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edwin_liuHello , I want to install ubuntu system with cloud-init , the question is that how can I disable system upgrade when I install ubuntu system07:06
edwin_liuI find that I can not install some offline software , and the error is "Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages"07:07
edwin_liu"Depends: gcc-10-base (=10.3.0-1ubuntu1-20.04) but 10.5.0-1ubuntu~20.04 is to be installed"07:08
edwin_liuso can anybody help me, Thanks.07:08
alistair60Hi guys has anyone managed to use cloud-init to deploy ubuntu to bare-metal and install install nvidia drivers without having to manually enroll the MOK?15:30
minimaldisable secure boot in the UEFI first? ;-)15:31
dbungertalistair60: let's take this to #ubuntu-server, mok enrollment shouldn't be needed in that case though15:32
minimaljust tried to build cloud-init Main locally and it failed with an error in the test section, ERROR collecting tools/test_tools.py, showing a stack dump. It's an AssertionError for /usr/lib/python3.11/distutils/core.py19:47
minimalI'm out of my depth here trying to figure out the problem. c-i 23.2.2 builds and tests fine in the same environment.19:47
falcojrminimal: odd...can you pastebin a log?19:48
minimalyeah, one sec19:48
minimalI see that integration tests need pytest<=7.3.1 (whereas I'm on 7.4.0) but I'm not running integration tests20:02
minimallooks like pytest 7.4.0 contains a fix for #11104 which was the integration-related problem hit20:21
falcojrweird, looks like setuptools is broken, but I have no idea 20:30
minimalI see there were some recent setuptools related changes in git main20:31
minimallet me try building from a slightly older version of git main20:32
minimalfalcojr: so a version of git master from 2 weeks ago works fine (some of my own tests fail but that's unrelated)21:05
falcojrminimal: I can reproduce it now. I'll figure it out21:10
falcojrminimal: See if https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/pull/4315 works for you21:16
-ubottu:#cloud-init- Pull 4315 in canonical/cloud-init "Fix test_tools.py collection" [Open]21:16
minimalok, I'll try that, thanks21:46
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minimalfalcojr: nope, that hasn't made any difference23:12
falcojrminimal: what version of python? Using tox? If not, whats your pip freeze show?23:13
minimalPython 3.11.423:14
minimalpython and pytest are coming from the distro packages23:16
falcojrahh, 3.11 does it for me23:16
minimaltox is 4.6.423:22
minimalthough originally I'd forgotten to install distro packaged tox23:23
falcojrminimal: try the PR now?23:25
falcojrunfortunately, one of those I have no idea why this changed anything23:26
falcojrit was happening on import of setuptools, so there's likely something in how pytest is running things or some setuptools state doing weird things23:27
minimalfalcojr: that's it now, some failures (to be expected as I'm work on stuff)23:49

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