guivercIf you have a support question david48 , just ask it (be patient as people will answer as they're able to).  Use #lubuntu-offtopic for talk/discussion 08:49
david48Ask about the minimum hardware specifications08:49
guivercLubuntu hasn't provided minimum hardware specs since early 2018 (ie. 18.04 being the last release where that was provided)08:49
guivercIn my own QA; I use 2GB of RAM & higher, and hardware as old as from 2005.. but I've newer hardware I'd not use, and I'd use a machine with only 2GB differently to how I'd use a more useful/powerful machine.08:50
david48how about your lubuntu version08:51
guivercWe support Lubuntu 22.04 LTS & Lubuntu 23.04 currently08:51
david48so you use hardware as from 2005 to run lubuntu 22.04 & 23.04 version?08:52
guivercthe major difference with versions is the age of the 'software stack'... yes there are (minor) differences in stack that can influence was is best for specific hardware... but user behavior is more important/relevant in my opinion08:52
guivercI use a 2005 HP in QA that has been used for all releases including current *mantic* or what will be 23.10 ... though I did change video card somewhat recently in it due related to kernel module issues..08:53
guiverc(that change I think was mid-late lunar or 23.04 cycle from memory)08:53
david48lubuntu 23.04 support AD?08:55
guivercI can't speak authoritatively with regards active directory if that's what you're asking08:56
* guiverc has read stuff about it, but as I don't have any reason to use it I didn't take much notice as for requirements/strengths/weaknessess etc08:57
david48ok thank you08:58
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lubot[telegram] <Rodrigo> Hi there. Is it possible to use install Lubuntu on a power pc, e.g. equipped with a GeForce GPU?23:25
lubot[telegram] <lynorian> unforatently we no longer support power pc23:26
orchardstreet22I clicked 'encrypt drive' during installation of Lubuntu 23.04 and not seeing prompt to decrypt the drive on boot.  Is there a way to have it require password to decrypt?23:45
orchardstreet22rn it just goes to normal login screen23:46

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