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Yakovhow to get corresponding /dev/video0 (videoX value)  if I know device name Bus 002 Device 003: ID 32ed:3200 ezcap ezcap CAM LINK 4K ?01:21
sarnoldYakov: oh no :( still having problems? I was hoping your new /dev/ezcap symlink was easy enough01:23
sarnoldYakov: is that symlink not being created / updated correctly?01:24
Yakovsarnold, yeah, same problem01:26
Yakovreal value for corresponding camera 001:26
Yakovand it changes from time to time, so I'm losing tons of time :((01:26
sarnoldYakov: well, if the symlink is right, and you just need the new number, readlink /dev/ezcap  will get you the new name01:28
sarnoldYakov: if you literally want the device name from that description, you can probably construct a command like: find /sys -path '*32ed:3200*' -type l   or something similar01:30
Yakovsarnold, how to check if simlink is correct01:30
sarnoldYakov: usually, open the symlink and if it failed, then it wasn't correct01:32
webchat8sarnold certainly, I will04:01
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cholbyi used to have a boyfriend named Ubuntu. he would "play the bongos" on my ass04:13
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hiyain gnome power profiles - performance mode is missing for me on 22.04.205:51
jimhi. why would jackd insist on starting and running at a sample rate of 44.1kcs when I want it to run at 48kcs?05:59
jimplease address me by name if you'd like to reply; thanks06:00
webchat8hi, I'm trying to file a bug report for that mdadm kernel crash I reported earlier.  I logged into the launchpad page, but I do not see the button to file a bug.  where is it?06:41
hiyaWho recommends this for 22.04.2 over open drivers? If so, why?06:44
guivercwebchat8, if you want to file a bug report about `mdadm` package, use `ubuntu-bug mdadm` on the impacted machine, it'll get details from your machine (inc. check for apport crash reports)  & start the bug report, asking you to login online06:47
guivercrefer https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs  or https://packages.ubuntu.com/lunar/mdadm  (assuming lunar; but you'll see a BUG REPORTS section top right which if followed allows you to file a bug report online, then run `apport-collect` on your box for the machine specific details)06:48
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webchat67any reason why so many people dropped off?07:22
Danielnet split07:22
Danieland their irc clients couldn't handle the mass drop/rejoins07:23
Danielso they crash and get back after :)07:23
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BluesKajHi all12:09
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MadLambI replaced my battery a few days ago and sometimes Ubuntu is not showing the battery charging. Could it be a hardware problem? Any help on how to debug?13:16
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plt2Question is this file when creating a new sslm certificate that is its look for --> http://professionalsoftwaredevelopment.com/.well-known/acme-challenge/R6_L5B3XDOBOAWZBR0RCZ_FL9SLAU_A-”, but the web server responded with the following error: 404 (Not Found). A DNS (Domain Name System) or web server misconfiguration may exist.14:19
oerheksthat url goed 40414:20
plt2How do you create the file?14:20
oerheksthis whole http://professionalsoftwaredevelopment.com/ domain is wonky ..14:21
plt2That is not the point.14:21
leftyfbplt2: yuo create it using any editor you want14:21
leftyfbplt2: you can also just touch the file14:22
leftyfbit doesn't have to have any contents14:22
leftyfbalso, this has absolutely nothing to do with ubuntu14:22
plt2is .well-known a directory?14:22
leftyfbcreate it14:22
leftyfbas is acme-challenge14:22
plt2The entire file name would be .well-known/acme-challenge/R6_L5B3XDOBOAWZBR0RCZ_FL9SLAU_A-  ?14:23
leftyfbpath + filename, yes14:23
leftyfbplt2: https://letsencrypt.org/docs/challenge-types/14:24
leftyfbplt2: please read the documentation14:24
leftyfbthis is actually a different challenge, not one where you just create the file14:25
leftyfbI got that wrong14:25
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leftyfbplt2: /join #letsencrypt if you need help using letsencrypt14:26
plt2This shit is crazy when it keeps changing the file14:31
leftyfbthat is by design14:31
plt2They do not know how to proram.14:31
leftyfbplt2: I think you have a long way to go14:32
plt2It does not make any sense at all14:32
leftyfbplt2: try reading the documentation14:33
plt2You do not need to change the file name until its been verified14:33
leftyfbplt2: read the documentation14:34
leftyfbplt2: https://certbot.eff.org/14:34
zumba_addictGood morning/evening all. I used nmcli to prepare and connect to my home wifi hotspot. If I bring my laptop to some place that has captive portal wifi and my ubuntu doesn't have any gui desktop, how do we use nmcli to acquire an ip?14:45
adilecan we install freeipa server on ubuntu ?14:45
leftyfbzumba_addict: you don't14:45
leftyfbadile: https://computingforgeeks.com/install-and-configure-freeipa-server-on-ubuntu/   # first result on google for "freeipa server on ubuntu"14:46
leftyfbadile: mind you, freeipa server is not something we can support here14:47
adileleftyfb:  thanks, I saw the link before asking and people says in comments that it does not work14:48
leftyfbadile: you'll have to reach out to freeipa for support14:49
adileleftyfb: OK thank you.14:49
* ogra wonders if you could do captive portal stuff via w3m though ... never tried ... 14:50
leftyfbogra: there's no XDG to understand a "default browser"14:50
ograwel, most captive portals react to a simple http request ... so you could set up the wifi ... then spawn w3m ....14:51
oerheksInstall Lynx in advance, and then use Lynx from the command line. Lynx is a text based browser.14:51
ogra... fill out the pieces needed in the web form and be online ...14:51
leftyfboerheks: as is w3m (IMO, a better CLI browser than lynx)14:52
ograbut that theory would indeed need testing proof 🙂 it is just a theroy14:52
zumba_addictgot it, I agree14:53
zumba_addictI have a wifi device where I flashed a custom firmware. Maybe I can reflash it with captive portal. However, I couldn't remember the firmware I put since it's been like 10+ years14:54
zumba_addictI think it's DD-WRT14:56
zumba_addictyeah, it is. It's my wifi name too, LOL14:56
zumba_addicti hope the project is still alive14:57
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oerhekswe had a recent update run .. tried to find those CVE ..16:04
jhutchinsoerheks: It does imply that a fix for the CVEs hasn't been posted yet.16:05
toddcboth of those CVE's need local access to the machine but I have not seen docs that it has been patched but suspect they have and not yet documented16:18
toddchttps://ubuntu.com/security/notices/USN-6250-1 both were fixed in last update16:20
prazeod[m]Seems all patched.17:00
jhutchinsprazeod[m]: Cool.  A bit of lag on the reporting then.17:31
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oerheksit would not be wise, reporting unfixed CVEs17:41
jimhi. why would jackd insist on starting and running at a sample rate of 44.1kcs when I want it to run at 48kcs?17:56
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jhutchinsHardwaare limits?20:00
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jhutchinsoerheks: That's the whole reason for CVEs, so people are aware of a problem and can fix it or (temporarily) work around it.21:00
ash_mso, when using i3, I notice a lot of things missing from the traditional ubuntu experience (as would be expected), however, when I try to resolve the things that I actually want in i3 (lock screen, tap-click touchpad config, volume controls, etc...) of course I resort to google, and the answer is generally to add new software (eg something that puts a background there), in some cases I feel like, "oh well,21:02
ash_mso I need a program called 'feh'" but I started thinking, "wait, gnome must already have some of this... isn't there just a gnome process for these 'missing' features I could activate?" ... so that's my question21:02
ash_mlike, is the problem there that i3 != gnome, and thus gnome can't take care of these things? (ie, gnome processes for controlling these expeiences require the gnome wm, er, xorg, or whatever is in contrast to i3)?\21:04
ash_msorry if I litter my response endings with "\" btw; this new laptop has a vertical "enter" key that I'm not used to.21:05
jhutchinsIt depends on how tightly integrated an app is with the WM.21:05
ash_mjhutchins: well, the current thing I am resolving are the volume keys and volume UI21:05
ash_mis the volume notification thing not just a part of gnome I can "activate" in i3?21:05
jhutchinsash_m: Yeah, that's down to the manufacturer.  They don't really have interface standards, they're custom made for that particular device.21:06
ash_mjhutchins: not to belabour it, but why then does gnome DE handle it gracefully?\21:06
jhutchinsash_m: Somebody included the API for that hardware in gnome, but didn't in i3.21:07
ash_mie, I don't mind mapping keys, but I kinda of figured "if it could do it in gnome, why do I need to install something to do it in i3"?21:07
ash_mjhutchins: so, is that like a driver thing then?\21:08
jhutchinsI hope they continue the tradition of not requiring gnome for basic OS operations.21:08
jhutchinsI do not want gnome slurping up my resources, that's one reason I don't run it.21:08
ash_mjhutchins: they == i3 in that last statement?21:08
jhutchinsash_m: "They" being the distributions who select the base components for the system.  Fortunately, the few gnome-based apps that are required have been "sanitized" and will run on raw CLI linux without a WM.21:10
webchat23When I started the software updater on Ubuntu (20.04) it said updates are available. However, when I tried to install the updates, it didn't seem to download or install anything, instead jumping straight to (as I recall) "updating snap apps" and then (as I recall) stating that the computer needed to be restarted to complete the updates. Is this21:45
webchat23normal or is there something wrong with my computer?21:45
BinarySaviorhello, desktop environment won't start up, I don't recall changing any settings, just shutdown as usual, now when starting up my computer it shows the usual startup warnnings as it always does but it doesn't move on to desktop environment22:04
BinarySaviorI can ssh into the desktop, however, and access filesystem and dmsg22:04
BinarySaviorthis happened previously on ubuntu 22.04, exact same behavior, I swapped out motherboard, ram, cpu, gpu, and installed ubuntu studio, it was working fine for a month or so, and now it's doing it again22:07
BinarySaviorrestarting doesn't work, can't access bios or grub menu22:11
BinarySaviorwait I could probably access bios, but not grub22:11
jeremy31BinarySavior: Is the HDD full?22:12
BinarySaviorno, 100's of gb avail22:12
BinarySavioractually now that i recall, my last ubuntu originally was ubuntu 22.04 but then I converted it to ubuntu studio, so this is probably a ubuntu-studio issue22:19
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EickmeyerBinarySavior: ubuntustudio-installer does not "convert" to Ubuntu Studio, so your assessment is incorrect.22:20
EickmeyerNor is Ubuntu Studio a separate distribution, so incorrect on two counts.22:20
leftyfbBinarySavior: I would try booting a previous kernel22:20
leftyfbif I were to guess, you're missing some -modules package or something for the kernel you're on22:21
leftyfbdoesn't -studio install an rt kernel?22:21
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-installer | leftyfb: The installer does only if selected.22:21
BinarySaviorEickmeyer, okay well I `replaced` Ubuntu? with ubuntu studio sorry for my lack of proper terminology. I did not format the disk, I installed ubuntu studio ontop of ubuntu, without losing my filesystem, etc22:21
ubottuleftyfb: The installer does only if selected.: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, and/or add the !ubuntustudio-backports PPA. For more info, see https://ubuntustudio.org/ubuntu-studio-installer/22:21
EickmeyerBinarySavior: It doen't "replace" either.22:22
BinarySaviorso what does it do then?22:22
leftyfbBinarySavior: you didn't "replace". You just installed the ubuntu studio package suite on top of ubuntu22:22
EickmeyerInstalls tools on top of your existing installation, BinarySavior .22:22
BinarySaviorgotcha thanks, well that was my previous computer anyway, this time I installed from a wiped SDD22:23
BinarySaviorthere's something wrong with the nvidia drivers, running nvidia-smi fails, saying it can't communicate with the nvidia driver22:23
leftyfbBinarySavior: try booting the previous kernel22:24
BinarySaviorOk, I will try that22:24
BinarySavioractually just running ubuntu-drivers install then rebooting fixed it22:26
BinarySaviorthank god I set up sshd because I could not access terminal, I tried CRTL+ALT+F222:26
BinarySaviorgrub menu also wasn't showing22:26
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