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effendy[m]When I do dig +trace some-domain.com, I can see that dig starts using the root hints. Any ideas where in Ubuntu (22.04) is dig getting that list from? I know that bind comes preinstalled with them, but I'm not sure where dig takes them from.10:47
effendy[m]I've found it here :) /usr/share/dns/root.hints11:06
JanC$ dpkg -S /usr/share/dns/root.hints11:09
JanCdns-root-data: /usr/share/dns/root.hints11:09
JanCif you wonder what package provides that  :)11:09
JanCeffendy[m]: ^11:11
effendy[m]Thank you :)11:12
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Odd_BlokeJanC: I'm using a tool which launches the ffmpeg processes for me, so I don't think I could do that (but I agree that if I could it would be better!)17:13
JanCyou mean it has "ffmpeg" hardcoded?17:14
Odd_BlokeThe container ships its own ffmpeg and, yeah, it uses that one directly from its internals (which are written in Node, hence having it in a Docker container :p)17:15
JanCdepending on how it launches ffmpeg, either use and alias (if it launches it from a script) or rename the "real" ffmpeg and put a script named 'ffmpeg' in its place17:16
JanCthat would require editing the container though17:16
Odd_BlokeYeah, exactly, I don't really want to get into doing that (because then I can't just `pull` upstream updates etc.): I don't need it to be perfect, this isn't A Production System or anything, so a cron is fine.17:17
Odd_BlokeI really appreciate your help!17:18
JanCnot sure updates would be really necessary for this container (assuming it only transcodes your existing collection, and doesn't really do anything on the internet)17:19
Odd_BlokeWell, there may be bugs which are fixed etc.17:21
JanCfrom your description it sounds like it does the exact same thing over & over again, so bugs should be the same over & over again too  :)17:27
JanCand upgrades might add new bugs too17:29
JanCbut, you know best what exactly you try to do, and I'm basically guessing a lot...17:29
Odd_BlokeIt has a management web interface, and supports remote transcoding workers etc., so it's not just the ffmpeg execution that I'm using it for. :)17:31
meatswetsOdd_Bloke: what's the name of the container?19:26
Odd_Blokemeatswets: It's Tdarr, but I didn't realise it was closed-source when I started using it (it's "on" GitHub, but the public stuff just pulls privately built images behind the scenes) so IDK if I'd really recommend it.19:31
Odd_Bloke(But as I've already deployed it I'm gonna let it free up some disk space for me until I have time to find a free alternative. :p)19:31
meatswetscool, thanks19:32
meatswetshow many nodes are you running?19:33
Odd_BlokeJust one at the moment, I need to configure things to remotely mount my media server's disks on my almost-always-booted-into-Windows desktop to set up a worker there, and I haven't had the time.19:51
Odd_Bloke(I thought "hmm, I wonder if I could contribute streaming the data from the server to avoid needing to mount disks everywhere" and that was the point at which I discovered it was closed-source, lol)19:51
sarnoldd'oh :(21:02
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athosI no longer wish to merge https://code.launchpad.net/~athos-ribeiro/ubuntu/+source/squid/+git/squid/+merge/442032. I wonder what I should do with it instead of deleting the MP so we can keep it to track all the history behind the squid MRE21:25
athosCc rbasak 21:25
rbasakathos: https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-maintainers-handbook/blob/main/MergeProposal.md#retiring-a-merge-proposal22:13
rbasakSo just mark it Rejected I think?22:14
athosI see no rejected status option there, rbasak :(22:44
rbasakathos: apparently you need permissions on the target branch :-(22:50
rbasakathos: I've done it for you for now. This should be resolved once we have git-ubuntu staging branches.22:51
athosOh, thank you, rbasak!22:55
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