ddstreetmapreri teward apologies, but I can't make it to the backporters mtg today...please feel free to have the mtg without me, and/or i can sched the next mtg13:31
mapreriddstreet: I'm fine with rescheduling, I don't think it's so important to force it today.13:32
mapreri(any other wednesday is fine for me right now)13:33
tewardye we dont have anything of note other than the libreoffice backport that came in today just schedule next15:10
tewardbut mapreri has that under control15:16
mapreriddstreet: just be mindful that and the end of august I'll go to India for the DebConf, so TZ and other events might be problematic for me (I haven't checked…).  OTOH I won't be back in eurupe before ~20ish of september so… go ahead and schedule something, I'll do my best to be able to join ^^15:46
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