* Mooncairn prays to the computer gods, waiting and hoping the migration to 23.04 goes well.18:57
cmaloneyGood luck19:06
MooncairnSo far, so good. Some manual package management needed, particularly for PPAs, but nothing too bad.20:02
cmaloneyyeah, ubuntu is boring now, in a good way20:20
MooncairnSadly, the migration to Python 3.11 isn't as boring. Nothing worrisome system-wide, but $HOME/.local/lib stuff needs to be transitioned over.21:20
MooncairnWorse, pip3 doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with $HOME/.local/lib.21:22
MooncairnYup, everything Python-based is borked with no fix in sight.21:25
cmaloneymight need to rebuild the venvs21:25
Mooncairn(I mean everything under $HOME. It appears that the only sanctioned way to install Python packages is through apt.)21:26
MooncairnI install a number of utility programs that are written in python, with invocation scripts in ~/.local/bin.21:26
MooncairnAnd python3.10 is gone from Ubuntu 23.04, so going back to it isn't an immediate option.21:30
Scary_GuyI did it when it just came out with a derivitive (Regolith Linux) and had zero issues.21:31
Mooncairnpipx (https://github.com/pypa/pipx) seems to be the new way to manage Python-based programs. I don't think it works for Python libraries used by editors like Neovim, so I'm still stuck with whatever is in Lunar and nothing else.22:21
cmaloneydeadsnakes is an option23:11

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