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blahdeblahsarnold: Thanks; my only wonder was whether there were some special things the desktop installer did with cryptsetup & such that would be missing if I went the server install route.03:19
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vcxzaHello. I have to use gcc inside a docker container of an ubuntu 20.04 image, in order to build a program with it. Ubuntu 20.04 has gcc 9 as default and I wonder what can be side effects of installing gcc 10 ( https://ahelpme.com/linux/ubuntu/install-and-make-gnu-gcc-10-default-in-ubuntu-20-04-focal/ ) on it, instead of using 9, after it reaches EOL.07:02
weedmicvcxza: you need to have the gcc inside the container - the container should be contained in a way so as to have almost zero affect on the host - unless you specifically setup things like shared internet, folders, etc.  you also can probably find a container that is already setup to work out of the box the way you want.  you should cotnact the poc for the product.07:09
vcxzaweedmic: of course I need gcc inside the container. I wonder if there can be disadvantages of installing gcc 10 on an EOL version07:10
alkisgHi, does anyone know what the little icons in some of the folders in this screenshot mean? https://imgur.com/a/0trFkpb07:11
alkisgAre they from tomboy? How can we remove them? It even seems that caja crashes when trying to enter one of these dirs...07:11
guivercalkisg, no clues if you `stat` them?07:16
guiverc(ie. I'd expect to guess what it's trying to show by what is similar between them, contrasted with other entries in that directory)07:17
alkisgguiverc: they're the same as other dirs; and, renaming them removes the icon; so it's probably handled by some file manager plugin, but I don't see anything related in `ps`, I guess it's in-process plugin07:18
alkisgI tried grepping the tomboy dirs for the directory names to no avail; I'll test more, but it would help if someone already knew what's all this about...07:18
guivercno idea sorry alkisg, all I could think of (don't recall seeing what you showed before)07:19
alkisgThanks! Let's see if anyone else happens to know...07:19
hamoodBroadcom PCB Wifi Not Working In ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS07:20
guiverclooking at my own ~ from within caja; only unusual icon there (notepad like without pen in your diagram) appears for non-local directories (ie. network shares)07:21
alkisgHmm, all of ~ is an sshfs mount... so if that was the case, all of them should have the icon...07:22
weedmicvcxza: only if it conflicts with something you rely on or is not supported by your package manager - but... i have successfully used newer items with paitence and a lot of symbolick links.07:30
vcxzaweedmic: https://ahelpme.com/linux/ubuntu/install-and-make-gnu-gcc-10-default-in-ubuntu-20-04-focal/ <--- this is the installation procedure. I don't understand if it relies on something not directly done by the package manager07:32
vcxzaI see "apt upgrade" (which I presume is bad on an EOL) and "update-alternatives" inside it07:33
vcxzaI don't want to make newer gcc work by adjusting stuff with patience...07:35
weedmic20.04 is quite old, but still has life on the support cycle.  i cannot help you.  but, this kammer is full of smart ppl,many using 20.04.07:35
hamoodwell wifi on ubuntu 22 is not working07:36
vcxzaso the question becomes: what can be problematic, with this installation procedure of gcc-10 (  https://ahelpme.com/linux/ubuntu/install-and-make-gnu-gcc-10-default-in-ubuntu-20-04-focal/  ) on ubuntu 20.04 when it goes EOL ?07:37
hid3Greetings everyone. I am preparing linux builds based on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS in my company. However, web developers demand "latest stable releases" for software they use. To name a few, it would be PHP, MariaDB, Nginx, etc. My vision was to use everything from official Ubuntu repositories. However, developers say that versions are outdated, no security and feature upgrades for them, so they want to tahev some custom/additional repos for each product08:14
hid3in this example it would be nginx, php, mariadb08:14
hid3Question: is this really a good idea to have such setup? I like and trust Ubuntu, I know that if you use Ubuntu packages, security and compatability is guaranteed08:15
hid3however, not sure what scenario will be with software installed from custom repos08:15
hid3e.g. php. php doesn't have it's official repo for Ubuntu 22.04. So that random/custom repo would be owned by someone else rather than by php.net officials. Nobody knows what quality of software is provided there, also, nobody can guarantee that repo will be still alive/reachable after 2-3-5 or so years...08:16
hid3these are my main concerns08:16
ravageall the software you mention gets security updates08:19
ravageUbuntu will never have the latest versions. Especially not on LTS releases08:20
ravagei think your "web developers" aka devops should work with the PHP version available08:21
ravageUbuntu 22.04 comes with PHP 8.1 and most project work just fine with it08:21
ravagei dont know a single web project that needs 8.208:21
ravagenginx seems to have some strange behaviour. i used a PPA when i ran into problems here. for both, PHP und nginx  the sury.org repos are a good sourc08:23
ravagebut as you said you rely on security and maintenance on this repo then08:23
hid3I pointed out to them basically same info. And their reply was that 'php 8.1 will be EOL sometime this November and after that, there will be NO security updates, because php themselves are not releasing them and backporting it is not possible'08:25
toddcLTS =latest stable vs latest testing is not always better and may have new bugs still present   as ravage said they are maintaied  so unless there is a certain feature in a newer verstion that is needed I avoid the latest08:25
toddceol on PHP means they still maintained but developed stops at EOL date08:27
ravagedebian and ubuntu backport php security fixes for years08:28
ravageso they have no idea what they are talking about08:28
ravageim sure most websites on this internet run on packages provided by the distributions. which is alomost never "latest"08:28
ravagebut devops usually have no idea about the real world outside docker08:29
akikhid3: if you absolutely need newer versions, you can get them via containers but that complicates the setup08:36
hid3points taken. Thanks a lot08:43
myway__Hi, I booted my Ubuntu fine until today, now I'm getting a black screen which is like blinking from no video input to input. The screen is working fine up to the initial disk decryption. Only thing I did yesterday is updating packages (maybe something related to Nvidia?) and adding fuse2 for appimage manager. Any idea what can I do since even safe mode doesn't boot?10:06
william_My Firefox browser is corrupt how do I go about restoring it?10:49
BedManwilliam_: corrupt how? it won't start, or throws errors when you start it, or what?10:55
BedManwilliam_: it's doubtful that the binary is corrupt (although it could be) more likely you config files are borked.  To test that, you can move the .firefox directory in your home dir to something different and try starting it again.  Then if that works, either you're good to go, or put files back from the old dir to the new one until you find out what broke it...10:57
crstHi, really stupid question. I have a running system, it was setup with 4 disks in a RAID (/boot/efi:esp:256M,/boot:ext3:1G,/:ext4:all). I don't want to mess with anything. Is it still possible have a zpool on this system?11:01
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weedmichid3: if you want bleeding edge, but mostly well tested, I suggest you try opensuse tumbleweed.  lts is more like leap.  stable, trustworthy, dependable - but not bleeding edge.11:18
BedMancrst: zfs is a filesystem, raid is a hardware solution.  You can use them together, or separately, but moving from one to the other is not possible on a running system without backing everything up, switching things and restoring it again.11:22
weedmicwell, one could add the zfs drive and use rsync to move the data to it and remove the raid - but I have doubts there is added value in that.11:23
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BedMancrst: it's also dependent if you have your boot disk on the raid volume...11:25
BedManpossible to move things if not, if so then backup, and rebuild with zfs11:25
crstBedMan: Gotcha! So it's not possible to have ZFS virtually on top of another FS. Since my filesystem is already set to something else an option would be to add new disks and make those ZFS, right?11:26
BluesKajHi all11:26
BedMancrst: yep11:26
BedManhi BluesKaj11:26
BluesKajhi BedMan11:42
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gareppahi, I'm trying to install xubuntu on an older machine, the live usb works perfectly, but when I reboot I get the blinking cursor on the upper left corner, cannot access any shell terminal. suggestions?12:41
gareppait's bios, not uefi if it helps12:41
gareppaalso on installation it cannot start snapd/unpack chromium12:42
ioriagareppa, what about Recovery ?12:43
gareppamaybe it's because i'm trying to use lvm with fulldisk encryption?12:43
iorialvm+luks it's a standard install, should not be a problem12:44
lotuspsychjegareppa: what kind of old machine is it12:44
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gareppapentium dual core e5200, motherboard this one https://www.asrock.com/mb/Intel/G31M-GS/12:46
lotuspsychjegareppa: what tool did you use to burn xubuntu on usb?12:48
ioriaram ?12:48
gareppa2gb for now, more soon12:48
gareppai used dd from the docs on ubuntu website12:48
ioriagareppa, again what about Recovery ?12:48
gareppayou mean recovery from the livecd on the installation?12:49
ioriagareppa, nope, from Grub menu12:49
ioriagareppa, pressesc, if you don't see it at bootup12:49
lotuspsychjerecovery mode ioria means gareppa12:50
ioriagareppa, i mean 'Advance Options' : https://linuxhint.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/image3-35.png12:51
gareppathat's the thing, the grub menu is still far away, as soon as the bios goes away, I have the blinking cursor. also, the disk does not seem to be reading anything12:51
gareppanope, i do not get to the point of advanced options12:51
ioriagareppa, so you don't have Grub correctly installed, maybe ?12:52
ioriagareppa, in this case, you need the installer, openluks, mount bind ,chroot and reinstall grub (or just reinstall)12:54
gareppaok, I'll try that, thanks12:55
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ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:24
jhutchinsThere is no need to reinstall.  That's for Windows.14:24
jhutchinsgareppa: What sometimes happens is grub gets installed to a partition (/dev/sda1) when it needs to be installed to a device (/dev/sda).14:25
jhutchinsioria: I see you actually meant to reinstall grub, which is what the instructions above do.14:33
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MagissiaHello, I have trouble using a thunderbolt 2 dock on a ThinkPad W540, connecting the dock adds "DSL4410 Thunderbolt Bridge [Redwood Ridge 2C 2013]" to the results of lspci, but DSL4410 Thunderbolt Bridge [Redwood Ridge 2C 2013] remain empty. dmesg |grep thunderbolt only shows thunderbolt is part of the boot commandline "Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/vmlinuz-5.4.0-150-generic root=/dev/mapper/vgroot-lv_root ro rootflags=subvol=@ cryptdevice=UUID=80151615:22
Magissiac2-0263-4b2c-816c-2d3b24b16a64:root thunderbolt"15:22
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lotuspsychjeMagissia: can you explain what happens exactly after connecting the dock, and wich ubuntu release are you on?15:25
MagissiaI'm on 18.04 (no upgrade in sight for me yet, kernel 5.4). What happens when connecting the dock is the whole interface freeze for 2 seconds, then new lines are shown if I do an lspci. there are few dmesg lines I do not understand15:27
MagissiaNothing else after that15:27
Magissiahere's the dmesg lines https://kpaste.infomaniak.com/2iRegxk53Ywt3Rw5wAsANhMGoZhBZuaX#CgiapEksdJZyX264ryDFzHA12JZzmmSPnvZqKT1j46Ak15:27
oerhekswhat happens when you boot with the dock connected?15:28
oerheks18.04 is EOl btw15:28
Magissiaoerheks: Nothing15:28
Magissiaoerheks: EOL hardware, cannot move forward AFAIK15:28
Magissianvidia propreitary drivers wouldn't like it15:28
oerhekshmm run a memtest86 job15:29
Magissiapassmark memtest didn't return errors last week, my issue isn't new I never managed to get this thunderbolt thing working15:29
oerheksoke, so it could be a failing dock15:30
MagissiaI would need another thunderbolt 2 device to test then15:30
MagissiaCorrect ?15:30
oerheksor other 54015:31
MagissiaMight be easier to get another W540 actually15:31
MagissiaNot sure how you determined i'm using a 54015:33
oerheksHello, I have trouble using a thunderbolt 2 dock on a ThinkPad W540, connecting the dock a15:33
MagissiaYes, forgot that part15:33
oerheksafaik that combo passed here before without issues15:33
oerheksso i wonder, is it the dock failing..15:34
lotuspsychjewe do have a lot of thunderbolt/dock bugs around on LP15:34
MagissiaI'm using a startech TB2DOCK4KDHC15:35
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Fantastic777I'm in trouble...My Ubuntu 20.04 system shows static for a second on the left side of the screen, then the screen shifts. The image is clipped vertically from the left and shown on the left. ie, battery% and wifi icon, etc shows up on the left. https://ibb.co/YcRp4ZR See here(right side of the screen is shown on the left). Also mark the line of dots at the top left. After freezing, the capslock key doesnt register a light. the keyboard Fn keys15:42
Fantastic777don't work.15:42
Fantastic777Please help.15:42
MagissiaShould the spec sheet specifically mention linux support for the TB2 dock ? (It is the case for the startech one, but i'd rather try a completely different brand while we are at it, and most only say macos)15:43
thriceFantastic777: can you not update versions?  20.04 is pretty old15:43
MagissiaFantastic777: Are you able to reproduce the issue from the livecd ?15:43
Fantastic777See full image here: https://ibb.co/mbHdD9815:43
thriceor, boot a newer release via. USB and see if it goes away15:44
Fantastic777See gist here: https://gist.github.com/Ativerc/9ff73a1d0f3209e640c2fe08b7fcac9415:44
MagissiaFantastic777: It fails to fetch update atm, could you try to reproduce it from a livecd to exclude a configuration error?15:45
Fantastic777I don't have a liveusb at the moment. Also, reproducing the problem is hard since I don't know what causes it.15:45
Fantastic777Magissia, could you check my github gist link and see the nvidia packages that are being held back. Could that be causing the problems?15:46
MagissiaHonestly i'm only good with servers and we don't have display issues over ssh. You're using gdm and I never used that (i'm using lightdm)15:48
Fantastic777thrice, Is upgrading without a fresh install AFTER making a backup of the home folder in another partition, safe?15:49
MagissiaIt's always safe if you have a working backup since you can restore15:49
MagissiaBackup your whole system if installing the system back could be difficult for you15:50
thriceby no fresh install, you mean upgrading from 20.04 to 22.04?15:51
MagissiaHonestly, you have the obs ppa, verify if restoring the packages from there to their default canonical provided version helps15:51
MagissiaAlso you're using snaps and I have no idea how it works, i remove snapd on my installations15:52
Fantastic777thrice, yes from 20.04 to 22.0415:53
Fantastic777i wanted to switch to popOS rather than upgrading this ubuntu 20.0415:54
MagissiaYou will have a different kernel and DE, would be a different experience15:55
MagissiaWon't be an inplace upgrade there15:55
Fantastic777Magissia, hence trying to make sure i have 20,04 -> 22.04 as an upgrade otion for now.15:55
Fantastic777Okay I removed obs15:56
MagissiaMake a full backup and go for it, if you're using btrfs you can make a snapshot, if you're using ext4 you can use timeshift15:56
Fantastic777i installed afew things yesterday and this didn't freeze up before that...15:56
Fantastic777Let's see what i did.15:57
MagissiaStart by verifying that then15:57
Fantastic777installed programs: bat, aria2, gping, tldr15:59
Fantastic777removed bat and tldr16:00
Fantastic777keeping gping and aria216:00
Fantastic777for now16:00
Fantastic777bye for now16:05
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db`12/ns identify Dondon16:53
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Zumohello all, quick question does any had an issue  were you delete a printer and it keeps showing up. I've checked lpstat its not listed, removed cups restarted PC and still is showing16:58
Zumoany ideas?16:59
jhutchinsZumo: How is the printer connected?17:04
jhutchinszumba_addict: If you turn it off, does it stay deleted?  Where are you deleting it?  Gnome Printer Management?  CUPS?17:35
xMopxi have a ubuntu mirror via debmirror, and every few weeks clients using it see errors like E: Failed to fetch http://<my_domain>/ubuntu/dists/jammy-updates/main/cnf/Commands-amd64.xz  Hash Sum mismatch18:02
xMopxi think whats happening is the mirror im pulling from is updating at the same time as i'm updating, so i end up with a mismatched InRelease/Release files, which has the hash for the url above18:03
xMopxi've tried shifting what time i update by +/- 4 hours with no luck. How do I avoid this issue?18:03
oerheksa few fixes, but no prevent for such event, xMopx18:07
oerheksand a curl --silent "thought", https://github.com/rsslack/fix-apt-mirror-hash-sum-mismatch/blob/master/update-zips.sh18:09
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xMopxthanks oerheks, i like the look of that script. I was doing something like that but manually when i was debugging this18:20
ograxMopx, i think there is also an IRC channel dedicated to ubuntu mirrors, perhaps other admins have hints 😉18:32
sarnoldI think I'd avoid that update-zips.sh script18:35
sarnoldhi boy18:35
sarnoldxMopx: debmirror is just going to do that. rsync mirrors are far more reliable (though not perfect)18:36
boyhow i use browser18:36
xMopxhmm that sounds like a good idea too sarnold18:37
xMopxnot super happy with how debmirror spend like an hour grinding through parsing metadata lol18:37
boytell me18:37
xMopxalthough, with rsync mirrors, i think it is not possible to omit distros/components? Since all the debs end up in the one `pool` dir...18:38
sarnoldboy: try running "firefox https://wiki.debian.org/GettingHelpOnIrc &"  in a terminal18:38
sarnoldxMopx: pretty much :(18:39
ravagexMopx: if you have limited space maybe a proxy with cache (nginx for example) is enough?18:48
ravageset the cache size to the space you have and you should get almost the same result as with a complete mirror18:49
ravagei do that for steam. i dont have enough space to mirror steam :D18:50
JJLOcHow to install mmc-utils on latest ubuntu ????18:58
xMopxthat would probably work for my use case too.18:58
ravagecool. if you need help with the config let me know. but i think nginx + cache should give enough results18:59
oerheks!info mmc-utils18:59
ubottummc-utils (0+git20220624.d7b343fd-1ubuntu1, lunar): Userspace tools for MMC/SD devices. In component universe, is optional. Built by mmc-utils. Size 42 kB / 119 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)18:59
oerheksenable universe18:59
mmillerhello everyone. since today I cannot boot my ubuntu 23.04 any longer without setting nomodeset in grub2 before booting. I suspect something is wrong with the amdgpu driver, as this is the last syslog line I get before the boot process finally is stuck (prior to even being able to show the password dialog for the LUKS encryption): amdgpu 0000:0d:00.0: [drm:jpeg_v4_0_early_init [amdgpu]] JPEG decode is enabled in VM mode19:01
mmillerthe Xorg log file btw says "(EE) AMDGPU(0): [drm] Failed to open DRM device for pci:0000:0d:00.0: No such file or directory" before telling me that it unloaded the amdgpu module. It then goes on trying to load the ati_drv module, which doesn't seem to be compatible with my GPU.19:01
mmillerYesterday I installed an upgrade for the package "linux-firmware" which I somewhat suspect to be the culprit, honestly. however, I have no idea what to do now honestly and I'd be happy if someone could maybe point me into the right direction :)19:02
JJLOcoerheks, thanks19:02
JJLOci had it installed but only source19:02
JJLOchow to build i t19:02
ayjay_tWhat's the go to package for backlight brightness management?19:02
JJLOcsudo apt install gcc . gcc mmc.c -o mmc ??19:02
gordonjcpJJLOc: that looks about right19:03
ravagemmiller: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-firmware/+bug/2029396 this one maybe?19:04
gordonjcpJJLOc: "sudo apt install gcc && gcc mmc.c -o mmc"19:04
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2029396 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "20230323.gitbcdcfbcf-0ubuntu1.4 borks amdgpu" [Undecided, New]19:04
gordonjcpJJLOc: what are you trying to do?19:04
JJLOcgordonnjcp, change cid on mmc card19:04
mmiller @ravage: hah, I guess that's it. gpu matches :D19:04
ravageso downloading the old package and install it should solve it for now19:05
ograJJLOc, and why do you not just use the binary package for this ?19:05
ravagemmiller: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux-firmware/linux-firmware_20230323.gitbcdcfbcf-0ubuntu1.2_all.deb19:05
JJLOcogra, where are they ?19:05
mmillerI will try. basically just getting the right .deb and install via "dpkg -i"?19:05
ograJJLOc, sudo apt install mmc-utils19:06
ravagemmiller: yep19:06
JJLOcogra, not working19:06
mmillercool. I will give it a try soon and will report back. thanks!19:06
oerheksenable universe?19:06
ograJJLOc, thats not an error description 😉 ...19:06
oerheksthey are there19:06
ograJJLOc, what did you try, what happened, what did you expect when you tried ?19:07
ravagemmiller: if that works please mark yourself as affected and maybe add a comment too19:07
JJLOcoerheks, can you share universe mirror link ?19:07
oerhekssudo add-apt-repository universe19:08
ograJJLOc, it should be in your sources.list already ... depending on how you installed your system it might be commented out, just edit the sources.list in this case and enable it19:08
ravageJJLOc: sudo add-apt-repository universe19:08
oerheksor your guig19:08
ograor do what the others said 😉19:08
mmiller@ravage: sounds like a good idea, for sure :)19:09
JJLOcogra, thanks i google that and add-apt-repository universe add it in source.list :)19:10
ogragreat ... now just install it and be done 🙂19:10
JJLOcmmc <cmd> --help19:12
JJLOcyep it works thanks 10x19:12
mmiller@ravage: it's fixed \o/ thanks for saving me so much time!19:12
mmilleryou're my personal hero of the day :D19:13
mmillernow I just need to create an account and +1 on the ticket :)19:13
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ztanehngh, I wonder if anyone else is having snap firefox killing cookies, local storages *every week*20:13
tarzeauno more: https://github.com/alexmyczko/autoexec.bat/blob/master/config.sys/ubuntu-remove-snap-firefox20:14
ztanetarzeau: yea so about to. :(20:14
tarzeauwell i'm going a step further and replacing all our ubuntu 22.04 w/ debian 12 :)20:14
ztanesounds even better.20:15
ztaneI feel this is a plot to try to get last users of firefox to that google garbage20:15
thricespoiler, debian ships oooold FF20:16
ztaneit is never anything else but the entire session/cookie storage gone then I need to relogin to these 2000 sites again.20:16
thricethere is a good ubuntu PPA for debs20:16
ztaneI don't what's happening any more20:17
oerheksmaybe the cookies itself are limited in time20:17
ztaneno, it clears *all* at once.20:17
ztaneevery single website where I've logged in.20:17
oerheksFirefox 91 Introduces Enhanced Cookie Clearing20:18
ztanebrowser crashes, all gone :P20:18
oerheksStrict Tracking Protection https://blog.mozilla.org/security/2021/08/10/firefox-91-introduces-enhanced-cookie-clearing/20:19
ztanecan't be that :(20:20
ztaneit doesn't happen e.g. the windoze that I unfortunately need to use occasionally20:20
oerhekssee if it happens with the deb version20:21
ztaneyea going to :( cookies + site data says all these sites are storing loads of data.20:22
ztanefortunately I've got yubikey for MFA :d using TOTP would make me totally insane20:23
ayjay_tWhat's the go-to package for backlight brightness management? Using a monitor on a server install.20:29
ravageayjay_t: https://pod.haxxors.com/posts/113121020:32
thricebrightnessctl, perhaps?20:32
highratelatest bitchx on latest ubuntu compile for anyone else?20:40
highratei think its newer gcc versions20:40
UndrWaterIs it possible to install Ubuntu server from a standard Ubuntu install USB?20:43
thricethat's a vague question, but "ubuntu-server" is a metapackage20:44
oerheksnot sure bitchx is SALS compatible20:45
ravageUndrWater: you install it from the ubuntu server iso20:45
oerhekshighrate, of no use with #libera https://libera.chat/guides/sasl20:46
oerhekslatest version 2014 🤣20:46
UndrWaterravage: so that means no go with the graphical iso?20:47
oerheksUndrWater, sure, but you loose cpu power to a desktop.20:48
oerheksif you want so, use a lightweight one like xubuntu, standard is gnome20:48
UndrWateroerheks: just hoping there was a way to install server from the USB I already had running. I'll create a server USB.20:49
oerheksNo, after install you would need to remove the desktop metapackage.. easier to start over with server iso indeed20:50
UndrWaterOk. I was hoping for some kind of "secret handshake". Thanks!20:51
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cbreakyou can install stuff manually via debootstrap21:03
cbreakbut it's very inconvenient21:03
UndrWatercbreak: so...easier to use the server iso. it's writing now. appreciate the help folks.21:16
cbreakUndrWater: do you know ventoy?21:16
UndrWatercbreak: sounds familiar, but not sure why21:17
cbreakI've tried it a few times and it seems quite convenient21:17
cbreakit's a boot usb software that allows you to boot from any iso or other image that you copy to it21:17
cbreakno need to make a separate usb stick for each system21:17
UndrWateri see. looks useful.21:18
cbreakI have a stick that can boot various kubuntu versions, stock ubuntu, server ubuntu, some other linuxes, and even windows.21:18
cbreak(at least they claim it supports windows, I've not tried that)21:18
UndrWateri made something like that a few years ago.21:18
UndrWaterbut the images get outdated so quickly21:18
cbreakubuntu lts seems to stay relevant for some time, and some of the tool images (memtest, ...) as well.21:20
cbreakbut I mostly use it to not have to deal with etcher or what ever21:21
oerheksbasicly when grub is installed ..21:24
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floogyHi, I somewhat pushed nano in a mode that I don't know, now it doesn't react on ctrl+ cmds like ^X22:09
floogyI can't quit it.22:10
jaxctrl+D and ctrl+C don't do anything at all?22:11
Aavar_floogy: escape?22:12
floogyIt shows: [ Zeile 33/66 (50%), Spalte 43/52 ( 82%), Zeichen 1049/1991 (52%) ] above the cmds on bottom. (de->en: Zeile:line, Spalte: column, Zeichen: char)22:12
oerheksone of these ? https://www.nano-editor.org/dist/v2.1/nano.html#Feature-Toggles22:12
jaxare you sure it's nano?22:12
floogyNo, ESC, CTRL+Z, CRTL+D or the like do nothing.22:12
jaxctrl+G should show help info22:13
Aavar_floogy: if it's a one time deal you kan kill it from another terminal.22:13
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floogyI don't know the meta key22:13
jaxmeta key?22:13
floogyoerheks, Meta-Z should do the trick22:14
floogyjax, none of the CTRL+ cmds are functional in this mode22:15
jaxand it shows nothing in the first row, and  no commands at the bottom?22:16
floogyAavar_, okay. I'll log into another ssh.22:16
jaxbtw, from nano's help: Meta-key sequences are notated with 'M-' and can be entered22:17
jax using either the Alt, Cmd, or Esc key, depending on your keyboard setup.22:17
jaxpressing F2 should quit nano as well22:17
floogyjax, thank you. I'll try esc then ...22:17
floogynothing works, I'll ssh into another console and killall nano22:19
floogy  GNU nano 6.222:19
floogyPuffer in config/config.php.save geschrieben (wrote buffer into ...)22:20
floogyAh, I think it's more an issue of GNOME-Terminal, because thea terminal isn't functional.22:22
floogyTerminal>read only is set. I unselected that. Now it works. What's the short-key for that? It seems, I used CRTL+S. In a Terminal CRTL+Q or C seems to unfreeze it. I#m not sure though https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/12107/how-to-unfreeze-after-accidentally-pressing-ctrl-s-in-a-terminal22:31
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