dmnhow can I see the last log entries before a server rebootet?06:16
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lotuspsychjedmn: journalctl -b -106:48
dmnI try to setup https://docs.frrouting.org/en/latest/vrrp.html - I'm following the docs; the created `vrrp4-2-1` device mac address - should it be the same on all instances running frr/vrrp or different on each?11:12
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lord_daemonwhat linux software can i use to manage my switches: cisco, dell, hp. I used one from HP but I forgot the name. I just want to build the topology and know when a switch is down (it will turn red). this software was good because it could specify the UPLINK ports22:07
effendy[m]You might be interested in the prometheus' snmp exporter (after enabling snmp on the switches, of course), maybe orb (https://github.com/orb-community/orb) probably together in conjunction with pktvisor?22:13
lord_daemonthank you, I will check22:16

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