docI have an asus g14 running 22.04 where wifi networking was workng but now seems to have stopped working after a reboot. The card is showing in lscpi -vv and there seems to be drivers associated to it. I've tried different kernels, no luck. All 6.x kernels17:03
diogenes_Vx15doc, dual booting with windows?17:07
docdiogenes_Vx15: nope, all linux17:07
diogenes_Vx15doc, sudo rfkill list17:08
diogenes_Vx15what does it say?17:09
doccan't copy paste, different machine obviously :) but has "hci0: Bluetooth", "asus-wlan: Wireless LAN" and "asus-bluetooth: bluetooth" , none blocked17:11
diogenes_Vx15doc, try tethering17:11
docWith bluetooth?17:12
diogenes_Vx15doc, no, just plug in your phone via USB and allow to use it as modem.17:13
docdiogenes_Vx15: ok, that's working17:16
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diogenes_Vx15doc, now: sudo rfkill list | nc termbin.com 999917:17
diogenes_Vx15share the url17:18
diogenes_Vx15i will be away for awhile17:19
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: ok, url is https://termbin.com/frqu17:20
diogenes_Vx15meanwhile try to fully update your system and reboot.17:25
doc|workwill do17:28
doc|workno change after upgrading everything, kernel now on 6.4.3 but tried back as far as 6.2.217:45
xu-help37wAfter upgrade pritunl the VPN stay instable and was necessary downgrade to work. I using 1.3.3585.79 and update is 1.3600.11. exist any related bug?18:34
xu-help37wI'm using xubuntu 20.0418:35
diogenes_Vx15doc|work, still here?19:05
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: yep!19:08
diogenes_Vx15doc|work, run: inxi -Fxxc0 | nc termbin.com 999919:09
diogenes_Vx15share url19:09
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: https://termbin.com/bw8e19:12
doc|workmay be on and off, talking to client19:13
diogenes_Vx15doc|work, lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 Net | nc termbin.com 999919:17
diogenes_Vx15sudo dmesg | grep -i firmware | nc termbin.com 999919:18
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: https://termbin.com/6skh https://termbin.com/dny0 19:32
diogenes_Vx15doc|work, so you said it was working before right?19:40
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: yep19:44
diogenes_Vx15doc|work, so what exactly happened tht is stopped working? Any update?19:47
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: not that I'm aware of. Was working last night. Came back to my machine this morning and it had rebooted, so I logged in, no connection. Tried going back a few kernels in case that was it (there might have been an update installed since I last rebooted), no change 19:49
diogenes_Vx15doc|work, do you still have the USB installation media?19:50
doc|workdiogenes_Vx15: yep, you thinking boot up with that to test?19:52
diogenes_Vx15yes just boot a live session but, do a cold boot, completely shut down and unplug from the power.19:53
doc|workok, thanks, will try that20:05
docdiogenes_Vx15: fun, it's working fine under the usb setup :D20:59
diogenes_Vx15write down the kernel version there and cold boot again into your system.21:04
doc:D Right as I was about to say the cold reboot seems to have solved the problem21:11

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