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IrcsomeBot<u79272653817> Hi. How to disable additional confirmation menu of reboot\poweroff?06:13
IrcsomeBot<u79272653817> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/e10a07f7/file_67724.jpg06:14
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BluesKajHi all11:26
weedmicwe seems to have quite a few shared interests kaj11:30
BluesKajwe do?11:31
weedmicsame rooms for about 70% of my rooms - you are missign the infosec rooms though.11:34
BluesKajinfosec rooms?11:40
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lecoFirst of all good morning good evening and good night I have been using kubuntu for the last 5 Years it's always been solid 2 weeks ago more or less I decided to install ubuntu 22.04.2 i have /home partition and a / which I formatted everything was working fine until 2 days ago I started receiving some weird updates with zero bytes with kernel updates and many nvidia updates which changed my grub menu. now for me to boot into kubuntu I have to choose kernel21:56
lecoversions because none of the other ones work since they have zero bytes I don't know if it's a kubuntu problem or a Ubuntu problem I did a Google search before posting here and I saw a Reddit post with people with the same problem it looks like a bug is there a way to fix it on my end or is it something that has to be done on kubuntu or Ubuntu end21:56

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