cmaloneyjrwren: Snarky response to https://fosstodon.org/@jrwren/110781546740850651: "Oh, so it allows Apple to be selfish then. Got it. ;) "17:32
cmaloneyI mean, GCC has bound checking but you have to really, really dive into the details to get it17:32
cmaloneyI think it's gotten better with -Wall, but I'm not expert enough to know the particulars17:33
jrwrenI doubt taht GCC's bounds checking is remotely close to this.17:35
jrwrenthis is pointer bounds checking, not just array bounds checking17:35
jrwrenwhen Apple moved from GCC to LLVM... what??? 15-20yrs ago? ... I figured they would do a lot of closed source things with it. Turns out they did, we just didn't know it :) 17:40
cmaloneyBut yeah, I figure Apple is paying a lot of smart people to do smart things now that they can keep a separate code-base.17:56
cmaloneyAlso figured this was more of a discussion that didn't need to be on Mastodon in case someone didn't realize this was playful ribbing for old friends and not an invitation for someone to try to school both of us.17:57
cmaloneySABDFL strikes again: https://mastodon.social/@brauner/11078123909309620618:25
greg-gdamn :(18:50
jrwrenmajor storms. helluva weather19:40
lluajust lost power19:47
lluaabout 30mins left on the ups, with just a nas and network gear on it19:47
cmaloneyStay safe out there19:48
jrwrenanother power outage at least it was short22:48

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