* penguin42 decides on naming his new scope Ronnie (OScope), at first I had considered Roger the Rigol00:25
daftykinsyou should dress it in a royal cloak, give it that truly Rigol appearance00:26
* daftykins ducks00:26
penguin42oh, I didn't know Rigol actually had a meaning00:27
daftykinsnah i just read it in my head as the same as "regal"00:27
daftykinsno idea if there's a meaning00:28
penguin42according to the internet it meant circle,, diadem, crown....00:28
daftykinsmust not be a coincidence after all, then00:29
penguin42oh well, that's the 2nd word of the day and it's not even 2am00:30
penguin42the other being cymometer00:30
daftykinsooh err, does it measure cyan? xD00:30
penguin42apparently not, it's a name (mostly used in China) for frequency measurement00:31

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