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cpaelzerxypron_: no, 8.1 is usually too late rleative to feature freeze05:49
cpaelzerxypron_: The relative release times usually ends in a regular pattern of U x.04 => Q y.2; U x.10 => Q y.005:50
cpaelzerxypron_: and while that is the generla pattern I see sergiodj also has given it a look and it didn't seem that things are different this time05:51
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nibbon_cpaelzer: bryceh: any ETA to have meson and nasm backported from Lunar to Jammy? (I'm looking here https://launchpad.net/~canonical-server/+archive/ubuntu/server-backports-build?field.series_filter=)14:39
nibbon_I would need those to backport qemu 7.2 to Jammy14:40
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