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juliankheh gnome-shell is unhappy and logs07:59
juliankAug 02 09:58:48 jak-t14-g3 gnome-shell[4954]: g_closure_add_invalidate_notifier: assertion 'closure->n_inotifiers < CLOSURE_MAX_N_INOTIFIERS' failed07:59
juliankmultiple times per second :D07:59
juliankhuh something is shot here, flatpaks don't work either, snaps do08:04
julianklet'S reboot08:04
juliankI guess some dbus service died, all is well again, do I want to investigate this further? 08:07
KGB-2glib Jeremy Bicha 416220 * commented merge request !24 * https://deb.li/i2Ekc10:23
GunnarHjRikMills: My first attempt to fix bug #2029322 failed (ibus failed to build) but I think I'm on it now.16:07
-ubottu:#ubuntu-desktop- Bug 2029322 in ibus (Ubuntu) "ibus 1.5.29~beta1-1 in mantic proposed causes plasma-desktop to FTBFS" [High, In Progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/202932216:07
RikMillsGunnarHj: that is weird, as your 1st try built ok in a ppa for me, as I wanted to test plasma-desktop build against it16:13
RikMillsanyway, thanks for any fix when it comes16:13
GunnarHjRikMills: At least it failed in Debian (and for me locally). I think the next variant is safer.16:14
RikMillsack, thanks16:15
RikMillsoh, it failed on arch-all in debian. may be why16:16
GunnarHjRikMills: Right.16:16
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