RikMillsguiverc[m]: ^^17:48
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> More progress made on LXQt 1.3, quite a few other packages uploaded too.21:45
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> Right now we're waiting on binary NEW to progress further21:46
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> Perfect!!! (re @tsimonq2: More progress made on LXQt 1.3, quite a few other packages uploaded too.)21:46
lubot[telegram] <Roberalz> Thanks @tsimonq221:46
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> No worries - I'm half tempted to start Qt 6 builds21:47
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- New binary: libfm-qt [amd64] (mantic-proposed/universe) [1.3.0-0ubuntu1] (lubuntu)21:48
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- New binary: libfm-qt [s390x] (mantic-proposed/universe) [1.3.0-0ubuntu1] (lubuntu)21:48
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- New binary: libfm-qt [ppc64el] (mantic-proposed/universe) [1.3.0-0ubuntu1] (lubuntu)21:48
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- New binary: libfm-qt [arm64] (mantic-proposed/universe) [1.3.0-0ubuntu1] (lubuntu)21:52
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- New binary: libfm-qt [armhf] (mantic-proposed/universe) [1.3.0-0ubuntu1] (lubuntu)21:52
tsimonq2_ephemerOh wow, there's a lot less people in here than I thought. Heh.21:55
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: hai21:55
* wxl waves21:55
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: You'll be pleased to know that I'm back on irssi for now, since Matrix bridging was pulled. :P21:56
wxlmatrix bridging was pulled?21:56
tsimonq2_ephemerYeah, within the last like... day or two I want to say.21:56
wxl[m]How am I here?21:56
tsimonq2_ephemerThe problem could be localized? Let me see if I can access IRC on my phone...21:56
tsimonq2_ephemerEither way I know they're pulling it soon.21:57
Roberalz[m]Is working for me... 21:57
wxlwell that's dumb21:57
lubot[matrix] <tsimonq2> This one could very well be working, but that's not my main Matrix account21:57
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: but yeah I agree21:58
* tsimonq2_ephemer glances at the everflowing autopkgtest queue21:58
tsimonq2_ephemerI have a feeling this source NEW processing might take a bit. I would not be opposed to sponsoring some uploads to ppa:lubuntu-dev/backports-staging to get that going, if anyone is particularly interested.22:02
tsimonq2_ephemer*binary NEW22:02
tsimonq2_ephemerI also want to start Qt 6, probably in a PPA. As I commented in -release, I'm unsure on whether it can be the same source package. I think overall it'd just be cleaner to separate them out.22:03
wxlmeaning you're asking for folks to package? or you're saying you'll upload and you need testers?22:03
tsimonq2_ephemerAs I go, I've been making sure GitHub and GiTea are in sync. I see lynorian[m] has been working on the manual, too. :)22:03
tsimonq2_ephemerWell, the vast majority of the packaging is done. It'll essentially be a no-change rebuild uploaded to the PPA.22:04
tsimonq2_ephemerI'm hoping for some general packaging eyes, but if it's me, it's me. :)22:04
* tsimonq2_ephemer has keys22:04
wxldo it and i can do some testing. i'm sure guiverc[m] would be willing to help, too22:04
tsimonq2_ephemerSweet. I'll post back with progress.22:05
wxlsounds good22:05
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: btw wanna go to Latvia?22:06
wxli need to get a packaging environment set up. i wish i had something portable. 22:06
tsimonq2_ephemerin Nov there's an Ubuntu shindig22:06
wxlummm yes please if funding is available22:06
* tsimonq2_ephemer nods and makes note of the VPS, which I thought teward had access to already :P22:06
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: funding is very available, let me send a message over22:06
wxlhe had mentioned something about that but it didn't seem like he had permission or something? i don't know. scroll up :)22:07
tewardthe OVH dedi i have access to.  You messed something with perms so I can't get into the DO system22:07
wxli haven't been to a conference in FOREVER and would love to go to something. also latvia would be super awesome22:07
tewardwhich i said ten times already @tsimonq2_ephemer and you just ignored all my messages22:07
tsimonq2_ephemerteward: probably, looking now to see what I can do for you22:08
tewarduseraccount + IP + import all my keys from LP22:08
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: I went to SCALE this past year which was, well, okay... the Ubuntu Summit is above awesome, though.22:08
tsimonq2_ephemerteward: ack looking22:08
wxlSCaLE was just ok?22:08
tewardi'm working on getting my passport now, but there's like a 9 month wait period so i'm starting that early xD22:08
tewardif i'm offered for next year (Community Council, Lubuntu, or direct) i'll be going :P22:09
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: honestly I was underwhelmed... my little brother LOVED it tho22:09
wxli don't think i've been to any of the actual official ubuntu events. so that would be fun, too22:09
tsimonq2_ephemerteward: I got mine less than a week before stepping on a plane :P22:10
tsimonq2_ephemerteward, wxl: The three of us in a room would be dangerous. :P22:10
wxltsimonq2_ephemer: i mean relative to like SeaGL it was underwhelming? cuz SCaLE is much older22:10
tewardtsimonq2_ephemer: who said i'd be in a room with y'all xD22:10
tewardanxiety diagnosis means i'm in a room on my own :p22:10
tsimonq2_ephemernot like... staying but hanging out XD22:10
tewardmore dangerous if i'm deprived my coffee22:10
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: yeah honestly it was... I mean, the JPL tour was cool and all but I wasn't as connected with the conf. too big22:11
tewardno coffee, the world will burnnnnnnnnn22:11
wxli'm sure it will be fun… especially with teward hiding in the bushes outside22:11
tsimonq2_ephemerteward: Has DNS already been pointed for the sandbox?22:11
tewardtsimonq2_ephemer: give me the IP first and i'll point it.22:11
tewardassuming it's the same IP then there *is* a hostname pointed to it22:11
tewardif the IP changed then no22:11
wxltsimonq2_ephemer: bummer. i've always wanted to go, too22:11
tsimonq2_ephemer# ssh-import-id teward22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,215 INFO Already authorized ['4096', 'SHA256:el3uvnpyPXew8n9oW2oaF7+xWZPZW50ipNyzKCuTbmo', 'teward@ubuntu-devel', '(RSA)']22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,221 INFO Already authorized ['4096', 'SHA256:GZx6+a2Q72DynFd+TEHxkykIrfIXQoTdh/ES89Xk23E', 'yubikey', '(RSA)']22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,227 INFO Already authorized ['4096', 'SHA256:kT5TACaC50Yf+tGQ5ZtTkvZsmgT8ewBmWmya/xbndZ0', 'teward@lpdev', '(RSA)']22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,234 INFO Already authorized ['4096', 'SHA256:g0AVG9prA4NfQi/aB/8wTpzvajKkyL5XexnmLLlT1ZA', 'yubikey', '(RSA)']                                          22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,240 INFO Already authorized ['16384', 'SHA256:jhYWFw4cu0tS2aYeOTT4ltMGATOAYT5+YwrWJIawQEk', 'overlord_rsa_16384', '(RSA)']                              22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,247 INFO Already authorized ['521', 'SHA256:swKDtaMWeLYVEz+xSAW1W2oA2dazI75ksX2utCGzNhE', 'teward', '(ECDSA)']                                          22:12
tsimonq2_ephemer2023-07-26 22:12:23,248 INFO [6] SSH keys [Authorized]22:12
wxlwould have been kind of rad to meet ken thompson22:12
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: it's not a bad conf, I've just been to more engaging ones22:12
tewardnote to self remove the yuibkey keys22:12
tewardbecause those keys kind of... died.22:12
tewardis that for root?22:13
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: ngl we were all falling asleep to start, until he got going... absolutely historical to be there but the actual talk wasn't any better than the others :P22:13
tsimonq2_ephemerteward: affirmative22:13
tewardok let me dredge out the XPS laptop and run a test connection22:13
wxloh well opening/closing keynotes are usually a total waste of time22:14
* tsimonq2_ephemer reverse tunnels into teward's XPS22:14
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: he made a jukebox... from complete scratch22:14
tsimonq2_ephemercool stuff but not Linux at all XD22:14
wxlthat's… interesting22:14
teward*goes to obtain a second 3060Ti for his gaming rig, while testing SSH*22:15
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: LFNW is a step up I'd say, then SELF (distancing myself from the politics)22:15
tsimonq2_ephemerteward: can it run SimCoaster22:15
tsimonq2_ephemerSELF is in Charlotte, SCALE is in Cali22:16
tsimonq2_ephemerComplete opposite politics, SELF is much smaller but you know everyone.22:16
tewardlol SimCoaster can run on Intel Xe xD22:16
wxlahh never been to either. 22:16
tsimonq2_ephemer(ESR shows up to SELF basically every year)22:16
tsimonq2_ephemerwxl: good stuff, good BBQ22:17
tewarda single 3060Ti works wonders on gaming, but *two* GPUs = twice the compute and video power22:17
tsimonq2_ephemertwice the SimCoaster22:18
tewardtsimonq2_ephemer: i'm in, though my computer just told me to screw myself because it's running on old as dirt updates22:27
tewardalso my IP range(s) will likely change in the near future going to try and dump Comcast Business for Verizon FiOS Business and get symmetric gig >:D22:27
tewardTHANK YOU though to Windows for cloning OPenSSH client into a Windows build for emergency access though, so I can add my gaming PC rig as an emergency access solution22:31
-queuebot:#lubuntu-devel- New binary: libfm-qt [riscv64] (mantic-proposed/universe) [1.3.0-0ubuntu1] (lubuntu)22:32
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> niceeee22:34
tewardye the Comcast gateway exploded a while ago.  so it just fubar'd hard.  still don't have a replacement but kind of disliking the non-symmetric speeds.22:36
tewardemergency NAT is up though on my network with failover for some stuffs' outgoing via the home FiOS line so i don't have *no* internet22:37
* guiverc notices lxqt 1.3 mention in #ubuntu-release; thanks tsimonq2 23:19
tsimonq2_ephemerLooks like https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libfm-qt/1.3.0-0ubuntu1 is still in NEW.23:55
tsimonq2_ephemerIn the meantime, let me prep some Backports packages and work my way back.23:55
tsimonq2_ephemerThat should have lxqt-build-tools shortly. Already pushed to Git.23:59
tsimonq2_ephemerI'm going to create a new PPA under ~lubuntu-dev to house the Qt 6 porting work for Mantic.23:59
tsimonq2_ephemerI'm *hoping* we can run it through a smoke test before uploading to source NEW.23:59

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