since you checked the sdd for errors already).  which is a good thing.  meaning it can be fixed/reaplced.08:45
weedmicgenerally for me, once I know it isn't hardware, i think - is this machine worth more than 30 mins work - or 18 mins to start over w a new install an dpartition wipes.08:46
darwinthanks for the help, everyone, like for the testing.  I solved it.  It was a newer bad kernel or maybe hadn't finished making the initrd.  An older one booted fine (thanks EriC^^).09:05
darwini prefer to avoid having an initrd at all09:06
PvtJokerI need to add a CIFS mount to boot. Where is the file I edit to do this please?09:11
tomreynPvtJoker: /etc/fstab09:27
PvtJokerthanks tomreyn09:27
stennogood day, the 22.04 LTS server installer seems to be broken. After installation, it now tried to update via 'unattended-upgrades'. I pressed 'cancel update and reboot' button, but it still just continues the update? there is a grayed out [Rebooting...] button now, but the log just continues to unpack and setting up packages09:56
stennoi cannot shut down my virtual machine because it is reported to be 'buxy'09:56
stennois my only way to handle this just to force-quit the virtual machine, then immediately disable 'unattended-upgrades' ?09:57
tomreynunattended-upgrades has no GUI, where did you "pressed 'cancel update and reboot' button"?10:00
stennotomreyn: in the installer10:00
tomreynyou wrote "after installation", though?10:00
stennowell it tells me 'Installation complete!' in the orange header bar10:01
tomreyni don't think unattended-upgrades would run against the target system while you're still running the installer10:02
stennowell it does10:02
stennoit is the last thing that it is doing10:02
stennomaking screenshots10:02
stennooh now its done10:03
tomreynso this is the "install updates after installation" (or similar) option you can choose earlier in the installation process, i guess? i didn't know that was implemented through unattended-upgrades. but i guess that's not a bad way to do it, if so.10:04
stennoit would not be a bad way if i just could have cancelled it10:04
stennohowever, the 'cancel upgrade and reboot' button did nothing10:05
stennohttps://i.imgur.com/EA4dEUY.png this was what i was staring at for about 20 minutes https://i.imgur.com/EA4dEUY.png10:05
stennosorry for the double link10:05
weedmicdarwin - nice to hear it is fixed.10:06
stennominus the two last lines, apparently it continued right when i took the screen shot10:06
tomreynmaybe you hit a very slow mirror server there.10:07
stennowhat does a slow mirror have to do with aborting the update?10:08
stennodoes aborting still entail downloading all the stuff? i would have thought that 'aborting' just cancels and rollbacks the update process10:08
tomreynif it's a blocking task, that would prevent the update mechanism from quitting10:08
tomreyni don't think it would cancel in-progress downloads10:09
stennoi could see it in the 'full log', it was constantly preparign and unpackign new packages10:09
stennoits not that the install log just stalled10:09
weedmicI generally research every update for possible problems it would introduce, so don't use unattended anything.  I found this though, stenno, which may help you - it lists a lot of options - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates10:09
stennoi missed the installer configuration option where i can actually set this.10:11
weedmicit's probably graphical and checked by default :D10:11
tomreyni'm not sure it exists on the server installer, it did on the old desktop installer.10:11
belsthi, weird question. I have some sql queries in .sql files and use sqlx::query_file_as! macro quite a bit. now I wanted to have a small query where I use one of the files as subquery, I tried using `concat!("sth", include_str!("query.sql"), "more sth")` but ofc that doesnt work because the sqlx::query! macro expects a string literal. is there any workaround other then using the dynamic runtime10:12
belstfunction isntead of the macro?10:12
stennoso i have no choice of actually setting it in the installer, so i just have to be really patient because the 'cancel update' button doesn't work, or force-quit the VM and disable unattented upgrade10:12
tomreynyou could provide feedback in #ubuntu-server, which may or may not be seen by someone who might be involved in development, or, better yet, file a bug report.10:12
belstoops wrong channel. sry. mobile inet, weechat updated too slowly :(10:13
stennooh, i didn't know ubuntu-server had a distinct channel10:13
tomreynstenno: you might be better off using cloud images by the way, if it's for use in VM guests.10:17
stennohmm could it be because i only have 10GB of disk space? But the minimum recommendation is only 2.5 gb10:25
tomreynno, it won't be that10:25
tomreyni still think you hit a slow mirror server10:26
tomreyn(or a bad router somewhere along the network route)10:27
stennotomreyn: but just again to clarify - it wasn't stuck downloading a package or anything. it was just constantly unpacking and preparing packages10:31
stennoas if i just didn't press the 'cancel update' button10:31
PvtJokernew to ubuntu here. i just edit /etc/fstab now pc is in emergency mode and video went off10:40
PvtJokeradded 4 lines to it to mount some drives and it broke it10:40
weedmicPvtJoker: in the future, you may wish to consider copying a file to something like "cp /etc/fstab.original" before making changes so you can put it back if the changes damage the system. use something like pastebin.com and show us the current contents of /etc/fstab - espeically the 4 lines you added.10:44
weedmicyou can boot with a live linux media to get access to the ubuntu machine's /etc folder.10:44
PvtJokerok i did control alt del and it rebooted and i am back in10:45
PvtJokerhere is /etc/fstab https://pastebin.com/DHSFwTYH10:45
PvtJokeri saw in my logs an error saying it is not in mtab10:46
PvtJokerJul 19 06:42:37 beast expandrive[3262]: fusermount: entry for /media/patrick/documents not found in /etc/mtab10:47
PvtJokeri guess i missed something with grub?10:47
weedmicseems fine to me - assuming you copied and pasted the UUIDs10:47
PvtJokeri did10:48
PvtJokerwait do they need "" around the UUID?10:48
weedmicso are you ?fixed?10:48
PvtJokerI took those out10:48
weedmici'll check mine, but I think not10:48
PvtJokernone of the drives mounted10:48
PvtJokersays missing in mtab10:49
weedmicno, but I have above each a remmed out line stating what the volume is for.10:49
PvtJokerok that should not hurt to leave out a remmed line?10:49
PvtJokerdo i need to run some grub cmd?10:49
weedmici have never edited /etc/mtab.  i opened mine and it is very long.  I simply don't know anything about mtab.10:51
weedmic"run some grub cmd" - for what purpost?10:51
PvtJokerok forget grub then10:52
PvtJokermaybe the space in /etc/fstab threw it off10:52
PvtJokerI added a #comment line before each UUID line just now10:52
PvtJokerI will reboot and try10:52
weedmicno need to reboot - the comments are just for human understanding and affect nothing.  provided the line starts with #comment10:53
weedmic#this is my line of notes10:54
weedmicdarn it, just the #10:54
weedmicI think you need to ask is there anyreadon to edit the /etc/mtab file - and if yes, please provide a link to instructions.10:54
PvtJokerok well i rebooted and it didn't go into emergency mode again. I guess the space in /etc/fstab threw it off10:55
PvtJokerweedmic in your /etc/fstab do you use UUID or device names?10:56
weedmicI'm wondering if the mtab is ?built/constructed? with data from the fstab - but again I know nothing about this area.10:56
weedmicI do not understand the question - do you mean like "\" or "\home" - or do you mean volume names?  or something else10:57
PvtJokerlike /dev/sda1 vs UUID10:57
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weedmicno, PvtJoker, I always use UUID.  If I remember correctly, I even have a command to allow me to set the UUID.  But except I have  a vague memory of setting my home server to FEEDDAD11:10
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bariserkus quick question11:30
bariserkusI have issue with login into my lunchpad account. I want to report a bug for Ubuntu. How can I do that?11:31
lotuspsychjebariserkus: before filing a bug, we advice you to ask your issue here first, maybe volunteers know whats it about11:32
bariserkusOK. is this room a good place?11:32
lotuspsychjethis is the ubuntu support channel indeed bariserkus11:32
bariserkusthis is about Ubuntu desktop 23.04.11:33
bariserkusI have issues with bluetooth11:33
bariserkus I have issues with bluetooth11:33
bariserkusI have issues with bluetooth, wi-fi and airplane mode...11:34
jeremy31Describe the issue11:34
PvtJokerweedmic  I got it to work.11:34
PvtJokerweedmic : i left out 'options' in fstab. I added a 'defaults' before dump and pass and it is ok now11:36
PvtJokerthanks for the assist :)11:36
bariserkusWhen I turn on bluetooth and add a device, it turned off wi-fi, which I only realized after I turned off and on the computer.. When I turn the bluetooth off, it switches automatically to airplane mode, so there is no way to connect to Wi-fi. How I solved the problem is, turned of BT, restart, and turn off airplane and turn on wi-fi. But it is quite unstable. Randomly when I turn off and on, the problem comes back. In some cases11:37
bariserkus the computer does not turn off properly.. Anybody experienced similar issues with BT11:37
bariserkus Wi-fi and airplane mode?11:37
weedmicPvtJoker: nice job - and tks for reporting back11:40
Guest56Hi everyone,11:59
Guest56A few days ago my mobile connection stopped working. Depending on how I initiate the connection it immediately disconnects and stays off or keeps reconnecting in ~1s intervals. I'm not aware of any changes I made. I'm on 22.04 clean install with a quectel modem. SIM works fine when used with a phone.11:59
Guest56NetworkManager says something like "IP mode not supported".11:59
Guest56ModemManger says "pdn-ipv6-call-disallowed". Ignoring or disabling IPv6 didn't help.11:59
Guest56I can see from the logs that I receive some IPv4 settings after the connection is established but the connection only stays open when I configure IPv4 as "automatic,addresses only". When I do that I have no DNS but I can ping the outside world... kinda at least... every other packet is lost because the connection gets reestablished.11:59
Guest56There's hardly anything helpful online, I really don't know how to continue debugging/fixing this. Any ideas?11:59
weedmicwhat does "nmcli connections show" display?  Guest5612:13
weedmicand "sudo nmcli device status" - put these in a file and use something like pastebin and post the link12:14
BluesKajHi all12:20
Guest56weedmic https://dpaste.com/9LYLHHQSV12:21
weedmicGuest56: is the "connected" line green?12:26
weedmicit seems to me that it is connected - idnk Guest5612:28
Guest56weedmic That's with the "automatic,addresses only" setting I mentioned. It doesn't _stay_ connected and breaks as soon as the first packet gets sent. Also DNS is not configured properly. Here's some more info: https://dpaste.com/675DS3BHK12:32
Guest56The logs I've put there keep repeating12:33
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weedmicbut u left13:03
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hamidlotfiHi , there13:57
hamidlotfiI config the netplan with an interface and ovs-bridge and set the mac address manually on the bridge but after applying the netplan, the other mac was randomly assigned by OS to this13:57
hamidlotfiAnd the result was this:13:57
hamidlotfiwhy does not apply the manually mac to the bridge interface `11:00:00:00:05:01` instead of `b6:22:e5:2d:9f:4c`13:57
hamidlotfihelp me please!13:57
leftyfbhamidlotfi: this is meant to match mac addresses to rename them using the interface name given in netplan. It does not set the mac address of the interface13:59
leftyfbhamidlotfi: it also doesn't work on virtual(bridged) interfaces13:59
leftyfbhamidlotfi: https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/latest/netplan-yaml/13:59
leftyfbhamidlotfi: https://netplan.readthedocs.io/en/latest/netplan-yaml/#:~:text=as%20of%20v1.14.0)-,macaddress%20(scalar),-Device%E2%80%99s%206%2Dbyte14:00
hamidlotfiHere's the weird thing, on the other server I applied this configuration with the other Mac and it applied.14:07
leftyfbhamidlotfi: nope, that's not how it works14:08
leftyfbyes, you renamed the interface14:09
hamidlotfiI don't know14:09
hamidlotfino this create a bridge on the interface not rename!14:09
leftyfbthat's not how it works14:10
hamidlotfiI am also confused why it works on one server and not on another!14:11
leftyfbit doesn't "work" on one server, you need to dig in deeper to see what it's actually doing because it's not creating a bridge interface with your custom MAC14:11
leftyfbmacaddress: is used to rename an interace, nothing more14:12
hamidlotfiyes, I know14:13
leftyfband you're not even using it correctly, it should be under a match: section14:13
leftyfbhamidlotfi: you know what. I was wrong. It looks like macaddress: is both an option for match: as well as setting the mac of an interface14:15
leftyfbhamidlotfi: try this https://serverfault.com/a/95501314:17
leftyfbhamidlotfi: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/man5/netplan.5.html#:~:text=,macaddress%20(scalar),-Set%20%20%20the%20%20%20device%E2%80%99s14:17
leftyfb"Note: This will not work reliably for devices matched by name only and rendered  by networkd,  due  to interactions with device renaming in udev.  Match devices by MAC when setting MAC addresses."14:18
leftyfbhamidlotfi: why do you need to set custom mac's anyway?14:18
hamidlotfiBut here's the problem, when you create a bridge interface, the operating system randomly assigns a Mac address to it, and the point is that these were also clones, so the bridge Macs are the same, and to change these Macs, use from `macaddress` to change it.14:19
hamidlotfisee this https://bugs.launchpad.net/netplan/+bug/178222114:30
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1782221 in systemd "networkd: bridge MAC addresses are not inherited from physical interface" [Undecided, New]14:30
leftyfbhamidlotfi: is this a VM or bare metal install?14:32
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hydrianEllo all16:43
hydrianI'm having an issue with Ubuntu 22.04 setting my user env KRB5CCNAME variable to KEYRING:persistent:#####. My configuration say to use FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_#####.16:46
hydrianThis machine is configured with the FreeIPA client from the 22.04 repos.16:46
hydrianI've checked /etc/krb5.conf, /etc/pam.d/*, /etc/sssd/sssd.conf. There are no references to KEYRING:persistent:#####16:49
hydrianDead in here? Net split?16:52
leftyfb!patience | hydrian16:53
ubottuhydrian: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/16:53
hydrianleftyfb: I am. Just usually this room is a lot more active. Going more than a minute without a new messsage, not necessarily for me, is usually rare.16:55
hydrianAnd I know my message is on the more technical side.16:56
oacIf I'd like to clone an ubuntu installation onto a new drive, will dd from one drive to the other do the trick (that is, onto a blank, unformatted, unpartitioned new one), or should I be wary of partitions or dd each partition separately? And will I have to mess with partition labels in fstab?17:14
EriC^^oac: dd should do it17:18
EriC^^same size disks?17:18
oacEriC^^: approximately... they're both 1TB, but different manufacturers, so probably not exactly the same number of bytes17:21
hydrianoac: Better to use clonezilla. Lota gotcha in there17:22
EriC^^oac: well, see the byte sizes in parted -l or similar before doing it, if the destination is slightly larger and you dont mind losing the space then dd17:24
alkisgAnd if the target disk is a bit smaller, you can shrink the last partition of the first disk a bit so that then again dd works17:28
alkisgAnd it's a good idea after dd to open the target disk with gparted, it'll tell you if it needs to relocate the gpt backup to the last disk sector17:28
hydrianAlso there could be difference in sector size too 512 vs 4k.17:30
oachydrian: both have a common sector size. It's just two new SSDs17:34
oacClonezilla looks quite promising17:34
hydrianYea.. Takes a lot of the fringe cases out of it and simplies thing. Been using it for over a decade.17:35
hydrianAlso, is the 'right tool for the job' as you shouldn't be running the drive your a trying to copy.17:35
ruserhow do i upgrade security fix  on openssh on LTS without the premium subscription?17:56
ruserCritical vuln got fixed it tells me it did but doesn't want to upgrade17:57
hydrianruser: What version of ubuntu are you on?17:57
ruserhydrian:  ISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS"17:58
hydrianIs the vulnerablity a code issue or a config issue?17:58
ruseryes to both17:59
leftyfbruser: apt-cache policy openssh-server | nc termbin.com 999917:59
ruserleftyfb:  oh hmm https://termbin.com/px4x17:59
ruserlooks like my sources are out of date?17:59
leftyfbruser: you have the latest openssh server package available in ubuntu. There is no update.18:00
rusernvm, jammy is the codename18:00
hydrianSo it looks like you still have to do the configuration side of it..18:01
leftyfbruser: what is the CVE you're referring to?18:01
ruserthen two questions: 1.why does it say in upgrade '# CVE-2023-2650: possible DoS translating ASN.1 object identifiers' and 2. how to get OpenSSH 9.3p2?18:01
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue summary: Processing some specially crafted ASN.1 object identifiers or data containing them may be very slow. Impact summary: Applications that use OBJ_obj2txt() directly, or use any of the OpenSSL subsystems OCSP, PKCS7/SMIME, CMS, CMP/CRMF or TS with no message size limit may experience notable to very long delays when processing those messages, which may lead to a D... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2023-2650>18:01
ruserleftyfb: the second one is Fix CVE-2023-3840818:02
-ubottu:#ubuntu- ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem. When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2023-38408>18:02
leftyfbruser: define "in upgrade"18:02
ruserleftyfb:  sudo apt upgrade produces https://termbin.com/pm9518:03
leftyfbruser: that's openssl, not openssh18:03
leftyfbruser: apt-cache policy openssl18:04
leftyfbruser: apt-cache policy openssl | nc termbin.com 999918:04
leftyfbruser: if you have version 3.0.2-0ubuntu1.10, you're fine18:04
leftyfbthe message says "Ensure you have updated the package to its latest version"18:05
leftyfbwhich means just make sure you are up to date18:05
leftyfbit does not say you are vulnerable18:05
leftyfbwhich you are more than likely not vulnerable18:05
leftyfbsince it was patched in May18:05
ruserleftyfb:  oops, thank you for pointing this out.  missed the openssl. It does appear I do have an up to date version. I guess i dind't expect a non-vuln version to produce the warning.18:06
leftyfbit's not a warning exactly18:06
leftyfbit's a message to just check that you are updated18:06
leftyfbit doesn't actually check anything itself18:06
hydrianSome 'security testers' just check the package and the version > vulnerable version. Some don't check if the package is even effected by the older versions.18:07
ruserthank you both18:08
hydrianSecurity tests with RHEL are notorious for this.18:09
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Aavarwhen I run "systemctl status <something>" in screen the right side is cut off. How can I show the missing text?18:41
leftyfbAavar: systemctl status --no-pager --full18:44
casedup<Aavar> hold down ctrl and try to roll your mouse wheel18:47
leftyfbcasedup: that's not the issue they're having. I already gave the solution18:47
Aavarleftyfb: tnx :)18:47
caseduphaha whoops18:48
Aavarcasedup: tnx anyway :)18:48
casedupim useless dude haha18:48
rfmAavar, my permanent solution was to set environment variable SYSTEMD_LESS=FRXMK in .profile, and drop "Defaults env_keep == SYSTEMD_LESS" into /etc/sudoers.d to cover the cases where I sudo  systemctl...18:52
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effortDeebest way to find lost data on an external hard drive?19:40
effortDeehard drive was plugged in and then the laptop restarted as i was using that hard drive and the data i was using has vanished but i see a folder that shows items in it when i click on it but when i enter it it is empty19:41
michaeldavisHello all19:42
X-REDOChey nabersiniz19:53
david85Is there a 32-bit package/library of the libgc garbage collector so I may use -m32 in gcc?20:26
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Jakovhow to get fan speed ?20:47
JakovI hear my fan with no reason20:47
Jakovand laptop seem to work little slower, even when printing here I feel delay20:47
sarnoldsometimes that can be addressed by changing settings in the BIOS to allow the BIOS to control them; sometimes that can be addressed by changing settings in the BIOS to forbid the bios from controlling them20:47
LuckyManJakov, how old is your laptop?20:48
Jakovits pretty new and it was fine yesterday20:49
sarnoldfans are often vendor-specific interfaces; try find /sys -name '*fan*'  --- that might help you find speeds or controls20:49
Jakovhow to use it?20:52
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JakovJust tested same on laptop with windows, its quiet21:47
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felipehola a todos22:14
plt2Cool now I have 1,000 available ip address I can use23:26
CrellHi folks. I was in here a few days ago for help getting a rebuilt RAID array to boot.  I managed to solve that, so now I am trying to figure out how to resize the RAID array. The old setup was 3x1TB, new setup is 3x2TB.  The system is running fine now, it seems, just only using 1 TB of each drive.  Searches find lots of posts saying either "it's23:34
Crelleasy, the RAID controller will offer to do it" (presumably Windows systems) or "LOL, don't do that, reinstall" (not helpful).  Anyone have recommendations for more specific instructions?23:34
mybalzitchCrell: first of all, what raid implemntation are you leveraging23:35
mybalzitchsorry, like, via a hardware raid card? inside linux via mdadm? zfs?23:36
CrellSoftware raid with mdadm.23:36
mybalzitchno underlying luks, or volume groups?23:37
CrellI don't believe so.23:37
CrellThere's 2 RAID5 definitions.  md0 is sdX1, and is for swap.  (8 GB each drive.)  md1 is sdX5 and is for /.  (Everything else.)23:38
CrellI want to just expand the md1 to use the rest of the available disks.23:38
mybalzitchhave you resized the 5th partition on each disk so it uses the whole drive?23:39
CrellNot yet.  That's what I'm here to ask how to do safely. :-)23:40
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mybalzitchhave you got a gui?23:41
CrellNo.  Technically I have a monitor plugged into it at the moment for debugging, but no keyboard. :-) It's a headless system that lives in my basement.23:41
CrellAh ha.23:43
CrellSo is it safe to run that on all 3 drives separately, or will that confuse the RAID?23:43
mybalzitchso the order of operations is, assuming the underlying raid is currently healthy23:44
Crell(It is healthy as far as I can tell.)23:44
mybalzitchexpand the correct partition for md1, tell mdadm to grow, then tell your filesystem to grow.23:45
mybalzitchdo you know if its ext or xfs ?23:45
CrellExpand the partition?  You mean partitionS?  Or do I expand md1 itself?23:45
mybalzitchsorry ,expand each partition that is used by md123:45
Crellext4, it looks like.23:46
CrellSo growpart sda5, growpart sdb5, growpart sdc5, then there's separate commands for mdadm ?23:47
mybalzitchgrowpart -N sda 523:47
mybalzitchfor a dry run23:47
mybalzitchsda is the device, 5 is the partition you wish to expand23:48
mybalzitch(-N is dry run)23:48
CrellHm, interesting.  It looks like I first need to grow sdX2.  (That's the extended partition, in which sdX5 lives.)23:49
mybalzitchthat makes sense23:49
CrellThe dry run says it would give me sda2 with one capacity, and sda5 with a larger capacity.  Which seems like it would break. :-)23:49
mybalzitchparted /dev/sda resize 5 100%23:51
mybalzitchmight do it automatically23:51
CrellDoes it have a dry run flag?23:52
* Crell is so lost with all of the different overlapping commands. :-(23:53
Crellresizepart seems like it wants a specific length, which I don't know.23:53
mybalzitchyeah, there's 15 ways to skin a cat most of the time23:53
mybalzitchI think parted will do the resizing of the extended partition23:53
Crellgrowpart seems like the most straightforward so far, so i'll try that.23:53
CrellAfter I've grown sdX2, then sdX5, how do I tell mdadm and the file system to grow with it?23:54
CrellOr does resizing the partition also format the new space?23:54
mybalzitchmdadm --grow /dev/md1 --size max23:54
mybalzitchthen after that completes, you resize the filesystem thats on top of mdadm, with resize2fs23:55
mybalzitchresize2fs /dev/md123:55
CrellThat's the "extend the file system definition as far it it will go" command?23:56
CrellOK, so 4 step process.  growpart sdX2, growpart sdX5, mdadm --grow, resize2fs md123:57
CrellAnd then All Should Be Well?23:58
mybalzitchor your money back23:58
mybalzitchjust uh23:58
CrellOK, I'll go give that a try.  If I come back in a panic you know it didn't work. :-)23:58
mybalzitchsfdisk -d /dev/sda > sda.partition.table23:58
mybalzitchto back up yoru partition table before you start23:59
mybalzitchincase things go pear shaped23:59
CrellOh, good thinking.23:59
mybalzitchand of course you'll need to be root / use sudo for all of this23:59

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