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bahamatOK, so I know the ubuntu auto installer isn't preseed. But is there a way to prepopulate debconf options?21:10
bahamatWithout having to install debconf-utils. LIke, I know I can just install debconf-utils and `echo "foo" | debconf-set-selections ; dpkg-reconfigure foo` but that seems like a pretty obtuse way of going about it.21:12
dbungertbahamat: yes - https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall has an example, heading debconf-selections21:13
bahamatawesome, thanks.21:13
znfbahamat, basically it's a clusterfuck, and the new preseed/autoinstall way is pretty bad22:41
znfwho doesn't love booting 1.4GB ISO over PXE 22:41
bahamatI mean, it has the advantage of having a similar interface to cloud-init. And I liked that I could drop a yaml file on my raspberry-pi SD card to pre-configure it.22:43
bahamatBut yeah, I would really love for there to be a mini installer like debian's net iso that's only like 50M or whatever.22:43
ravageSo it will be available for 22.04 at least 22:45
ravage24.04 I mean22:46
znf24.04 is probably the one I skip22:47
znfas I usually replace/upgrade every ~4 years22:47
znfnot backporting that to 22.04 is a mistake22:47
ravageIt is22:47
ravageBut that's what we get22:48
znfnot to mention subiquity still sucks majorly22:48
znfwhoever made that UI for manual configuration of the network cards must have never heard of a CIDR 22:49
ravageI replaced my pxe install for 22.04 with a bash Script 22:49
ravageWill give the installer a new try next year22:49
znflike, who asks for SUBNET first22:49
znfin CIDR format22:50
znfbut then you ask for IP address22:50
ravageThat is an odd choice 22:50
znfHow did that make any sense22:50
znfI've talked with a lot of people with 10-15+ linux experience under their belt and everyone was insanely confused by that22:50
bahamatravage: nice! I'll definitely be looking forward to that.22:50
znfdon't get your hopes up, last time I checked that mini.iso bootstraps the larger one22:51
znfie: you're still download like 1.4GB for the installer, but at least you're not doing it over the initial PXE stuff 22:51
ravageNobody really cares about 1.4gb on a server setup22:52
ravageUsually has gigabit 22:53
ravagealso if you can define a location where to get it via http that allows for the installation without actual Internet again 22:53
ravageUsed that a few times already 22:53
znfI'm aware of that, and I already do it22:54
znfStill not optimal 22:54
ravageStill time for improvements. As I said I will give it another go next year22:55
znfAnd I have installed servers in remote locations with very poor network connectivity before, wasn't pleasant to do that with 22.04 22:55

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