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mdeslaurdo launchpad translations support git? can I redirect a "series" to a git tree?17:46
cjwatsonno, that's one of the known gaps in git support17:54
mdeslaurah, darn :(17:57
mdeslaurthanks cjwatson  :)17:57
McHi ! I'm trying to setup a new project for a submodule of a project, and to setup a git import of an external repo (from gitlab : "https://gitlab.com/inkscape/libcroco.git"). When trying to use "Link or import an existing repository" i have the choice between "Link to a Git repository already on Launchpad" and "Import a Git repository hosted somewhere else" but I can't select the latter because 20:45
Mcit would appear that a random person already setup a mirror of this external repo (while I (inkscape) aim to be the canonical source of that repo) and I get "This foreign branch URL is already specified for the imported repository ~reviczky/inkscape/+git/libcroco." I have no idea who this is, but I would be ok for now to have the former option work, but the help message reads "The Git repository20:45
Mcfor this project in Launchpad, if one exists, in the form: ~user/project-name/+git/repo-name" and putting, well, "~reviczky/inkscape/+git/libcroco" exactly as suggested by the error given by the latter option does not work ("invalid value") which seem to be a bug (?) - for the moment I'll tell the main inkscape stable ppa to use that unknown person's clone of our repo as the source of truth for20:45
Mcthis submodule but that seems dangerous in term of security if they ever change the source of their project code, but how can I proceed from here ? 20:45
Mc(it feels a bit arbitrary that two projects cannot pull from the same external source)20:51
cjwatsonWe should possibly lift that restriction in this case.  It makes some sense for imports that do a non-trivial amount of work; less so for straight mirrors.23:32

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