guivercBashing-om, I'd put a date for the EOL of Ubuntu 22.10 in it's updates list at the bottom; maybe even "End of Support was 20 July 2024"   (it currently says Jan 2024 which is wrong!!)02:13
guivercactually swap 23.04 & 22.10... You've done it but mixed up the 23.04/22.1002:13
guivercdrop the "Standard" word for 23.04; it's not a LTS thus hasn't extended...  (when swapped)02:14
guivercthat was all I saw; looks good (fyi:  I can swap those around if helpful)02:14
Bashing-omguiverc: Ack ! fixing :( 02:20
guivercoops sorry folks... I didn't have my glasses on and ^ was intended for #ubuntu-news02:28

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