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juerghPhibs: 6.2 is current lunar which is jammy's hwe. jammy's hwe will move as the latest stable kernel moves until it settles on the next LTS release kernel.07:29
tjaaltonand 6.5 will be in mantic, and the next hwe kernel07:31
juerghkernel.org's (LTS) release schedule doesn't align with Ubuntu's release schedule so we can't just use upstream LTS. We need to be as close to latest upstream as possible when we release and then maintain that for how long it needs to be maintained for Ubuntu.07:31
PhibsThanks 08:23
PhibsYeah I wish it lined up better ;)08:23
PhibsJust seems to make more sense to me to provide upstream LTS kernels to users but I may be wrong.08:24
PhibsLess effort to maintain downstream in theory ?08:24
juerghin theory. but that is of no concern to Ubuntu users.08:26
PhibsYeah for us, stuff like the AMD Genoa support would be nice 08:28
tjaaltonthe current LTS kernel is 6.108:44
tjaaltonso, even older for new hardware08:44
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Phibsso you think Jammy will get 6.5 near EOY ?23:40

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