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ConorMichaelKellHi there, Is there anyone I can contact RE volunteering to help the project reach out/provide direct CS for? I think it's a great project and I'm looking to use my work experience to help promote it. There's no direct contact within the site unfortunately.17:06
oerhekswhat is RE volunteering ?17:10
oerheksor how is it related to linux and music studio?17:11
m-mccrystal[m]<ConorMichaelKell> "Hi there, Is there anyone I..." <- Sounds like a wonderful idea. Hope developers take you up on this.17:25
ConorMichaelKellHi Erick, I understand that there are links to various sources like  askubuntu and channels such as this. I'm thinking more of a direct communication to the general public to let folks know of the distros potential. This can be either though consistent blog posts on the topics, reaching out to people who would find the resourses within the distro useful etc. In general, trying to bring it to a more forward facing direction.17:56
ConorMichaelKellCurrently I work in a SaaS industry, in terms of product coordination, working with various partners to put the software forward in the best way possible. I think it's a great piece of kit and would love to help. Not critizing anything about what it currently is. Just reaching out. Cheers17:56
gordonjcpoerheks: "re" as in "regarding the matter of"20:11
gordonjcpoerheks: like how when you reply to an email it prefixes the subject with "Re:" at least in English l10n20:12

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