RTJimmyCHi, I'm trying to figure out a permission issue on a .sh, I get permission denied, though I appear to seem to have it set correctly01:15
RTJimmyCprime_user@Xubuntu-E5450:~/scripts-pc$ ls -l01:16
RTJimmyC-rwxr-xrwx  1 prime_user prime_user    1443 Dec  2  2021 RNscript.sh01:16
RTJimmyCprime_user@Xubuntu-E5450:~/scripts-pc$ ./RNscript.sh01:16
RTJimmyC./RNscript.sh: 61: exec: /home/prime_user/scripts-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/RNscript: Permission denied01:16
ikwyl6RTJimmyC: looks like the file: !/scripts-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/RNscript you don't have permission to use...01:41
RTJimmyCDoesn't the last rwx mean that all users have execute privileges?01:45
ikwyl6RTJimmyC: that is your script. but it must be trying to use the file: /home/prime_user/scripts-pc/lib/linux-x86_64/RNscript that is in another dir...01:57
RTJimmyCTY! I didn't realize there was a second file, works now02:07
xu-irc1whi - just did a clean/minimal install of xubuntu 22.04.2 but system doesn't boot up02:54
xu-irc1wfollowing error:02:54
xu-irc1wGave up waiting for root file system device.02:54
xu-irc1wsays something about a UUID not existing02:54
xu-irc1wany help would be appreciated02:55
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Did you manually set your partitions and fail to set '/' for root ?03:01
xu-irc1wi didn't manually set anything, just did automatic install in minimal mode03:01
xu-irc1wvia USB03:01
xu-irc1winstalled on a RAID-0 setup (the array works fine)03:01
xu-irc1wany details you need let me know03:02
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Next then is how are you booting - CSm or UEFI ? the way you boot the installer is how the system will boot.03:03
xu-irc1wi have no idea03:03
xu-irc1wi'll check03:03
xu-irc1wso go into my BIOS and look at what mode it's booting up with? and change it to the other one and see if it works?03:04
xu-irc1wBIOS seems to be in UEFI boot mode, from what i can see03:05
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Yeah = that is one option . be aware I have limited experiemne with raid - best I recall the boot code must reside outside of the raid array.03:06
Bashing-om!raid | xu-irc1w 03:06
ubottuxu-irc1w: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto03:06
xu-irc1wi mean, i already installed03:08
xu-irc1wso i think the RAID is working fine03:08
xu-irc1wit's basic software RAID, Intel03:09
xu-irc1wi've used it before with other OSes, works03:09
xu-irc1wi only say this because i'm not sure how those links will help ubottu03:09
xu-irc1woh it's a bot03:10
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: What I would do here is check the UUIDs in /etc/fstab file that match ' sudo blkid -c /dev/null '.03:13
xu-irc1wcan you be more descriptive? i am relatively inexperienced with linux03:13
xu-irc1wyou're asking me to compare UUIDs in 2 different areas, correct?03:14
xu-irc1whow do i check directories from shell?03:15
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: sure ! ... boot up the insatller in "try ubuntu mode' activate a terminal > run thge blkid command - then in the file manager open the /etc/fstab file.03:16
xu-irc1wso i have to plug in the USB key again?03:16
xu-irc1wand boot from it?03:16
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: are you prently in the shell of the problematic install ?03:17
xu-irc1wit goes into shell03:17
xu-irc1wafter it fails to boot03:17
xu-irc1wi just don't know linux commands03:17
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Not a problem - we all started to learn from nothing at some point :) ... from the current shell what results  ' ls -al /etc/fstab ' ?03:19
xu-irc1wi did "blkid" command and it says some stuff03:19
xu-irc1w-rw-r--r--   1    0 /etc/fstab03:20
xu-irc1wls -al /etc/fstab03:23
xu-irc1w-rw-r--r--   1    0 /etc/fstab03:23
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Great - you do have a shell vice a grub prompt - are you aware that a minimal instal has no GUI ?03:26
xu-irc1wit doesn't?03:26
xu-irc1wso no desktop and stuff?03:26
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Nope - ya get to choose what you want to install from that minmal :)03:27
xu-irc1wperhaps i should do a fresh install03:28
xu-irc1wfull install03:28
xu-irc1wand go from there03:28
xu-irc1wbecause i am not good at linux so i can use GUI03:28
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: That depends on what you want - I too prefer to build from a minimal install. Much less bloat and faster system.03:29
xu-irc1wi see03:29
xu-irc1wi am only running a server though03:30
xu-irc1wwith a good system03:30
xu-irc1wso it's fine it marginally slower03:30
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: ^ such however - oe ust know what they want :(03:30
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: In a server - a gui is another attack vector ! Hense not generaly recommneded to run a GUI .03:31
Bashing-omone must know*03:32
xu-irc1wbut it is just a server for fun with friends03:32
xu-irc1wi am not advanced enough to do a 24/7 server lol03:32
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: But someday you will be - experience and practice will make it so.03:33
xu-irc1wwell i don't think i will ever be advanced enough, i have too many other hobbies03:34
xu-irc1wand linux is complicated03:34
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: only as complicated as you choose to make it - choose your spin and ubuntu is almoast "sailor proof" :) // right now I do not understand how with " waiting for root file system device." you can even boot the kernel :(03:38
xu-irc1wi am doing a new install03:39
xu-irc1wfull install03:39
xu-irc1wi hope it works03:39
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: well - we are here if ya need :D03:40
xu-irc1wsame problem, doesn't boot03:43
xu-irc1wls -al /etc/fstab03:43
xu-irc1wshows the same thing as before03:43
xu-irc1wso what not?03:44
xu-irc1wit says03:44
xu-irc1w-rw-r--r--   1    0 /etc/fstab03:44
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: do all the UUID's agree with what 'blkid' report ?03:45
xu-irc1wi don't know how to check that03:45
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: ' less /etc/fstabv ' to see the file's contents.03:45
Bashing-omtypo !03:46
Bashing-om' less /etc/fstab '03:46
xu-irc1wyou want me to type in 'blkid' ?03:46
xu-irc1wi did that03:47
xu-irc1wit shows me a UUID code03:47
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: I swapped out from a mechanical keyboard - with this keyboard a lot of fat fingering going on :(03:48
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Yeah - ya need to make sure that ALL the UUIDs exactly match what the blkid shows for UUIDs . exactly!03:50
xu-irc1whow do i check the other UUIDs?03:51
xu-irc1wthere is a UUID on the shell screen already03:51
xu-irc1wthat one?03:51
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Does A Wimdows instal play into this also ? where Windows is holding a partition captive ?03:52
xu-irc1wi do not have windows on it03:52
xu-irc1wjust linux install fresh'03:52
xu-irc1wwhen i try to boot it says03:53
xu-irc1wGave up waiting for root file system device.03:54
xu-irc1wALERT! UUID=blablabla does not exist. Dropping to a shell!03:54
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: pastebin the results and I will check // I got ecperience :) ... run ' sudo blkid | nc termbin.com 9999 ' . pass me back the resulting locatig URL.03:54
xu-irc1wi don't know how to use that03:55
xu-irc1wjust tell me how to change the UUID03:55
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: No problem in that shell run command ' sudo blkid | nc termbin.com  9999 ' copy and paste the command for best results.03:56
xu-irc1wi want to learn though03:57
xu-irc1wtell me how to do this myself03:57
xu-irc1wi want to check it myself :)03:57
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: We 1st make sure there is sometbing that needs changing :P03:57
xu-irc1wtell me how to check03:57
xu-irc1wi want to learn03:57
xu-irc1wi don't want pastebin because i don't learn03:57
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Me - I open a text editor and cupy the UUID as shown from ' less /etc/fstab  ' then for each UUID I copy from ' sudo blkid' ad compare the results :D04:00
xu-irc1wcommand "less" not found04:00
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Wow - that is minimal !~ ..  ok try with ' cat /etc/fstab ' 04:01
xu-irc1wthis is full install not minimal04:02
xu-irc1wi did "cat /etc/fstab"04:02
xu-irc1wnothing happened04:02
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: ' ls -al /etc/fstab ' ? so we know we have  shell interfase !04:04
xu-irc1w-rw-r--r--   1    0 /etc/fstab04:04
xu-irc1wthat's what it says04:08
xu-irc1wi have to go soon04:10
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Then proofs we have a true shell - what now shows ' which less ' ? ( we got a path issue ?)04:10
xu-irc1wcommand: "which less"04:11
xu-irc1wresult: nothing happens04:11
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: plot thickens - how about ' ls -al /usr/bin/less ' ?04:12
xu-irc1wno such file or directory04:13
xu-irc1wi have to go very soon04:15
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Blows me away that "less" is not in a default install - how about ls -al /usr/bin/cat ' ? 04:15
xu-irc1wit exists04:16
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: then we can look from ' cat /etc/fstab ' .04:16
xu-irc1wjust tell me what to type in but plz hurry04:17
xu-irc1wi have to go soon04:17
xu-irc1wi will be back later though, another day04:17
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: I did ! >> cat /etc/fstab :D04:17
xu-irc1wi do that04:17
xu-irc1wnothing happens04:17
xu-irc1wcommand: "cat /etc/fstab"04:18
xu-irc1wresult: nothing happens04:18
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Path issue ? what about ' /usr/bin/cat /etc/fstab ' ?04:19
xu-irc1w"usr/bin/cat/etc/fstab" ?04:19
xu-irc1w"usr/bin/cat /etc/fstab" ?04:19
xu-irc1wi did the second one04:20
xu-irc1wnothing happens04:20
Bashing-omthe latter - a space betwee /cet/ and /etc/04:20
xu-irc1wthank you so much for your help but i unfortunately have to go for now04:21
Bashing-omxu-irc1w: Makes absoltely no sense to me ! the tool exists and the file exists !04:21
xu-irc1wit's OK, thank you!04:21
xu-irc1wi might come back later and try again04:21
xu-irc1wtake care04:21
Bashing-omlaters !04:21
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christianhello, I have a problem in Terminals with xubuntu 22.04. When I mark a command until end of line an paste the result, the command is not executed. I have to type ENTER explicitely. How can I recover the former behaviour, where the command was executed without typing ENTER? Thanks for any advice!13:36
nzxtnzxthello fellow linux users19:21
nzxtnzxtare you all feeling linux today19:21

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