Guest8hi, can I just mention how much I dislike how firefox handles the open/save file dialogs? k. thanks :)05:24
Guest8wish dolphin had its own dialog05:24
Guest8mainly just frustration directed @ the gtk dialog. "Open in file manager" being disabled when picking files. Not being able to type out a path manually. Thumbnails only visible if you select a file & not viewable at a glance through a folder.05:28
Guest8for some reason the save dialog at least has manual path entry05:28
Guest8...and that trying to save the same file twice doesn't try to assign a different name to it so you have to type that out manually in case trying to save "image0.png" from discord05:30
Guest8cheers! i'll take my leave now.05:34
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BluesKajHi all12:14
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