EickmeyerFYI, in case you all didn't hear, libera is dropping support for portalled Matrix bridging. Any Matrix bridging will have to be plumbed starting August 14th. https://libera.chat/news/deportalling-delay19:11
oerheksyay, 15 is my birthday.19:31
oerheksnot related, but a nice present19:31
Eickmeyeroerheks: Maybe not so nice as the Community Team wants to move to Matrix: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/modern-communication-platforms-call-for-feedback/3676320:30
ravageare you already in our main matrix room Eickmeyer? :)20:31
Eickmeyerravage: Not yet.20:31
EickmeyerMostly because it was never plumbed to #ubuntu.20:32
ravagein hindsight a good decision :D20:32
EickmeyerNot necessarily. Portalled rooms are being dropped, not plumbed rooms.20:33
EickmeyerUbuntu Studio's rooms are plumbed, so they're unaffected.20:33
ravagei always find the IRC bridge a little awkward. also a lot of lags20:33
EickmeyerThat's why the portalled rooms are being dropped, to get rid of the lags.20:34
oerheksSo it will be a backtalk network, seperate from IRC?20:34
leftyfbwhy on earth would the community team move #ubuntu off of IRC? IRC is where open source projects live20:35
Eickmeyeroerheks: I'm not sure what Canonical's plan is for that.20:35
ravagei dont think anyone is really thinking about closing IRC at this point20:35
Eickmeyerleftyfb: You'd have to ask for more specifics from Fallen, ilvipero, and aaronprisk[m].20:35
EickmeyerBut, as I stated, anything like that would have to go through the IRC Council.20:36
leftyfbI should hope the IRC council wouldn't vote in favor in moving away from IRC20:36
EickmeyerIn light of the new developments, every Ubuntu channel would basically have to be portalled.20:37
Eickmeyerer, plumbed.20:37

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