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daftykinshow goes, knightwise ?17:22
knightwisedoin some livestreaming17:51
knightwisetestin a server17:51
daftykinsooh one of those WFH safe staged scenes with a minimalist shelf - nifty17:53
knightwisehahah :) 17:53
knightwisethank you :) 17:54
knightwisered ligh district working girl light included17:55
daftykinsi can't even see the tourists walking past behind the camera, amazing17:55
knightwisethey are all in my waiting room17:55
daftykinsooh the pitfalls of popularity17:56
knightwisethat and chafing on my inner thighs17:57
knightwisethanx D for stopping myt18:01
daftykins:D interesting software pairing with the decks there, out of interest 3Mb seems quite low for 1080p60 - is it using H.264 or H.265?18:02
knightwisei ga26418:03
knightwisesrr H26418:03
daftykinsah ha, might be relying on the scene not changing much then as the image quality is good18:04

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