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leadgeekI was surprised 10G wasn't enough space for a default xubuntu install, selecting the LVM option (23.04)17:05
xu-help74whello I currently have an issue with xubuntu when I start it from my VirtualBox VM20:11
xu-help74wi have a screenshot of what it says but i don't really know how to move foward confidently without feelking like i might break something else20:11
xu-help74wto describe the issue without the screenshot, i'm being told my root filesystem failed20:15
xu-help74wand requires a manual fsck20:15
xu-help74wi have a path for said file system and when i change directory to it i have no idea where to do from there20:16
xu-help74wit is /dev/sda320:16
xu-help74wi fixed my issue by trying fsck -yf /dev/sda320:39

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