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webchat8a RAID 5 mdadm array with a write journal has started segfaulting the kernel after upgrading 22.04 LTS to the latest 5.19.0-50 kernel.  this crash happens within a couple hours, and results in unclean shutdowns of arrays, file systems, and sometimes hangs the rebooting process as well requiring pressing the reset button on the machine.20:03
webchat8suspecting the write-through journal is at fault (because previously a write-back journal periodically hung the array and resulted in more unclean shutdowns), I tried changing the array back to use a bitmap consistency policy instead.  I have not been able to disable the write journal and moving the array back to using a bitmap, or even to resync.20:03
webchat8mdadm's manual suggests doing that is not well supported, but circumstantial evidence says removing a write journal may be done by failing then removing the journal device from the raid 5 array.  the procedure is not documented.  do you have any suggestions on how to proceed here?20:03
sarnoldI think if it were me I'd try to reproduce the setup with VMs and test a bunch of the choices there, before doing anything on a filesystem that would be timeconsuming/expensive to restore from backups20:04
webchat8that's always a choice, the restore from backups route.  fortunately it's not that much data.  and of course multiple such backups exist.20:09
webchat8but what should I make of "mdadm segfaults the kernel"?20:09
sarnoldwebchat8: it'd be nice to get a bug report for that one :)20:17
Yakovhaving device /dev/ezcap -> video1, it seem to be busy, how to find processes related to the device?21:21
Yakovhaving device /dev/ezcap -> video1, it seem to be busy, how to find processes related to the device?21:31
oerhekslsof /dev/video121:32
oerheksor ezcap ?21:32
Yakovit works for same namespaces, thank you, oerheks21:37
Yakovhaving some ghost commands, know PID21:38
Yakovhow to kill?21:38
oerheksps aux | grep Z   ##  then "kill PID" where PID is the process ID of the zombies process21:40
oerheksor if you know what application you started; pkill <application>21:41
Yakovmemcheck- 11082 supernova    6u   CHR   81,1      0t0  848 /dev/video121:42
Yakovcant kill it21:42

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