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BluesKajHi all11:26
santa_hi everyone14:48
santa_RikMills: https://tracker.debian.org/news/1449884/accepted-ibus-1529beta1-2-source-into-unstable/14:48
santa_needs to be synced to get rid of the FTBFS14:48
RikMillssanta_: in main, so I can't sync it. hopefully will auto-sync in next run which is in about 1hr16:07
santa_ah, alright, sorry for the defective ping then :P16:28
santa_and thanks for the info16:28
RikMillssanta_: seems a fix to the fix has now been just uploaded, so not sure if that or a defective fix will now sync soon. anyway, whatever happens it should be sorted soon I hope16:31
santa_ack, thanks a lot for the extra info16:32
arraybolt3https://i.imgur.com/QGQADdo.png Not sure if it's a quirk on my system or a regression in 5.27.7, but I'm seeing virtual network connections in my network widget.20:36
arraybolt3lxdbr0 and virbr0 don't belong there...20:37

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