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sistemasalguien que hable español?00:19
sarnoldtry #ubuntu-es00:20
rogerioalgum brasileiro aqui ?00:34
sarnoldtry #ubuntu-br -- there's a few people there, but maybe not awake?00:34
rogerioi don't now00:36
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Guest25Hello, I'd like to ask if someone can help me with a problem. I installed Podcasts from the software store, but it is in light mode when I've set Yaru-blue-dark on Tweaks02:23
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blahdeblahIs there a supported/recommended way to install an Ubuntu desktop with RAID?  It has been so long since I set my laptop up that I've lost the info about how I did it.07:21
blahdeblahServer installer to set up, then apt install ubuntu-desktop?  Or desktop install and set up the RAID devices before invoking the installer?07:21
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blahdeblahI seem to recall something about needing to add RAID to the initrd and update-initramfs to get it to work.07:22
weedmicblahdeblah: do you need RAID?07:36
weedmicgenerally, I recommend hardware raid with it's own battery.  so when the machine comes back online after a cetestrphic loss of power, the last transactions will be written down.  I also find most people do not need raid at all and don't really understand it's purpose.07:38
blahdeblahweedmic: I don't really want to debate the merits of that choice.  I just want to know whether there's a supported configuration for using software RAID on a desktop machine.07:41
weedmicas you wish - https://www.servers.com/support/knowledge/linux-administration/how-to-install-ubuntu-with-software-raid-107:43
blahdeblahThat's based on the old Debian installer, which isn't available on 22.04 any more07:44
blahdeblahOn the old installer this was all super-easy and straightforward07:45
blahdeblahIt works fine on the server installer too, although the navigation isn't as simple anymore07:45
blahdeblah(For the record, I've been using a software RAID setup since about when this was originally written, and most of the reasons given there are still valid: https://web.archive.org/web/20170324121027/linux.yyz.us/why-software-raid.html)07:49
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weedmicty blahdeblah.  i didn't say one was better, I said why I recommend hardware raid with its own battery.  For me/us data integrity is paramount.  good luck and enjoy.  if you find a better guide, pls post and I'll add it to my array.  I generally found no use for raid once 20tb hdds dripped below 1k euro and are now only 400 euro.08:09
tarzeauso jammy ships pkgs that need python 3.10.5 but jammy itself does only ship 3.10.4 (if you out of user a/b testing, jammy-updates) there's a dependency problem08:52
tarzeaubug in python3-gdbm, -distutils, -lib2to3, -tk08:53
tarzeau_doko: src: python3-defaults08:54
weedmicwhat is jammy?  is that like synaptic or muon?08:57
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de-factoare there any plans to get a sound system in ubuntu that allows to play back without glitches and stuttering?10:20
de-factopulse audio is an absolute horrible mess, it never ever worked reliable for me with default installation10:21
de-factoit keeps switching the volume by itself, rapidly stuttering the audio by switching it between hdmi and analog several times per second10:21
tarzeauit's already there and called ALSA?10:21
de-factoi thought ALSA is below the audio server, e.g. doing the hardware abstraction layer10:22
tarzeaufor playback i recommend src:ocp10:22
de-factonever heard of that10:22
tarzeaude-facto: yes but nobody forces you to install and use pulseaudio?10:22
de-factoi want something that provides the functionality of pulse audio but is stable software10:23
tarzeauwhat did you expect, someone who writes systemd, can make a great audio server?10:23
tarzeauyou want it, you write it?10:23
de-factook so there is no stable audio server in ubuntu then?10:23
tarzeauwhich version of ubuntu you have?10:24
tarzeaui heard there's pulse wire something, forgot the name that seems to be better10:24
de-facto i am no 22.0410:25
tarzeaupipewire they call it10:25
de-factoi am on Ubuntu 22.0410:25
tarzeaudebian 12 has it, or maybe also later ubuntu versions10:25
tarzeau22.04 doesn't have it, among other problems10:25
de-factois pipewire more stable?10:25
tarzeaumaybe jack is what you want?10:25
tarzeaui don't know, i'm happy with ALSA :)10:26
de-factoi basically only want playback from all software at a constant volume10:26
tarzeauor macOS :)10:26
tarzeauhahaha ^ best joke10:26
de-factoi dont want a sound system that changes output sinks and volume by itself10:26
de-factohalf volume, fixed sinks.10:26
de-factoif only i could tell pulse audio to never change anything by itself10:27
de-factostay with one sink, dont change volume on your own10:27
de-factoi would already be happy but apparently its not possible with pulse audio10:28
tarzeautry pipewire and tell us if it solves your issue?10:28
YoungPotatoHi all. I have two non-existing old drives listed under gnome-disks (see the last two entries in this screenshot: https://unsee.cc/album#3uKlnzAhIirS). These drives that are under /dev/test are not in /etc/fstab. How can I remove them from gnome-disks?10:29
lotuspsychjebad url YoungPotato ?10:30
YoungPotatoLet me reupload the image10:31
tarzeaulotuspsychje: hey i remember you. what is the latest ubuntu version you have access to? (you did so much software testing for me...)10:36
lotuspsychjetarzeau: hey mate, i usualy hang in #ubuntu-next for very early LTS devel, so october i will work for you again hehe10:37
lotuspsychjecurrently on 22.0410:38
de-factoyeah pipewire works great, now i dont have any output device anymore (installed it according to https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Pipewire/ )10:38
ravageYoungPotato: define non-existing. if they are not physically existent anymore try a reboot10:38
de-factowhy is something as simple as audio such a mess on ubuntu?10:39
tarzeaude-facto: welcome10:40
de-factoaudio basically is not usable10:41
tarzeaude-facto: well audio is not always just audio. there's no audio hardware, multiple audio hardware. and well a lot of audio APIs. and a lot of software interfacing all sorts of apis10:41
tarzeaude-facto: that's what you claim. i'm fine HAVING audio. and it works for me just good enough10:41
de-factoyeah and none of them works10:41
tarzeauyou can go complain to IBM to create computers without audio10:42
tarzeaubecause every computer vendor HAD audio. but IBM didn't. still you can buy computers (clones) without10:42
tarzeaubroken for 40 years.10:42
de-factoyeah i dont care about IBM, it does not help me here10:44
de-factoLANG=C pactl info | grep '^Server Name'10:44
de-factoServer Name: PulseAudio (on PipeWire 0.3.48)10:44
de-factook so how do i get output devices to show up in pipewire?10:44
weedmicde-facto: I have found sound issues are solvable with pulse, but... mostly, I need to stop wait restart the service.  if you find a real cure, let me know.  I do not think ALSA is noticeably different in any way, imho.  actually i'm not sure I get the difference between them (nor the relationship).10:47
weedmicI'm not ready to do the work myself :D - I want you to find the answer and let me know <(")10:48
de-factoinstalling wireplumber and removing pipewire-media-session shows up the output devices10:50
thriceif you would use 23.04 you would have had these out of the box :)10:51
de-factook that seems to work ... for now10:51
de-factono stuttering so far10:51
de-factowell good that those are in the repos for 22.04 too then i guess10:53
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ABZenAfter recent update, Ubuntu 20.04.6 frequently fails to connect to wifi because DHCP4 activation times out. Trying to figure out whether this is a bug or a configuration issue and how to troubleshoot. Any help much appreciated.11:20
YoungPotatothanks ravage!11:22
Crinafter booting ubuntu this morning i cant ssh intu it anymore11:49
Crinwhen i try to ping the ubuntu machine from another the ping gets looped back11:50
Crinwhen i try to ping any other device from ubuntu it works fine11:50
Crini did a ufw reset but it did not fix it11:50
CrinWhat can cause this behavior?11:50
hid3Hello everyone. How can I change the time when unattended-upgrades are being done? Currently it seems to install automatic updates at random time of the day. I want to make it install them only during nighttime. But for it to be able to check/download updates any time.11:55
weedmicCrin: sshd on the machine you can neither see nor reach may not be on.12:02
weedmiccould also be on a different network (or separated physically, no nic, cable, switch, etc.)  if it is a vm on the same machine, check the nat/bridge sets.12:03
weedmicI'd check the daemon first, personally.12:04
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CrinI cant ping ubuntu12:07
Crini cant ping from ubuntu to somewhere else12:07
weedmicu cannot connect to it physically?12:07
CrinWhat do you mean connect physicly? run an ethernet cable between them?12:08
CrinI can* ping from ubuntu to other machine12:09
weedmicyes, kvm, cable, com port, something?  everyone must have a procedure on how to reach a machine when ssh is down to see if it is the daemon or not.12:09
CrinIt is not the deamon12:09
CrinI cant ping the machine12:10
Crinso the sshd wont be reached12:10
weedmicif you cannot ping the machine, how do you know the sshd daemon is not down on that machine?12:10
Crinthe machine is 6 feet away12:11
CrinI'm still in the proces of setting everything up the way i want it12:11
weedmicthe result you have is exactly what one would expect if the daemon is down.12:12
Crinyou cant ping ubuntu if ssd is not installed?12:12
Crinsshd status is active and nothing weid in the logs12:14
weedmicoic, i thnk you could ping it. - so then try to find out why it is unreachable.12:14
Crinyes maybe im phrasing my questions wrongly12:14
Crinmy apoligies12:14
pavlosdo you ping from same subnet?12:14
BluesKajHi all12:14
pavlosyour gateway might be wrong12:15
Crini cant reach ubuntu with a ping12:15
weedmicstart with traceroute and see where it ends, if ou can ping with numbers but not names, it is dns.  if you cannot ping w numbers, it's not visible to the machine you are on.12:15
Crini can ping other machine from ubuntu12:15
Crindisabling and reseting ufw did not help12:15
pavlosif target is and you are and gw is, you can ping target12:16
Crinboth machines are on same subnet12:18
pavlosboth linux?12:18
Crini tried windows and linux12:18
weedmicare either machine a vm?12:19
weedmicthat makes it much simpler, imho12:19
weedmicsame switch?12:19
weedmicor hub12:20
pavlosrun route -n on both pc12:20
pavlosbad rj45 cable?12:20
weedmicmentioned that - in my list of things to try (in order).12:20
pavlosCrin: you could give more details instead of us asking questions. [your ip, target ip, network]. All this should be in private range, no need for public ip's12:22
weedmicmight also want to double check both PCs with "ip a" for the ipv4 just to ensure there isnot a typo.  couldn't hurt.12:23
weedmiccould post both results in a link12:23
Crinthe ip of the ubuntu machine is
pavlosexample of route -n ... https://termbin.com/g21b12:24
Crinthe wndows machine is
Crinthe ip of the other debian machine is
CrinGateway is
pavlosso debian pings win but gets network unreachable?12:26
Crinno debian ping ubuntu did not work12:26
Crinwindows ping ubuntu did not work12:26
Crinubuntu ping windows works12:27
Crinubuntu ping debian works12:27
Crinthats why i disabled ufw after a reset of ufw did not work12:27
pavlosthe pc with ubuntu is 22.04 basic install?12:29
CrinI was the issue happened after i did an upgrade12:29
Crinbtw while we were talking i was trying stuff an renabling ufw to get logs and it now works again12:31
Crinnow im even more curious12:31
Crindoes an upgrade reset ufw in some ways?12:32
CrinWhere can i find logs that can show what changed just now?12:32
CrinI will try a reboot and see if it permanently fixed12:34
pavlos /var/log/ dir has a bunch of logs12:34
CrinIt still works after the reboot12:36
Crinso i guess it was a bug12:36
Crini know but im new to linux is there a log you would look at?12:37
pavlossudo ufw status should show inactive12:37
CrinI reenabled ufw12:39
pavlostry sudo ufw status | nc termbin.com 9999 and post the link12:41
Crinok after renabling ssh stopped working again but i can still ping ubuntu from everywhere12:41
Crinso i have to find which rule is block ssh12:42
fivegruelatworkcan you guys recommend resources on hard-realtime programming in linux / ubuntu? all i can find is "don't do heap allocation and disable RTTI"12:46
pavlostry "sudo ufw status verbose | nc termbin.com 9999" and post the link12:47
pavlosyou dont have any rules defined12:51
Crin2I did a reset so12:51
pavlosthe default policy is deny (incoming), allow (outgoing) which is standard12:53
Crin2this was different from a frsh 22.04? because i did not have to add any rules but could ssh before12:55
pavlosthis policy is default on 22.0412:57
Crin2ok but i still did not have add ssh to rules but it worked before the upgrade12:58
pavlosso you had ubuntu 20.04 and upgraded to 22.04, ping worked on 20.04 but did not work on 22.04. Let me repeat, ping has nothing to do with ssh.13:01
pavlosyou are NOT running OpenBSD13:02
Crini noticed that13:07
Crinbut i only did an sudo apt upgrade13:07
pavloshere's a ufw tutorial ... https://phoenixnap.com/kb/configure-firewall-with-ufw-on-ubuntu13:08
CrinWhat does OpenBSD mean was somthing detected wrongly?13:09
oerhekssudo ufw allow openssh13:10
pavlosthis is not the place to discuss OpenBSD, there are plenty of sites on OpenBSD13:10
oerheksthe license is BSD, no worries13:10
Crinim on ubuntu not BSD13:11
oerhekssudo ufw limit ssh # to limit ssh attempts to 6 /30seconds13:11
AllieCrin: OpenSSH is written by the OpenBSD project13:12
AllieUbuntu uses the OpenSSH sshd13:12
Alliehence - OpenBSD SSH13:12
Crinthat is what i asumed but pavlos ointed t out so i got confused13:12
rick123Can someone helpe me understand this?13:13
pavloswhat is 'this'?13:13
mybalzitchbaby don't hurt me13:14
rick123whoami = ubuntu13:15
oerhekssee permissions, only root can delete it13:15
rick123oerheks: ubuntu is user and group right? and since u+w is there ubuntu can delete it?13:16
Allierick123: to delete a file, you need permissions on the directory the file is in13:16
rick123on the directory also u+w is there13:16
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rick123drwxrwxr-x 42 ubuntu ubuntu         12K Aug  1 13:12 .13:16
rick123It is /home/ubuntu13:17
rick123pwd = /home/ubuntu13:17
oerheksuse sudo?13:17
Allierick123: sticky bit set?13:17
rick123$ chmod go+w production2 = operation not permitted13:17
Crinty oerheks: that works13:17
rick123$ sudo rm production2 = operation not permitted13:17
Crini have to remember to check ufw after an upgrade13:18
Crinthank you for your time pavlos, weedmic13:18
rick123Sticky bit should show as `t` right? it doesn't13:18
Allierick123: what was `lsattr` tell you?13:18
Allie`lsattr -a` on the directory, specifically13:19
pavlosrick123: is this a live ubuntu session?13:19
rick123pavlos: Not sure what that means but I am logged into one of our ubuntu servers/VMs on GCP and trying to delete a file13:20
rick123Allie: `-----------I--e---- ./.`13:21
pavlosthis file is in /home/ubuntu/production213:21
rick123pavlos: yes13:22
rick123$ sudo su - && rm /home/ubuntu/production2 = Operation not permitted13:25
Allierick123: can you *touch* things?13:26
rick123yeah touched a file13:26
rick123I can do `cp production2 production2-bkp && rm production2-bkp` works fine13:26
pavlosdo ls -al and show the two top files ./ and ../13:26
oerhekssudo rm -rf /home/ubuntu/production213:27
rick123pavlos: https://pastebin.com/raw/VsfcYa5x13:27
rick123oerheks: Operation not permitted13:27
rick123I was reading tghis - https://manage.accuwebhosting.com/knowledgebase/3352/How-to-Prevent-Fileor-Directory-Modification-Deletion-and-Renaming-in-Linux.html - but I don't see any immutable flag on the file13:30
pavlosrick123: stat production213:30
rick123sorry there is i flag tghere13:31
rick123got it, thanks :)13:31
pavloschattr -i production2 should remove immu flag13:32
ABZenTroubleshooting repeated wifi connection failure due to DHCP4 activation time-out, following recent update in Ubuntu
lotuspsychjetry a previous kernel as a test ABZen13:44
ABZenGood point. Will do.13:44
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cchahow I can see which cpu are E and which ones are P with lspcu or htop any command?14:16
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ABZenlotuspsychje I tried 5.15.0-76 and 5.15.0-75 with same result, i.e. dhcp4 times out 80-90% of the time. Current kernel is 5.15.0-78. Other updates done at the same time seem unrelated: R, CURL, SAMBA, Chrome, Python, MySQL, WinBind client. Possible exception is amd64-microcode but I don't really know. I also tried disabling iptables with no effect.14:35
lotuspsychjeABZen: best to share your full dmesg to the channel, might need a deeper investigation14:36
hid3when your problem started appearing?14:41
hid3maybe it's DHCP server's problem rather than your Ubuntu box?14:42
ABZenlotuspsychje Okay thanks. Dumb question: I am an IRC noob. Do I just paste it into a message or is there a way to attach a file?14:42
ravage!paste | ABZen14:43
ubottuABZen: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:43
ABZenhid3 Problem started immediately after update. All other devices are able to connect to this wifi network and get an IP address correctly.14:44
hid3was it automatic/periodic/unattended update or did you issue it manually?14:45
ABZenhid3 Confusingly this device is able to connect to the one other wifi network I've been able to test it on. It's just this device on this particular network that is a problem, and only since update two days ago.14:45
ABZenhid3 I issued it manually.14:45
ABZenubottu Thank you.14:45
pavlosccha: lscpu --all --extended      cpu on same core are P14:46
LoWangOk, I need someone smarter than I. I have a system boot drive with a separate home drive. Did a reinstall using the more custom install with separate partitions for each of the special folders, like /var /swap etc. Ok now the issue, /var became full, and I saw issues. I moved /var to /home/var as a quick fix. One problem I saw is I can't open14:48
LoWang"settings" from the UI menu (gnome-control-center). So troubleshooting I tried from the cli (gnome-control-center) and get this. testparm: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/libldbsamba.so.0. I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling, various little things like updates, autoremove, purge, on samba. Also, if I do sudo apt updat &&14:48
LoWangsudo apt upgrade -y, I get this one.                                  Setting up samba-common-bin (2:4.15.13+dfsg-0ubuntu1.2) ...14:48
LoWangChecking smb.conf with testparm14:48
LoWangtestparm: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/libldbsamba.so.0: undefined symbol: ldb_msg_element_is_inaccessible, version LDB_2.4.414:48
LoWangdpkg: error processing package samba-common-bin (--configure):14:48
pavlosccha: on a 12-core (8-mt/4-st) 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700K ... https://termbin.com/p1ys414:49
cchapavlos: I don't see any diff about E or P14:50
pavlosccha: the 12700K has 12 cores, 8 P and 3 E14:52
pavlosccha: the 12700K has 12 cores, 8 P and 4 E14:52
cchaI mean there are CPU0 to CPU20 but which one are the 4E? CPU0 to CPU3 are the E ones? or is it CPU15 to CPU19?14:54
cchaso with htop I know there are loads on the E or P CPUs14:55
pavlosccha: cpu0 and cpu1 are core 0, 2-3 are core 1, ... the last 4 (16-19) are E.14:56
cchaI see that too in dmesg14:57
ccha[    0.043940] pcpu-alloc: [0] 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 [0] 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 1514:58
ccha[    0.043945] pcpu-alloc: [0] 16 17 18 19 -- -- -- --14:58
cchahum, I see small activities more on P that on E. The kernel don't care about P or E and the load dispatch is like no P or E?15:01
pavlosusually, E are parked until needed. Most of the work is done with P.15:03
pavlosPcores have higher performance and also support simultaneous multi-threading (SMT). Ecores, instead, are more focused on energy efficiency than performance.15:05
cchawatching youtube, and take only 1 or 2% cpus, isn't it better to use E cpus than P cpus?15:07
ograto watch youtube you better use your GPU 🙂15:08
cchainternal GPU15:09
ogradoesnt matter, it should not affect the CPU if the GPU renders15:09
LoWangOk, I need someone smarter than I. I have a system boot drive with a separate home drive. Did a reinstall using the more custom install with separate partitions for each of the special folders, like /var /swap etc. Ok now the issue, /var became full, and I saw issues. I moved /var to /home/var as a quick fix. One problem I saw is I can't open15:11
LoWang"settings" from the UI menu (gnome-control-center). So troubleshooting I tried from the cli (gnome-control-center) and get this. https://dpaste.com/5BPRH96FN15:11
teppersonhello, I am trying to get the tftpd-hpa server working with a bugged pxe client. It looks like it adds a 0xff byte to the end of the request filename. can tftpd-hpa compensate for this with a remapping file?15:17
oerheksLoWang, most likely because /var/ contains snaps too .. time to backup data and reinstall?15:21
oerheksubuntu uses 1 partition standard, to avoid running out of space15:22
leftyfbLoWang: there is no benefit to separating out the partitions like you did. It only leads to your exact issue. Reinstall and stick with the defaults15:22
oerheksdu -a /var/ | sort -n -r | head -n 20  # would show largest files..15:23
oerhekserr largest folders15:23
teppersonalternatively, how can i make a file that has a 0xff byte at the end of the filename?15:31
ioriatepperson, http://rawtechnology.blogspot.com/2014/09/certain-machines-cant-boot-from-linux.html15:32
ABZenRe wifi failure / dhcp4 timeout in 20.04.6, dmesg is at https://dpaste.com/4UBDUA8YC , captured immediately after it failed to connect. In the meantime, I've been able to ascertain that the problem is with wifi specifically; a wired connected to the same router / DHCP server works just fine.15:35
NoImNotNineVolton ubuntu for windows (wsl2) with no systemd, i can `service ssh start`, but how do i enable the ssh service to start on boot?15:36
* NoImNotNineVolt can't remember a life before systemd15:36
NoImNotNineVolt* Usage: /etc/init.d/ssh {start|stop|reload|force-reload|restart|try-restart|status}15:36
mybalzitchyou could add a line to /etc/rc.local calling /etc/init.d/ssh start15:37
* bittin_working is installing some Debian and Ubuntu Server at work atm15:37
ograNoImNotNineVolt, you'd create a symlink in the respective /et/rc.X.d directory for the runlevel in use15:37
NoImNotNineVoltogra: that sounds right, thanks15:38
oerheksubuntu for windows (wsl2) with no systemd ???15:38
NoImNotNineVoltoerheks: that's the default15:38
ogratook me a minute to remember too 🙂15:38
NoImNotNineVoltsorry, with no systemd as pid 115:38
ograwell, you can enable systemd15:38
NoImNotNineVolti could, but then i'd be running a lot of stuff that i don't need to15:39
NoImNotNineVolt$ runlevel15:39
NoImNotNineVolthooray wsl :\15:39
ioriaABZen, have you tried to disable power saving  ?15:43
pavlostepperson: echo -n -e '\xff'15:43
ABZenioria I haven't. Do you mean Settings > Power > Wi-Fi - Wi-Fi can be turned off to save power? Or is there some more general power saving "all off" feature?15:46
ioriaABZen, sudo sed -i 's/3/2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/*15:46
oerheksABZcheck for the bios update, yours seems old15:48
jromHello, I'd like to ask if someone could help me with flatpak theming in Ubuntu 23.04. Is it still necessary to create a "~/.themes" folder?15:49
pavlostepperson: echo -n hello > tepp; echo -n -e '\xff' >> tepp; hexdump -C tepp15:50
teppersonioria: that is what i was looking for, i had to put the literal bytes into my file with the suggestion similar to the one from pavlos though15:52
ioriatepperson, ok15:52
oerheksjrom, this page might be a help https://www.linuxfordevices.com/tutorials/linux/themeing-flatpak-application15:52
oerheksbut flatpak is not our core, snaps are15:53
jromI'm aware of this tutorial (and the It's foss version), but they don't specify if I actually need a "~/.themes" folder or if just overriding the variables should work15:55
oerheksthey do15:56
oerheksand it might work, after logout/login again15:57
oerhekselse check #flatpak here on #libera15:57
jromThanks, I'll try again. I don't know why, but the last time I did it, Nautilus started having really big paddings in grid view15:58
jromAfter logging out and logging in again, the flatpaks are still in the light theme (I'm trying to use Yaru-blue-dark everywhere).16:03
ioriajrom, i think you need to give  application access  to the theme location16:05
jromBut this is the default theme, it's not in my home folder16:06
jromThis is why I asked if I should actually have a "~/.themes" folder16:07
ioriadefault theme are not in ~/.themes16:07
ioriamaybe gtk3 vs gtk416:08
jromYes! But the tutorials say that I needed the command "sudo flatpak override --filesystem=$HOME/.themes"16:08
ioriaand it's wrong16:09
jromHmm, how can I check if an app is Gtk3 or Gtk4? My flatpaks are zotero, g4music and flatseal16:09
ioriathen use flatseal16:10
ioriajrom, add the /usr/share/themes/ directory to the application’s filesystem permissions16:10
ioriajrom, this link might help : https://devicetests.com/apply-system-theme-flatpak-apps-gtk4-ubuntu16:12
jromI tried it, but they still have the light theme <https://i.imgur.com/JUEZ96L.png>16:15
WoCHow would I go about disabling all apt key checks ?16:17
ioriajrom, install the dark theme from flatpak16:17
jromI already did, it's available when I type flatpak list `Yaru-Blue-dark GTK theme                   org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Yaru-Blue-dark                         21.10.3ubuntu5     stable          flathub     system`16:18
jromI'm not sure what is happening, but if possible I don't want to actually create a "~/.themes" folder as my home folder is already cluttered enough16:19
ioriajrom, GTK_THEME=Yaru:dark <app>16:21
jromTo be sure, I should also install the flatpak Yaru-dark theme?16:23
WoCOr would I need to edit the source for something like apt or dpkg in order to remove the key checks ?16:23
oerheksWoC, unusual request. if your source gives no key, build packages yourself?16:24
WoCI only have the key id, so I have no way of installing the missing keys16:24
oerhekscare to share what does not give a valid key , and on what ubuntu?16:25
WoCErr:29 https://ppa.launchpadcontent.net/jjriek/rockchip/ubuntu jammy InRelease16:25
WoC  The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY F02122ECF25FB4D716:25
WoCMaybe my memory is broken, but it used to be some way to import keys by id16:27
jromI tried installing the Yaru-dark flatpak (`org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Yaru-dark`) and I changed the key in flatseal (<https://i.imgur.com/2Kh1zGm.png>), but I've got no change after logging out16:27
oerheksWoC, maybe you added the ppa wrong? https://launchpad.net/~jjriek/+archive/ubuntu/rockchip works here16:27
oerhekssudo add-apt-repository ppa:jjriek/rockchip16:28
WoCah, thanks. most appreciated16:29
oerhekshave fun!16:30
ioriajrom, btw, is Yaru-dark not Yaru:dark16:33
vic-thorwhat is the package / place / whatever to report bugs regarding the initramfs scripts that unlock the zfs encrytped root?16:46
lotuspsychjevic-thor: we reccomend before filing a bug, to describe your issue here, maybe volunteers are familiar with it, or know an existing bug16:53
LoWangI'm back.16:55
vic-thorI downloaded ubuntu 22.04.02 and installed with the options zfs + encryption, after rebooting the password is not accepted16:57
WoCcapslock ?16:57
vic-thorno, after dropping to the shell i can finally see something im typing, and i type correctly16:58
ravagemost common problem is another keyboard layout16:58
leftyfbLoWang: please don't PM16:58
vic-thorit shows the layout i chose in the installer, and after dropping to the shell i can see what i type16:59
WoCvic-thor, are you on a non us keyboard ? such as french or german ?16:59
LoWangok, I don't use chat.....pretty much ever.16:59
vic-thorWoC: spanish16:59
LoWangso, basically nobody has any more answers than I already do?17:00
WoCMaybe the symbols are different, i don remember the spanish keymap17:00
vic-thorbut i can see them after it fails, i can retype and it matches what i could see in the installer17:00
vic-thorafter two installations i took photos :D17:01
lotuspsychjeLoWang: did you try the advice oerheks and leftyfb suggested to you?17:01
WoCjust make sure you are not trying zfs on an actual raid17:01
vic-thori picked one disk the installer suggested me17:02
ravagevic-thor: in general it may be a good idea to use luks encryption and only use ZFS for storage. it is not even sure that ZFS will be supported again on 24.0417:02
ravagein 23.04 and 23.10 it is absent from the installer completely17:02
WoCHope you have good backups, vic-thor, recovering data from zfs is futile17:03
vic-thorthis is a fresh install17:03
vic-thorive double checked on virtualbox even17:03
ravagewhy would you use ZFS on virtualbox?17:03
vic-thorto test the bug :P17:04
alkisgLoWang: you may state a summary of the problem if you wish, for those that didn't see the previous chat17:04
LoWangsure, summary is /var filled, moved to /home/var. Most software is fixed, but still getting testparm symbol lookup error for libldbsamba.so.0  ldb_msg_element_is_inaccessible.17:06
LoWangalso, my google-fu isn't producing useful results.17:06
alkisgLoWang: start with a `sudo dpkg -V` to check for missing or corrupted files17:07
oerheksLoWang, nobody seems to have /var/ moved to /home/ have you tried simply reinstall samba?17:08
LoWangdpkg -V , interesting, I'm getting results with that one, gotta remember that one. ok, finished, a couple doc and man files. 3 locations missing winbind. ??5?????? /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/libldbsamba.so.0 , double checked and it's there, not sure what the ?5?????? means.17:11
LoWangsame for /etc/sysctl.conf17:12
LoWangof course samba is missing, but it can't install so that make sense17:12
vic-thorso, which package is responsible of the unlocking of the zfs root?17:13
oerheksLoWang, time to reinstall17:13
alkisgLoWang: upload the output of dpkg -V to a pastebin and paste the link here. There's also `sudo debsums -s` which shows the package name. For corrupted packages, you should reinstall them.17:15
alkisgvic-thor: probably something under /usr/share/initramfs-tools; if you do find it, then run `dpkg -S /path/to/script` to discover the package to blame17:15
LoWangdebsums command not found.17:16
alkisgLoWang: yes it needs to get installed. What's the output of: ls -l /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/libldbsamba.so.017:17
LoWang-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 191288 Mar 30 08:25 /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/libldbsamba.so.017:17
alkisgLoWang: try: sudo apt install --reinstall samba-libs17:18
alkisgLoWang: after that, run another sudo dpkg -V, and see if that line no longer appears17:18
alkisgLoWang: also, how did you move /var into /home/var, just cp and then symlink? Or e.g. rsync/cp -a, and bind-mount?17:19
LoWangbummer, same testparm error. on the /var/ question, it was a couple months ago? So, don't quite remember, I think it was a copy and bind-mount17:20
alkisgLoWang: well it's easy to check, pastebin the output of `mount; cat /etc/fstab; ls -ld /var`17:21
ash_mhas anyone else had this issue? it doesn't seem to be very popular and I can't find out why other people aren't running into or why I _am_ running into it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1433479/maximized-windows-become-maximized-behind-launcher17:22
ash_mfigure* out17:22
alkisgLoWang: also, was the "ldb_msg_element_is_inaccessible" issue fixed, and what is this other "testparm" issue?17:23
LoWang# UUID=ebe3f465-e674-4006-90f1-0b47662a3f69 /var            ext4    defaults        0       217:23
alkisgThat's a comment, so no bind-mount there17:24
LoWangI put that as a reference but apparently the second line didn't show.17:25
LoWangok, appears a line can start with '/' /home/var /varnonebind17:25
LoWangChecking smb.conf with testparm17:26
LoWangtestparm: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/samba/libldbsamba.so.0: undefined symbol: ldb_msg_element_is_inaccessible, version LDB_2.4.417:26
NiclosHello all, I have downloaded gcc-9.2.0.tar.gz files and how can I install and configure it in a specific path?17:27
ioriaLoWang, question marks in listing files are not a good sign; might suggest wrong directory rights17:27
LoWangI was wondering about permissions.17:28
ioriaLoWang, execute permission in particular17:28
alkisgLoWang: was the dpkg -V error line resolved after the reinstallation of the package? If so, the next thing to try would be to resolve the other error lines, and to reboot so that the libraries are properly loaded17:28
leftyfbalkisg: they didn't keep the permissions/ownership for any of the files. libraries and packages are all out of whack. Yes, it's possible to recover from this. The time it would take to do so is measured in days for someone not experienced. It's easier, quicker and recommended to just reinstall17:32
LoWangok so the ?5?????? is now gone for the libldbsamba.so.0 is gone. the /etc/sysctl.conf is still there.17:32
alkisgleftyfb: ah, I thought we got past that part; yeah permissions of dynamically generated files under /var can be tricky to fix...17:33
oerheksNiclos, you seem to have the source? build it, and use something like this page to select 9.2 https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-switch-between-multiple-gcc-and-g-compiler-versions-on-ubuntu-20-04-lts-focal-fossa17:34
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)17:34
ioriaLoWang, ls -l /etc/sysctl.conf17:34
LoWang-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2391 May  7 21:03 /etc/sysctl.conf17:35
oerheksNiclos, warning, you are using an unsupported gcc version, i guess you are on your own17:35
ioriaLoWang, ls -ld /etc/17:35
LoWangdrwxr-xr-x 151 root root 12288 Aug  1 12:33 /etc/17:36
ioriaLoWang, sudo apt install --reinstall procps17:37
LoWangfinished, but still got the same error. Of course I have installed things, got that error and it still worked.17:38
ioriaLoWang, can you paste it ?17:38
ravagevic-thor: https://p.haxxors.com/3lh3xvmq.mp417:39
Niclosoerheks: the link is not shows specific version of gcc.17:39
ioriaLoWang, sudo dpkg --configure -a17:40
oerheksonly after you build and installed 9.2, it can be shown there..17:40
oerheksgood luck!17:40
LoWangsadly failed, https://dpaste.com/HTYCCSA8E17:41
LoWangI've been fighting this one for a while, but we did make a little progress.17:41
Niclosoerheks: what about the manually downloaded tar files.17:42
oerheksNiclos, build them? see the url ubottu gives. also 9.2 is so old, 2020, there is no valid reason to use it today17:43
ioriaLoWang, sudo mv /var/lib/dpkg/info/samba-common-bin* /tmp17:43
ioriaLoWang, sudo dpkg --configure -a17:44
LoWangthat worked. I knew there was something I was missing.17:45
oerhekswhy not install 9.5? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-9/17:45
ioriaLoWang, sudo apt update17:45
LoWangalthough, I did get : Could not execute systemctl:  at /usr/local/bin/deb-systemd-invoke line 142.17:45
LoWangI'll try an update first.17:46
iorialocal bin is not a standard path to install things17:46
LoWangnot sure why it's doing that.17:47
ioriathe location is /usr/bin/deb-systemd-invoke17:47
LoWangupdate seems to work ok17:47
ioriaLoWang, ls -l /usr/bin/deb-systemd-invoke17:47
LoWang-rwxr-xr-x 1 root root 6156 Feb 15  2022 /usr/bin/deb-systemd-invoke17:48
ioriaLoWang, ls -l /usr/local/bin/17:49
ioriayou have a problem17:51
LoWangmentally yes. Spent too many years with microsucks17:52
ioriaLoWang, nope,i mean;that directory should be (virtually) empty17:52
LoWangyeah.... that's weird.17:53
ioriaLoWang, i think you cp /usr/bin to local17:54
LoWangnot sure how17:55
LoWangor when17:56
ioriaLoWang, well, if /usr/bin is ok, you can remove the content of local17:57
LoWangso I did a diff and they aren't the same but very similar.17:57
ioriaLoWang, sy,have to go; good luck17:58
LoWangI got a meeting starting.17:58
Niclosoerheks: the petalinux build required gcc version 9.2.018:04
pagios-can i ask an nginx reverse proxy question here?18:04
oerheksNiclos, not true; this guide just adds gcc, that could end up with gcc 9.4 on Focal https://www.fpgadeveloper.com/how-to-install-vitis-and-petalinux-2022.1/18:08
Niclosoerheks: petalinux version that I have is 2020.118:10
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ash_mhas anyone else had this issue? it doesn't seem to be very popular and I can't find out why other people aren't running into or why I _am_ running into it: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1433479/maximized-windows-become-maximized-behind-launcher18:39
lotuspsychjeash_m: maybe related to bug #2021915 ?18:41
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Bug 2021915 in gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock (Ubuntu) "dock overlays the rename box" [Undecided, New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/202191518:41
jongstaso it used to be discouraged to do a dist upgrade on ubuntu if installing from a fresh new base was difficult or challenging. is that still the case and if so why?18:54
leftyfbjongsta: sudo apt full-upgrade18:56
oerheksno problems here, with apt dist-upgrade18:56
leftyfbjongsta: also, did that terraform function I gave you last week work out?18:56
jongstai haven't tried it yet, thanks for reminding me!18:56
jongstaleftyfb: so you're saying it's safe to do this for like a production server?18:57
jongstainstead of a fresh install of ubuntu 20.04 for example18:58
jongstaif upgrading from 18.04418:58
leftyfbCompletely different topic18:58
jongstai mean i'm not talking about messing around in a hacker space :)18:58
oerheksdo-release-upgrade did not fail on me since 8.0419:00
jongstait's one thing to fail. it's another to avoid as many headaches as possible if possible19:00
leftyfbjongsta: are you saying you're going to upgrade to 20.04 from 18.04 using apt dist-upgrade?19:04
jongstathat's what one of my coworkers plans to do19:05
leftyfbI never suggest in-place upgrades in production. Always a fresh install19:05
jongstado you have any documentation that would elaborate on why to do it that way?19:05
leftyfbjongsta: what's your plan when/if the upgrade fails?19:05
Niclosoerheks: petalinux version that I have is 2020.119:05
jongstaleftyfb: he's doing it on a backup first19:05
oerheksroll out a test server > production19:06
oerheksNiclos, on what ubuntu?19:06
oerheks2020 is a bit old ..19:06
oerheksi would use the 22 factoid i posted19:06
jongstaand i suggested doing it on a fresh server as i always thought it was "best practice" to do it this way but i'm having difficulty finding documentation to support that19:06
Bombois there any way to route a sata dvdrom from 'server' over ip to another computer 'client' so that it could be used as if it were local? like usbip for usb devices?19:07
jongstai've found a few articles that suggest doing it this way but they're no different than any given opinion19:07
jongstahard to explain 20 years of experience to a new sys admin heh19:07
leftyfbBombo: sshfs, cifs, nfs the mount. But no, probably not in the way you're thinking19:08
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leftyfboh wait19:08
leftyfbforgot about that19:09
leftyfbBombo: look into iscsi19:09
Niclosoerheks: ubuntu 22.0419:09
Bomboleftyfb: ok *looks*19:11
leftyfbBombo: why not just copy the files off the DVD onto a flash drive or something? Or copy them over a network mount?19:12
oerheksNiclos,  i leave you with it, there is no reason to install gcc 9.219:13
Bomboleftyfb: not sure if that would work with the css19:13
leftyfbBombo: css?19:13
Bomboleftyfb: crypted dvd19:14
leftyfbBombo: oh, so you're talking about a move DVD19:14
leftyfbalso, css was broken a LONG time ago and is literally just a library that installs from 1 package these days19:15
ABZenBack to troubleshooting wifi/DHCP problem, where 80-90% of the time fails to connect because DHCP times out.19:52
ABZenSyslog extract is here: https://dpaste.com/GHGQMR6BY19:52
ABZenThis happens with my laptop running 20.04.6 on my home network. All other devices on the same network are working fine.19:53
ABZenStarted after system update to kernel 5.15.0-78 two days ago, but rolling back kernel did not help.19:54
ABZenQuestion: How do I figure out why it is timing out, e.g. is it genuinely not receiving a response or is something else getting in the way? The syslog isn't very helpful here.20:01
sarnoldyeah :(20:02
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jhutchinsI had a system that did that.  Turned out the $5 network card was bad, never saw the replies.  I think we used wireshark to detect the problem.20:31
blahdeblahAsking again for the other side of the world: is there a supported/recommended way to get software RAID installed on an Ubuntu desktop?20:53
blahdeblahLast time I did this it was on the old Debian installer, but now RAID seems to be gone from the desktop installer.20:53
blahdeblahIs it a better option to use the server installer, then apt install ubuntu-desktop?20:53
sarnoldblahdeblah: I don't know the desktop installer well, but server installer and then installing desktop stuff later sounds like the path I'd take :(20:58
oacAre there big-endian ubuntu ISOs available for download without needing a special IBM account? I tried s390x but seems there's some IBM developer account hoops through which I do not wish to jump.21:39
jhutchinsoac: What kind of hardware do you have?21:42
leftyfbpretty sure big-endian was unsupported many years ago21:43
oacjhutchins: I have an x86 machine, I'd just really like to do some big endian testing on an Ubuntu image in a qemu VM.21:44
jhutchinsoac: I would be really surprised if that worked.21:46
echeloni was able to use qemu for running aix, but it was very slow21:48
oacjhutchins: I mean, qemu supports full hardware virtualization, including big endian VMs on little endian hosts, I thought.21:49
gordonjcpit does21:49
gordonjcpbut it doesn't mean that it can do it quickly21:49
gordonjcpoac: unless you're running stuff in qemu on the same CPU as the host you can't really do hvm21:50
echelonyeah, it's really useless to do hw virt, you're better off getting a ppc or something21:56
oacWell, I downloaded the Ubuntu s390x ISO, and I can install qemu-system-s390x, shouldn't that work alright? I don't need kvm, don't care about performance at all really, just need to guarantee correctness.21:59
echeloni don't think there's a guarantee of correctness22:03
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hellscapedI'm having some strange issues with my touchscreen22:12
=== framework is now known as hellscaped
hellscapedFor some reason its identified as STMD1234 in xinput?22:13
hellscapedand yes I am the same guy22:13
hellscapedI accidentally had two sessions open with one on a different nick22:14
hellscapedanyways so22:14
hellscapedthe touchscreen is being recognized as a mouse22:14
hellscapedwhich is strange22:14
hellscapedI tap the screen and it just stays there22:15
hellscapedI debugged the presses with Xev22:15
hellscapedand its mouse clicks not touch press22:15
hellscapedwhich is very strange22:15
hellscaped hellscaped  ~  xinput22:15
hellscaped⎡ Virtual core pointer                    id=2[master pointer  (3)]22:15
hellscaped⎜   ↳ Virtual core XTEST pointer              id=4[slave  pointer  (2)]22:15
hellscaped⎜   ↳ ELAN0B00:00 04F3:306C Touchpad          id=17[slave  pointer  (2)]22:15
hellscaped⎜   ↳ STMD1234:00 06CB:1058                   id=15[slave  pointer  (2)]22:15
hellscaped⎜   ↳ WCOM0032:00 2D1F:001D Stylus Pen (0)    id=18[slave  pointer  (2)]22:15
imihi, if you install the update-motd package, the motd gets printed twice when you log in via ssh22:20
leftyfbimi: don't install the update-motd package22:20
imileftyfb: how can I update the motd by hand (from a shell script)?22:21
oerheks!info show-motd22:21
ubottushow-motd (3.10, lunar): show message of the day in interactive shells. In component main, is extra. Built by update-motd. Size 3 kB / 16 kB22:21
leftyfbimi: from: apt show update-motd:   This package installs a script that immediately dynamically generates a message-of-the-day by running scripts installed in /etc/update-motd.d, in lexical order. Other packages, or system administrators should symlink scripts into /etc/update-motd.d, pre-pending a 2-digit number to handle ordering.22:23
imiI'm not concerned with the motd being shown or not, I'm concerned with it being updated at will22:24
leftyfbok, then update it as you see fit22:25
leftyfbthe update-motd just generates a number of those files, which already exist so you get dupes22:25
oerheks Executable  scripts in /etc/update-motd.d/* are executed by pam_motd(8)  as the root user at each login22:25
oerheksyou can force with sudo run-parts /etc/update-motd.d/22:26
ravageoac: https://p.haxxors.com/9ytw9tiv.txt22:34
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de-factoaudio stuttering is back, less than with pulseaudio but pipewire also is buggy :(23:17
de-factois there ANY sound server for linux that is stable?23:17
jhutchinsde-facto: There must be, a lot of professionals use Linux for audio recording and editing.23:18
jhutchinsde-facto: I know there are resources on the net, there are even printed books.23:19
jhutchinsde-facto: It may involve using something like a realtime kernel.23:20
de-factonone of them seem to work on my ubuntu it always switches by itself between hdmi and analog which makes me want to throw this computer out of the window23:21
jhutchinsde-facto: Not all hardware is up to the task either.  I have a dedicated SoundBlaster card.23:22
de-factoit was a LOT worse with pulse audio but it just started to occasionally happen too with pipewire23:22
jhutchinsde-facto: Ubuntu might not be the solution.  Again, there are a lot of guidelines available on the web, including which flavors of which distros are best.23:23
de-factoi dont want anything fancy, just an audio playback at constant volume in the same sink23:23
de-factohow can any sound system assume the user wants it to automatically switch audio sinks? this pretty much ALWAYs is against the users interests, hence why do they implement that at all?23:24
de-factomaybe blacklisting snd_hda_codec_hdmi ?23:36
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de-factoaudio in linux really is a complete disaster since years23:43
de-factook removing all kernel modules that contribute more than one audio sink disabled that stupid automatic switching of output sinks during playback. i really dont understand why developers would think that this is a feature that users would appreciate if the audio server changes output in the middle of playback23:51
de-factoif it could at least be disabled, but apparently it can not support more than one sink at the same time23:51

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