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kubuntuI'm attempting to dual-boot win 7 or something with kubuntu 22.04.  grub-install fails.  I've tried online, but no avail.07:03
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> thank you but no dosnt work:) (re @IrcsomeBot: <oerheks> and reboot)07:05
kubuntuThe farthest I've gotten is: grub-install error unknown filesystem07:17
weedmicif the win7 is uefi, then you need to also make the kubuntu uefi - they must match.  if the win7 is legacy boot, then the kubuntu must also match.  is this state true atm?08:07
kubuntuThank you very much.  i will research on how to make kubuntu uefi.  do you happen to know a method for checking windows type via console on live disk that i'm presently using?08:11
kubuntui do know understand true atm.08:11
kubuntuahh, i see.  i'm not sure.  i doubt it. unless kubuntu installer automatically adjusts to present OS08:12
mparilloI think for installing any Linux, you must boot your thumb drive containing your ISO in UEFI mode. Typically you have to change your boot order, either permemantly in your09:14
mparillo"BIOS", or temporarily. You interrrupt your boot with a special key, often escape, delete, or F2. You can generally search for that key based on your laptop model or mother board model.09:15
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BluesKajHi all12:02
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karstenkWhat Iam doing wrong, trying to setup looking-glass, I get not the kvmfr module loaded to my custom kernel. When dkms install "Error! DKMS tree already contains: kvmfr-0.0.8" when modprobe kvmfr then "modprobe: FATAL: Module kvmfr not found in directory /lib/modules/6.4.4" . Can I force the module installation path when install with dkms?13:55
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SburNeed help setting up a wifi dongle in usb19:45
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user|71Hello, i hope you are so good. Is Kubuntu available with securo boot?21:41
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