sarnoldpgoode: i'm not on the launchpad team, so I'm unlikely to be able to directly help, but usually they need the oops id to figure out what's going on00:09
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MrGrymReaperI'm currently having trouble logging in onto launchpad.net. Receiving an OOPS error - OOPS-a8f973f9446eb1944a58767529f7e31e. Can anyone on the launchpad.net team help me by fixing this error please?12:33
cjwatsonpelpsi: ^12:35
pelpsiHi MrGrymReaper! Sure, could you provide me you lp username? 12:38
pelpsiDon't you also have a launchpad id? For example mine is ~pelpsi12:43
MrGrymReaperI'm logging into launchpad.net through Ubuntu One, its logging in on Ubuntu One but failing on the OpenID call back for launchpad.net. It's my first time signing in on launchpad.net, though not on the Ubuntu One account.12:45
cjwatsonpelpsi: You should be able to get all necessary information from the OOPS12:49
MrGrymReaper OOPS-573ad7e3061a9c2b3c165c22abca49a512:50
MrGrymReaperJust keeping connection active while waiting.13:34
pelpsiMrGrymReaper: you should be able to login into your account in a few minutes15:08
pelpsiMrGrymReaper: you should be able to login into your account, let me know if it's working 15:51
MrGrymReaperpelpsi That seems to have done it. What ever it was that you did. Thank you for your help! Have a nice day.15:52
pelpsiMrGrymReaper: You're very welcome, thanks and you too :)15:55
MrGrymReaperGood Bye!15:55
pelpsiMrGrymReaper: Bye! 15:56
pgoodesarnold thanks for that tip16:44
pgoodeOOPS-2b2e75e2be173676e904232b1d61e35d for the above call out for help.  thank you16:45
cjwatsonpgoode: I've fixed your account16:50
pgoodecjwatson: thank you very much!!  i'm in17:03

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