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PhibsHow come 6.2 has been released for Jammy but it is EOL upstream already ?23:12
jeremy31Phibs: Because Ubuntu developers will maintain it for the time it is supported23:17
PhibsI wish there was a clear roadmap since we need 6.3+ for hardware enablement :(23:18
jeremy31It will get security updates merged from upstream23:18
Phibs6.2 isn't even listed on kernel.org as it is EOL, do they still add security updates ?23:19
jeremy31They will pull from the latest stable23:20
Phibswouldn't it be easier to just offer the latest stable ;)23:20
Phibsor at least a longterm23:20
jeremy31The new security updates get applied to all Ubuntu supported kernels 23:21
jeremy31Been that way for some time23:22
PhibsI mean obv i'm not gonna change any minds, but it just strikes me as odd to offer non-LTS (vanilla) kernels23:22
PhibsI was hoping to read the kernel team blog / roadmap but that was a 40423:23
jeremy31It will likely be a month or so before anyone knows what replaces 6.2 for hwe23:26

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