migsI just installed Mixxx, and I loaded a track, and played it but no sound comes out01:45
migsI looked at the sound hardware, but not sure what I need to do01:45
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lairdhowdy, i'm trying to update my virt-install script to jammy and running into an issue where the install location seems to have disappeared: http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/main/installer-amd64/current/legacy-images/index.html02:43
rboxlaird: what?02:44
lairdi'm doing something like this:02:45
lairdsudo virt-install --virt-type kvm --name eel --ram 2048 --vcpus 1 --disk path=/vm/eel_d0.qcow2,size=10,format=qcow2 --network bridge=br0,mac=52:54:00:64:5b:29 --graphics none --noautoconsole --wait 20 --autostart --cpu kvm64 --location 'http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/main/installer-amd64/' --console pty,target_type=sclp02:45
laird--initrd-inject=http://mule.laird.net/ks/ubuntu.preseed --extra-args="locale=en_US auto=true priority=critical netcfg/use_autoconfig=true netcfg/disable_dhcp=false hostname=eel netcfg/get_domain=domain.com network-console/password=instpass network-console/start=true file=file:/preseed.cfg console=ttyS0"02:45
lairdsome comments on discourse made me wonder if install patterns like this were supported on 22.0402:47
lairdI hit this error and started wondering if I was doing something wrong - ERROR    Error validating install location: Could not find an installable distribution at URL 'http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy/main/installer-amd64/'02:50
lairdrbox - does that make any sense?02:50
rboxand what used to work02:51
lairdsubstantially older LTS02:52
rboxfor example...02:52
lairdit's embarrassing but my home lab latest ubuntu preseed was 1802:53
* rbox gives up and goes to do somethign else02:53
lairdi've been working on other distros for a while and coming back to freshen my homelab02:53
lairdtrying to figure out what the pattern is today for virt-installing kvm guests with 22.0402:54
josiahI am running on a pine A6403:54
josiahaka a mini computer03:54
Psil0[m]Hmm I had one I was using for a pfsense box04:01
Psil0[m]May format it debating styllllll look04:01
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ash_mI think my problem was installing the google chrome remote desktop app; before removing it I was getting prompted to authorize just logging out06:57
ash_mboth this laptop and my previous one is still experiencing the issue where sometimes my terminal appears to take up the whole screen behind the launcher06:58
ash_mconsidering this is persistant across devices, I am surprised no one else experiences such a thing06:58
ash_mseems to be reproducable by closing and opening the laptop06:59
ash_mguess I'll try backing up my bashrc and see if that does anything07:00
ash_mtrying this again without tmux and bashrc07:01
ash_mstill buggy07:02
olspookishmagushello, I'm having trouble with using a TP-Link USB-WiFi adapter. The v1 works flawlessly (it has an Atheros chipset) but I want to use a v4 with this box (it has a Realtek chipset). I'm using: ubuntu 22.04 on a 5.19.0-41-generic kernel07:25
lotuspsychjeolspookishmagus: realtek based chipsets are kernel itchy, you might wanna dig into your logs to see whats going on07:27
olspookishmagusinserting the v4 while watching the syslog, I think it doesn't even get recognized07:27
lotuspsychjeolspookishmagus: journalctl -f and plug your dongle, then !paste us the results with the output plz07:27
lotuspsychjeolspookishmagus: here's a few tp-link bugs on ubuntu you might wanna check too; https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bugs?field.searchtext=tp-link&search=Search&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&field.status%3Alist=TRIAGED&field.status%3Alist=INPROGRESS&field.status%3Alist=FIXCOMMITTED&field.assignee=&field.bug_reporter=&07:33
ash_mthis is the problem I was talking about: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1433479/maximized-windows-become-maximized-behind-launcher07:38
ice9on my laptop 11th gen, can't load gnome-shell if using kernel 6.2.0, the latest kernel that works is 5.19.0; any idea?07:43
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cbreakfinally switched from snap firefox to mozilla ppa firefox, and hoping they release the new thunderbird soon too08:43
nikolamHello. Ok, now it is a major new bug that appears in 22.04 Xubuntu. I can't select folder for an app settings when requested. I select a folder but app does not get the info of an folder I selected..08:54
nikolamHappened in qbittorrent as I remember and now in Steam..08:54
nikolamUsed to work in 22.04 before..08:55
ice9when upgrading ubuntu server from the cli, how to know if a restart is needed?08:58
jallahhello everyone08:58
guivercice9, I'd likely go by what packages were upgraded (ie. I read them before I type in the Y/yes proceed)08:59
cbreakice9: it should tell you09:11
cbreakice9: take a look at /etc/update-motd.d/98-reboot-required09:12
ice9using nvidia's prop driver takes a long time to load the desktop after login in gdm, any idea? while using nouveau, it loads instantly09:14
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elias_aVLC is not able to stream to chromacast in 22.04.2. VLC sees chromacast as a rendering device in my local network. Streaming from Chromium works. Any ideas how to get VLC to work again?09:51
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brkcorewhere wget saves the deb files by default, ubuntu?11:01
brkcorehome directory right?11:02
thrice /var/cache/apt/archives/ ?11:02
oerheksin your ~/11:03
brkcoreah right11:03
brkcorethanks man11:03
thriceunless you mean calling wget yourself, then it will go to the current directory11:03
Guest19Can someone help me fix ubuntu boot issue?11:06
Guest19It sometimes gets stuck on boot splash11:06
ubottuBoot-Repair is a simple tool to repair frequent boot issues you may encounter in Ubuntu. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair for more info.11:07
Guest19I have the Nvidia proprietary driver install11:07
oerheks' sometimes'  is weird.11:07
Guest19yes i think so too11:07
EriC^^Guest19: look at /var/log/syslog to see what's happening11:08
Guest19if it gets stuck and reboot it it works after 2-4 reboots11:08
Guest19ok i will look11:08
thricedoes it finish if you let it sit for awhile (2 minutes or so?)11:10
Guest19should i grep something specific or would you like to see the whole thing11:10
Guest19no it doesnt11:10
Guest19I wil pastebin everything11:13
Guest19The file is really big11:21
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Guest19there is no pastebin that accepts it it is 2 mb or 12 mb for everything11:37
thricehttp://ix.io/  ?11:38
Guest19how did you do that?11:39
Guest19I just pasted that are you a mod there?11:39
pickanickWhich is the "latest version" : "# An OpenSSL vulnerability has recently been fixed with USN-6188-1 & 6119-1:  # CVE-2023-2650: possible DoS translating ASN.1 object identifiers.  # Ensure you have updated the package to its latest version."11:39
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue summary: Processing some specially crafted ASN.1 object identifiers or data containing them may be very slow. Impact summary: Applications that use OBJ_obj2txt() directly, or use any of the OpenSSL subsystems OCSP, PKCS7/SMIME, CMS, CMP/CRMF or TS with no message size limit may experience notable to very long delays when processing those messages, which may lead to a D... <https://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2023-2650>11:39
Guest19It wil take a minute to load if you click it11:41
ravagepickanick: the version you get with your regular updates11:48
Guest19Was anyone able to look at it?11:51
Guest19or should i try to make it smaller11:51
ioriaGuest19, it loads fine11:53
Guest19ok :D11:53
ioriaGuest19, a bit huge, yes ... how many times did you reboot ?11:53
Guest19today only 211:54
ioriaGuest19, fully updated ? sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade11:54
Guest19i found out that if it gets stuck and i hold power(force shutdown) it works the next boot11:54
Guest19i think it puts something to default11:55
Guest19if i do upgrade it goes of lts to Ubuntu 23.04?11:55
ioriaGuest19, nope, just run the command and press 'N' (in case you don't want it)11:56
Guest19i installed timeshift will i able to revert with that if something goes wrong?11:56
ioriai don't useit... idk11:56
Guest19i have never done an upgrade that went well on linux so11:57
Guest19maybe because i use none standard apps?11:57
Guest19its not like super weird i still use apt install but somehow i always get more issues11:58
Guest19I will try to look it up11:58
Guest19people online said it is hit and miss on a restore12:01
Guest19It is probably best if i figure out the cause before attemting the upgrade12:01
Guest19Did you see anything weird in the log? so i can do more research i have no idea what to look for12:02
ioriaGuest19, what's the problem you 're having ?12:02
Guest19Ubuntu gets stuck on the ubuntu load screen12:03
Guest19if i reboot it a few time it goes to the login screen12:03
ioriaGuest19, have you tried to boot in Recovery mode ?12:03
Guest19I just have to reboot it a few times and it works perfectly after i reach the login screen12:04
Guest19so the issue is a weird one for me12:04
Guest19i use the nvidia proprietary driver12:05
Guest19I read nomodeet is onlu for noveau driver12:05
ioriaGuest19, yes, i see it;nope , nomodeset is generally used12:06
ioriaGuest19, so the the kernel will load only the essential modules12:06
Guest19so i should add nomodeset to grub even if i have proprietary driver, is what you mean right?12:07
Guest19and what did you see?12:07
ioriaGuest19, that you use 530 ver12:08
Guest19oh of the nvidia driver yes i am12:08
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Guest19there was a newer one i think but that one was no gud for me12:09
ioriaGuest19,  Unable to read EDID for display device DP-012:09
Guest19wow you are so fast on what line is that?12:09
Guest19i think i read about edid before12:10
Guest19that has to do with lightdm?12:10
ioriaGuest19,  it's just a warning, btw12:11
pickanick@ravage for openssl, reboot necessary or no?  service restart or no?12:11
ioriaGuest19, lightdm ?  what flavor are you using ?12:13
Guest19I think it is normal12:13
ioriaGuest19, i doubt it; default ubuntu uses gdm312:13
Guest19i just dnwlouaded ubuntu no kubuntu xubuntu etc12:13
ioriaGuest19, systemctl status gdm312:14
Guest19downloaded not*12:14
ApostleInTriumphHello. I'm unable to start my laptop. it gets stuck at "loading initial ramdisk..." I think this answer might be relevant: https://askubuntu.com/a/1332899 . however, it doesn't say "how" to edit. can someone please help me figure it out?12:14
Guest19you can edit kernel boot paremeters in grub menu12:16
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:17
Guest19ApostleInTriumph your issues may be simular to mine12:18
Guest19but i dont think mine gets stuck on it initramdisk12:19
ApostleInTriumphGuest19 do you know how to edit `/etc/default/grub` ?12:24
Guest19you can type sudo nano /etc/default.grub12:25
Guest19you can type sudo nano /etc/default/grub12:25
ApostleInTriumphGuest19: from where?12:26
Guest19a terminal12:27
ApostleInTriumphI press "e" and then go to terminal12:27
ApostleInTriumphfrom there?12:27
Guest19if you are talking about during boot12:27
Guest19you can but that is for one time only12:27
Guest19e is to edit current boots kernel parameters12:28
ApostleInTriumphyes but I would need to get my system to start in the first place12:28
Guest19ah ok12:28
ApostleInTriumphafter I press "e" I pressed F2 and got into ">grub" window12:29
Guest19e is not really terminal it is for current boot kernel parameters12:29
ApostleInTriumphfrom there, my system couldn't find "vi" or "nano"12:29
Guest19then nothing must be loaded12:30
Guest19you may not have filesystem acces yet somene better suited may need to help here12:30
ApostleInTriumphah, but only thing I can access is a page with options "Ubuntu" , "Advanced Options for ubuntu" ...12:31
Guest19maybe you can post an photo?12:31
Guest19in advanced options there should be recovery options to try do they not work either?12:34
ApostleInTriumphrecovery mode also gets stuck12:35
ApostleInTriumphthe image is that of the options i can see12:35
Guest19recovery mode should drop yu to terminal i think , if it gets stuck do you see any errors?12:37
ApostleInTriumphno there are no errors12:37
ApostleInTriumphit just says "loading initial ramdisk..."12:37
ApostleInTriumphand stays like this for an hour or so12:37
ApostleInTriumphas long as I leave it undisturbed12:37
Guest19Ok then i am not sure what to do right now either12:38
Guest19your issue may be going deeper than mine12:39
Guest19What did you do before it got stuck like that?12:39
ApostleInTriumphonly thing I can recollect is, that my laptop was terribly overheated when i put it in my bag12:40
ApostleInTriumphI don't recall any program running at that time12:40
ApostleInTriumphi simply closed the lid and put it12:40
ApostleInTriumphIt was boiling hot when I took it out. However, I ran hardware diagnostics that were suggested by Dell. None of them failed12:40
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Guest19did the include an harddrive test?12:53
Guest19maybe it only tested cpu ram12:54
ApostleInTriumphhmm i'm not sure, yes, that could be possible12:57
Guest19maybe try to see if the disk works in another system(depending on how hard it is to remove)12:58
Guest19oh wait12:59
Guest19the disk would not drop you to grub menu if the dis stopped working lol12:59
BluesKajHi all13:03
Guest19ioria https://privatebin.at/?a33ed0e5aaa5eec9#AaKmCXTAH5UkXuAf5MCMguBd4ShedAFcih4MUSQmwsPn13:03
Guest19also if i enable nomodeset during boot it gets stuck every time13:04
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Guest19nomeset makes to worse for me. There were many places that recommended it >.<13:31
Guest19i see "proc_thermal_pci 0000:00:04.0: error: proc_thermal_add, will continue" before  it freezes i'm not sure what it means13:43
Guest19Hello webchat5713:49
ice9how to use Wayland with Nvidia's prop driver?14:41
ice9I implemented this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1403854/cant-use-wayland-with-nvidia-510-drivers-on-ubuntu-22-04-lts but still using x1114:50
jhutchinsice9: What features does wayland have that you want or need?15:02
ice9jhutchins, guestures and it's more secure than x11 by design15:03
olspookishmagusis there a counter about systems broken by "unattended-upgrades"? if yes, increase it by 115:07
olspookishmagusI'm on a remote location and seems like my troubles with that system NOT seeing TP-Link WN-722N v4 (which it COULD use it before leaving from where I set it up) was about something that had to do with unattended-upgrades15:08
olspookishmagusto make matters worse now I see no network interfaces except loopback, and I'm pretty sure that some stopped "unattended-upgrade" is the culprit15:09
olspookishmagusanyway, I'll try chroot-ing into that box and seeing if I can save that installation altough I fear that reinstalling might be my best option even though if that installation messes with "/home" that would mean a lot more work for me15:10
olspookishmagusfor all its worth this is the controller that can't be seen:15:22
olspookishmagus00:0f.0 Ethernet controller: NVIDIA Corporation MCP73 Ethernet (rev a2)15:22
jhutchinsolspookishmagus: It's possible you have a hardware failure.15:24
olspookishmagusjhutchins: how to rule this out? I mean this system's ethernet controller was working fine, until as it seems, I've interrupted some "unattended-upgrade" procedure and now I only see "lo" in "ip link show"15:27
olspookishmagusok, maybe it's better to go for the reinstallation method15:39
olspookishmagusis there a way to tell ubuntu to NOT to touch the /home partition?15:40
olspookishmagushmmm... I'd better check this is on a separate partition first15:40
olspookishmagusrpool/USERDATA/acerveritonx270_8yoksa              146G   296G      146G  /home/acerveritonx27015:40
olspookishmagusthis is my first ever zfs installation15:42
olspookishmagusI've also tried creating a USB bootable media using unetbootin with no success, what is the recommended way to make a bootable USB out of an .iso?15:42
ravageBalea etcher15:44
ravageAnd I would not go for ZFS on the desktop again15:44
ravageIt's very poorly maintained15:44
ravageAnd that's an understatement15:45
olspookishmagusthen maybe it would be best to get that box back with me where I'll do a reinstallation and use ext4 like I normally do15:49
olspookishmagusI read something about a "Startup Disk Creator" that's supposed to be available on my system but it's not15:54
olspookishmagusI'm on xubuntu 22.04 btw15:54
ravagethat is only available on Ubuntu15:55
ravageor https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/releases/download/v1.18.11/balenaEtcher-1.18.11-x64.AppImage15:56
ravagemaybe the appimage is the best choice15:57
ElliriaIt looks like the usb-creator-common package will give you the Startup Disk Creator, olspookishmagus.16:04
ice9I'm using Nvidia's prop driver and getting: https://bpa.st/L3AQ17:20
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jhutchinsravage: xubuntu is just ubuntu with xfce instead of gnome, all of the applications re cross-compatible (unless they're gnome specific).17:51
jhutchins!info usb-creator-gtk17:54
ubottuusb-creator-gtk (0.3.16, lunar): create a startup disk using a CD or disc image (for GNOME). In component main, is optional. Built by usb-creator. Size 22 kB / 137 kB17:54
jhutchinsolspookishmagus: apt install usb-creator-gtk17:55
jhutchinsolspookishmagus: It's not installed by default.17:55
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tripstahcan anyone help with the purple-facebook plugin for pidgin? jgeboski's repository doesn't have it anymore and i can't compile it either. https://jgeboski.github.io/#package-repositories19:20
tripstahit adds the facebook messenger to pidgin19:20
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)19:27
oerheksinstall build essentials, build the source, and read errors carefull, it gives a clue what -dev package is missing19:27
oerheksbuild help https://github.com/dequis/purple-facebook/wiki/Building-on-*NIX19:28
oerhekschoose From the Git Repository, i guess19:29
oerhekslast commit 2021, ... good luck!19:29
nshirelaptophaving some trouble with bluetooth, nothing seems to hold connection. I'll toggle the switch on the bluetoothsettings menu, it will give the rotating "working" icon, then it will just go back to disconnected19:53
nshirelaptopanyone have any recommendations to figure this out?19:53
nshirelaptopbluetoothctl is showing rssis around -105 for everything, isn't that pretty low?19:54
oerheksi use bluez to scan, connect, set trusted19:55
oerheksafter that, standard bt tool works fine19:55
nshirelaptopI got Connection Failed: br-connection-page-timeout19:58
nshirelaptopI think this is blueman19:59
tripstahoerheks: compiled succesfully, had a problem logging to facebook (ERROR_QUEUE_UNDERFLOW), hex edited libfacebook.so, success, it now seems to work!!20:18
oerheksyay, have fun!20:27
ravagei would still suggest any other way to chat :D20:34
tripstahi'm looking for a nicer client than pidgin! it's quite good tho.20:35
ravagei mean the faceboot part20:36
tripstahahh ok20:37
cbreakI've switched to IRSSI, it's nice20:38
cbreak(for irc though, not the face thingie)20:39
tripstahi'm a gui guy, i use hexchat.20:40
cbreakI was using Konversation before, it was ok. Tried hexchat too, it was also okish...20:41
tripstahircii with a purepak's good tho!20:41
cbreaknone of the clients I've found on linux were as nice looking as what I had on MacOS, but at least IRSSI is customizable :)20:41
tripstahamirc on amiga is my favorite client!20:41
cbreak(Used to use Textual over there)20:42
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Guest19Can someone help me with my boot issue, i've been looking the whole day without a solution21:23
Guest19Ubuntu keep getting stuck right before login screen if i reboot i sometimes go to login screen and then works fine21:23
Guest19but if i start the laptop the next day it will get stuck on the loading screen again21:24
thricesomehow, you need to find what it's gettings tuck on21:25
Guest19It is weird that it sometimes works and sometimes doesnt21:25
thricecan you change tty when it's stuck (ctl+alt+f2) ?21:25
Guest19no i cant21:25
Guest19if i press power button it gets seems like it gets unstuck and shutdown with some shutdown text21:26
Guest19which is too fast for me to see21:27
thriceI would disable the boot splash, if you have it, and enable verbose output during the boot21:27
Guest19ok i will look how to do that21:28
Guest19i thought it was hold shift21:28
thriceat the grub screen, I think you push "e" to edit (?).  Or, if you're booted to the system, edit /etc/default/grub, remove things like "splash," "quiet" from the options, update-grub, and reboot21:29
Guest19i have quit splash in boot options21:30
thriceI'd remove both, that should give you a text, verbose output.  Maybe when it's "stuck" you can see what it's doing21:30
Guest19ok it failes to loadsave nvidia brightnes backlight thing21:41
Guest19but in the log it says it finishes21:43
Guest19should it not say error?21:43
Guest19"Ubuntu_Laptop systemd-backlight[1763]: nvidia_0: Failed to write system 'brightness' attribute: Invalid argument"21:44
Guest19Is this a bug or do i have to change a setting?21:44
Guest19because it does suceed sometimes21:45
lord_daemonwhat linux software can i use to manage my switches: cisco, dell, hp. I used one from HP but I forgot the name. I just want to build the topology and know when a switch is down (it will turn red). this software was good because it could specify the UPLINK ports22:06
WaVNot sure, but a google search of your criteria mentions NetXMS?22:07
olspookishmagusok, I've somehow managed to have this system back up and working somehow22:08
olspookishmagusI looked into /var/log/apt/hist* logs and also /var/log/unattended-upgrades22:08
olspookishmagusand I've concluded this messup was all because of upgrading to 5.19.0-40-generic22:09
olspookishmagushaving a look at some "virtual packages" there is no way I could go to 5.19.0-41-generic22:10
monty_hallwhy is ubuntu app/software center missing so many packages?  Why not just use synaptic?  All I've ever used is apt/dpkg and synaptic for browsing.  The ubuntu app/software center is missing a ton of packages.  Power line fonts?  Available in synaptic not available in ubuntu software/app center.  What's the point of it?22:13
Unit193I think the software center really only shows desktop applications, those shipping metainfo files.22:16
leftyfbUnit193: it actually has quite a lot of CLI apps as well22:17
Unit193leftyfb: I presume those CLI applications ship metainfo files?  Or at the very least, desktop files would be required.22:18
leftyfbnot sure22:18
Unit193Hmm... Neither alpine nor irssi have desktop files, can you see those?22:19
leftyfbvim and nmap are a couple22:19
leftyfbalso links22:19
leftyfbirssi shows up22:19
leftyfbalpine does not22:19
leftyfbnano does though22:19
Unit193Alpine is in universe and irssi main, but nmap is in universe too!  OK, no freaking clue then.  I thought the software center was relying on metainfo (which falls back to desktop files) but it would appear not...22:21
Unit193leftyfb: Just to confirm, irssi and nmap weren't already installed right?22:21
leftyfbnmap is(obviously), irssi is not22:22
topcat001Guest19: It seems like a race condition with loading the nvidia drivers. Did you try `update-initramfs -u` after a successful boot to ensure the modules are included there correctly for early loading? I'm guessing of course.22:24
Guest19Can you explain that further?22:25
Guest19does it save a start order?22:26
Guest19does the modify the kernel?22:27
topcat001In a typical ubuntu install, the nvidia drivers are automatically added to the initramfs, which loads (early userspace) before the root filesystem's init (late userspace).22:27
Guest19ok i think i follow22:28
topcat001this is desirable, because modern systems boot so fast that the driver is not initialised fully before its users/clients try to use it.22:28
Guest19but in my case the load is slightly delayed causng out of sync loading?22:29
topcat001However, due to an update quirk, or another reason, it might not be working for you. The driver will still load later, and sometimes will finish initialising in time, but sometimes not.22:29
olspookishmagusanyway I now moved into 5.19.0-41-generic and I think everything's working again22:30
topcat001I'm only guessing, but if this happens you will get random failures. In other words, a race condition.22:30
topcat001Manually regenerating the initramfs might set things right.22:30
Guest19ok but it doesnt change the kernel right?22:31
topcat001No, only the initramfs22:31
Guest19ok i will try your sugeston22:31
Guest19if it doesnt work or makes things worse i can rever it with timeshift?22:32
topcat001In any case, it should not break anything.22:32
Guest19im known to be an edge case :(22:32
topcat001you can restore the previous initramfs (in /boot)22:33
Guest19It has not broken anything \~.~/22:40
Guest19It seems to work but i will have to test over a few days to see how often i have to reboot22:41
Guest19Thank you for your sugestion topcat00122:41
topcat001np and good luck!22:42

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