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weedmicLake[m]: cheers :)10:25
weedmicfeel free to just describe the problem and we'll do our best :)10:25
BluesKajHi all12:18
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V1Ahi evryone13:59
V1Adhort question, where do i see exactly what  distro im on13:59
V1Ai recall i saw some small field a couple times before, but dont recall how i got there14:00
V1Ai must be on xubuntu or kubuntu14:00
V1ACPU-X onl says "Ubuntu 22.10" thats wildly vague no? (im still a linux newb)14:01
diogenes_Vx15V1A, run in terminal: inxi -F14:01
diogenes_Vx15it gives you full info.14:01
diogenes_Vx15V1A, if you want a coold way, then run in terminal: neofetch14:03
DragnslcrV1A- Ubuntu, Xubuntu, and Kubuntu are all the same distro14:08
DragnslcrThe only difference is what packages are installed by default14:08
oerheks"Ubuntu 22.10" goes EOL soon.14:13
V1ADragnslcr: yea as far i my understanding the"BASE" is exactly the same more or less. but as you said, the packages (what comes with it) is all individual to the distro14:20
V1ABUT (this is just a personal suspicion of mine)14:20
V1Awhile the basic distro is the same - is it possible that fundamental system settings are altered/set to a different state ?14:20
V1Acause i dont really see where else my networking issues stem from14:21
oerheks!info kde-plasma-desktop14:21
ubottukde-plasma-desktop (5:137ubuntu1, lunar): KDE Plasma Desktop and minimal set of applications. In component universe, is optional. Built by meta-kde. Size 2 kB / 11 kB14:21
oerheksthere is a plain plasma desktop (selection)14:21
V1Aoerheks: u talk to me?14:22
V1Ayea i ctcp myself its 22.114:22
V1Abut thats not causing the issues14:22
oerheksoh, 22.10 is already dead <> July 20, 202314:22
oerheksupgrade please14:22
V1Awell i had a different, specific question14:23
V1Amaybr Dragnslcr can answer when he has a second14:23
* V1A is not a fan of upgrades, unless code gets smaller and features improve14:23
V1Awhic .. mostly isnt the case.14:23
oerheksif you like it or not, you will no longer get updates/security fixes .. so..14:24
V1Afuture setup will go through m own HW firewall14:45
V1Ai like windows 714:45
V1Amy win7 is so tight. would really see some ppl try get in14:46
V1Ai mean, no doubt a very experienced hacker/exploited will be able14:46
V1Abut without physical acccess ...  ?14:46
* oerheks wonders who cares about win7 trolls14:58
IrcsomeBot<trevantee> hello how csn i resize the panel in kubuntu 23.0416:49
IrcsomeBot<trevantee> im talking about resizing the wifi panel, or like the clipboard panel16:51
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