lissyxbandali, are you still on holidays ?10:23
bandalihey lissyx, no i got back on monday, but now seb is away on holidays this week :p shall we skip meeting today or do you still want to meet?13:20
bittin_guadecand other people being at GUADEC13:20
lissyxbandali, nah I have a conflicting meeting (about snap though)13:20
lissyxbandali, I was wondering if you had time to look into the github nightly failure :(13:21
bandalilissyx, ack. as for nightly failure, not yet sorry, but i plan doing so today. it *seems* like it might be a memory-related issue? my first thought for a workaround is to try switching nightly away from using rustup like the other branches and see if it helps13:24
lissyxit's OOM13:24
lissyxI'm not sure how rustup is related ?13:24
lissyxyou need to use the appropriate rustc version13:25
lissyxso you need it13:25
bandalihmm i was going by https://github.com/canonical/firefox-snap/commit/2078640f64eae9f56d1a528335b39a0eca7848f513:26
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Commit 2078640 in canonical/firefox-snap "Do not use rustup to pull the rust toolchain, to work around https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/armhf-builds-on-launchpad-timing-out/31008."13:26
lissyxthis was a network issue I think13:26
bandalii think it's worth a try if anything, but yeah it might indeed not do much help for this case13:26
lissyxthe current issue is textbook OOM13:26
bandaliright. i mean otherwise i'd probably start with a revert of my commit bumping it to core22 and then try to figure out what could be causing it13:27
* bandali sighs13:27
lissyxI'm not sure it's also related to the core22 switch13:27
lissyx7GB of RAM is really low13:28
lissyxpretty sure the only viable solution at taht point is reducing build parallelism on github actions13:28
bandaliright.. if https://docs.github.com/en/actions/using-github-hosted-runners/about-github-hosted-runners#supported-runners-and-hardware-resources is right, then we're already at only 2 cores, and the only step down would be a single-core build13:33
bandaliworth a shot i guess13:33
bandalilissyx, btw i'm still hoping to switch stable from core20 to core22 this week, especially if i can get the nightly core22 to build. does that work for y'all?13:36
bandalilissyx, or would you prefer i wait until after 116.0 stable is out?13:36
lissyxyou switched core22 on nightly recently right?13:38
lissyxwe should probably wait for it to ride beta as well no?13:38
bandalilissyx, yeah but afaik we haven't had a successful nightly build after the switch. we do have them for beta too, though13:38
lissyxeither way I will be unavailable starting july 28th13:38
lissyxwell, not unreachable ...13:39
bandaliright.. any preference/suggestion for how to go about it?13:39
lissyxbandali, for whaat it is worth, my work of doing builds on treeherder landed and cron jobs are arriving as well13:39
lissyxwe would get at least some build coverage13:39
lissyxfor the timeline, I'd say it's up to you13:40
bandalii see. yeah i'd have more confidence once we've had successful nightly core22 builds as well and nothing is on fire13:42
bandaliplus, seb is away this week, so i can't have him quickly do something on the store side if absolutely necessary13:42
bandaliso i think i'll postpone the switch to core22 until at least next week13:43
bandalire landing those and having build coverage: nice :)13:43
lissyxbandali, ok so either the limiting in: "SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT_MEMORY=6G SNAPCRAFT_BUILD_ENVIRONMENT_CPU=2 snap run snapcraft --use-lxd" does not work, or my local LXD behaves differently than GitHub Actions :(13:55
bandalilissyx, huh :/ i'll try to investigate later today14:22

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