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iomari891why doesn't xscreensaver lock my screen in wayland? it displays my random wallpapers with nice effects but it's not locking.07:03
iomari891 greetings, konsole: ctrl-pgup/pgdn  and scrolling the mouse wheel will increase/decrease the font size. How do I reset it back to normal with a shortcut??07:30
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BluesKajHi all12:59
syskillhi, i want to make a kubuntu fork, where do i find the source?14:21
syskillcan anyone help?14:24
oerhekssystwi, on launchpad, but this channel is not about helping creating a fork, good luck!14:55
oerheksoops systwi, ignore14:55
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iomari891anyone know of a good dock other than latte that works with wayland? I was using cairo-dock until I switch to wayland which stopped working. SO I need something like cair0-dock if possible.15:40
oerheksiomari891, pick one, https://itsfoss.com/best-linux-docks/15:41
iomari891thanks, I'll check them out.15:42
iomari891I've seen all those docks. Either they don't work with wayland, like ksmoothdock doesn't or they are just too old looking.15:44
LordKalmaIs there are particular reason that kubuntu 23.04 doesn't have MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=1 by default?17:08
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