mmikowskiarraybolt3: if someone has a hotspot nearby, it's probably auto-discovering00:00
arraybolt3Ah, I get what you mean.00:01
mmikowskiarraybolt3: In the city, it's many, many network ids are available.00:07
mmikowski* there are many many ...00:08
arraybolt3Ah. I'm out in the country in a spot where even the DSL providers don't want to come :P00:09
arraybolt3Cellular is the best option they have in my area, and coincidentally also the cheapest.00:09
arraybolt3(I think there's like four WiFi networks in the whole entire area, one of them's mine.)00:12
mmikowskiYeah, sounds about right00:14
MamarokI can't install inkscape: 10:22
Mamarokinkscape : Depends: libpoppler118 (>= 22.02.0) but it is not installable10:22
BluesKajHi all11:58
santa_hi everyone19:22
valoriehey santa_19:23
santa_RikMills: libkgapi started to FTBFS, fix available in _staging branch19:23
valoriedo we have anyone good with irc <> matrix stuff?19:24
valorielibera is disconnecting the old way of doing things and now requiring "plumbing"19:24
valoriefrom the ops chan: 19:25
valorie[17:40] <Unit193> Mamarok, valorie: Just a heads-up/reminder, Kubuntu might have to look into what it wants to do with regards to IRC and Matrix communication.  https://libera.chat/news/deportalling-delay19:26
valorie[17:42] <Eickmeyer> Mamarok, valorie: If you decide to go with plumbing, I'm more than happy to assist with setting that up.19:26
valorieI don't have time to mess with matrix right now19:26
santa_me neither, I have more than ehough things on my table19:27
RikMillssanta_: is that 23.04.3 or the 23.08 beta in kubuntu_unstable branch? 19:27
santa_RikMills: both, I got it in a very fresh test rebuild, also double checked in a PPA19:28
RikMillsodd that regressed in stable release. ok then19:29
RikMillsvalorie: not much good :/19:29
valorieEickmeyer: please ask if there is something you need in order to investigate or enable plumbing and I can help find who has that information/persmission19:31
RikMillssanta_: uploaded19:32
santa_RikMills: thanks a lot, regarding the wip apps, you have been updating them in kubuntu_unstable branches, right? did you upload them in any PPA? I'm considering to help a little bit with the myriad of FTBFS, as it seems to me a lot for work for a single person19:34
valoriefenris[m] might be able to help since they are in matrix19:34
santa_s/a lot for work/a lot of work/19:34
valorieKDE znc instance is going away too19:35
RikMillssanta_: no, I got sidetracked before I could put in a ppa. also not sure if we will ship 23.08 as even the .0 is past feature freeze19:37
RikMillssidetracked = plasma 5.27.7 ;)19:37
santa_alright, that's fine, I might try to fix & build a few packages in my servers and push the fixes to git if that's ok with you19:38
RikMillsfine with me19:39
santa_this way, when you upload to the PPA it will be greener19:39
santa_btw, just informational, I have been doing some improvements on my servers:19:39
santa_- now the packages are built in an overlay schroot, meaning, instead of uninstalling the packages at the end of the build, the changes in the chroot will be automagically discarded, this way I won't have corrupted chroots anymore and missing build depends are going to be easier to catch19:41
santa_- at the moment, I have in each server an 'wb' LXD container with a big bunch of things that probably should be separated: reprepro + wannabuild + build status webpages + apt-cacher-ng; I could manage to split apt-cacher-ng to its own container which has now ubuntu 22.04 (the rest of the setup is still working on 18.04)19:44
santa_- I started to 'puppetize' the thing: https://git.launchpad.net/~tritemio-maintainers/tritemio/+git/tritemio_puppet so I could automate part of the deployment so maybe one day you would be able to replicate my setup19:47
santa_- I fixed a complicated hardware failure in the fastest server19:48
RikMillssanta_: nice :)20:17
Eickmeyervalorie: It basically needs someone to set it up on both sides: a Matrix room needs to be set-up and then manually bridged and approved from the IRC side.20:55

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