RAOFIf we have it set to “Anyone” then people will be able to preview the room without joining, and it'll end up indexed on archive.matrix.org (when that gets spun back up, probably with a new name).08:09
RAOFAaand,... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/b4033924ef34eee17a178abb965b40e1518a994e>)08:13
alan_g[m]Also "oops"....08:20
alan_g[m]* reviewing and testing miriway --channel=edge/mir-pr298108:20
alan_g[m]* started on IoT 22 examples08:20
* alan_g[m] worries that responsibility that comes with such power.08:50
RAOFHopefully [the Matrix decision](https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/modern-communication-platforms-call-for-feedback/36763/15) gets decided soon, and we can have a shared Mjolnir instance to act in our stead.09:04
RAOF<RAOF> "Aaand,..." <- > <@chris:cooperteam.net> Aaand,... (full message at <https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/v3/download/libera.chat/c44107817abec5a401e21ad9352fa37f086eed4b>)09:07
alan_g[m]RAOF: > <@chris:cooperteam.net> Actually, while I'm here: @alan_g - I'm right in my understanding that it is important that `DisplayConfigurationOutput.name` is both09:10
alan_g[m]> * Unique, and09:10
alan_g[m]> * Stable across reboots (so as to keep the display configuration applicable)?09:10
alan_g[m]That's the idea. Of course, if the hardware changes...09:10
alan_g[m]* reviewing and testing miriway --channel=edge/mir-pr298117:02
alan_g[m]* reviewing mir-pr299417:02
alan_g[m]* More IoT 22 examples17:02

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