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lotuspsychjegood morning01:42
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lotuspsychje!info linux-generic-hwe-22.04 jammy12:43
ubottulinux-generic-hwe-22.04 (, jammy): Complete Generic Linux kernel and headers. In component main, is optional. Built by linux-meta-hwe-6.2. Size 2 kB / 21 kB. (Only available for amd64, armhf, arm64, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x.)12:43
leftyfbalright, I know it's probably too late, but does anyone want 1? https://photos.app.goo.gl/cEEoc5QxYZTWrjp8914:55
oerheksWhy too late? as the logo changed a bit?14:56
oerhekssadly i live on the other side of the ocean14:57
leftyfbwould I need to jump through hoops just to send an envelope?14:58
leftyfbthese are the originals we (Ubuntu MA LoCo) made back in I think 2008/209'ish14:59
leftyfbback before anyone else made them15:00
leftyfbMark had one on his machine for a bit15:00
oerheksi used to have those blobby patches on my laptop and desktop15:00
leftyfbI had one on my Dell mini 9 which I just sold on FB marketplace last week15:01
leftyfb(removed it before sending it out)15:01
leftyfbI think I still have a couple of those stickers as well15:01
oerheksoh, Posting a letter is not that expensive, usa > nl, under $215:03
leftyfbhappy to do it. How many you want?15:04
oerheksCan you spare 4?15:04
leftyfbyou saw the bundle, I got plenty to give out15:04
oerheks4 will be fine, 2 to give away15:05
oerheksi'll pm you my address15:05
leftyfbyeah, looks like it'll only cost $1.4515:06
oerheksi was thinking 5-7 ..15:06
oerhekssending a desktop without powersupply 8kg was $60, few years back15:07
oerheksno priority15:07
leftyfbyeah, this is just a letter envelop though15:08
leftyfbI'll have some thin cardboard covering the badges15:08
leftyfbhm, looks like it might need a customs form15:09
leftyfbI'll hit up my father, he used to be a Postmaster15:09
oerhekscustoms only when it has value ?15:10
leftyfboh wait, hold on15:10
leftyfb"Mailing label (item 11FGG1)"15:11
leftyfbtrying to find out if that's just the normal to: and from: or if it's something else like a waybill15:11
leftyfbah, nevermind15:12
leftyfbGlobal Priority Mail (GPM) items, airmail letter-post items, and economy letter-post items"   don't require anything15:12
leftyfbI was wrong, we started the case badge project in 200715:16
oerheksthese badges from 2014 .. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kd07gatly526b9q/2015-Openstack-amsterdam.JPG?dl=015:38
leftyfbwrong picture?15:40
oerheksindeed, it was 201515:40
leftyfbit also just shows Mark in front of a display15:41
leftyfbno badges or computers15:41
oerheksyes, with his orange box15:41
oerheksdeskside cluster15:41
leftyfbthere's no OB in the picture15:41
leftyfbI got to play with an OB :)15:41
leftyfbactually had to take it to my makerspace to repair it after it got damaged in shipping15:42
oerheksjust 10k back then..15:42
leftyfb"An administrator" already knows the proper way to accomplish this sort of thing18:01
leftyfbsorry, had to be said18:01
oerhekswhy changing dns to download a file .. 18:02
leftyfbhe's a youngin just figuring things out. They're eventually stop creating packages/scripts for every tiny little task and learn to pick their battles 18:03
oerheks"My org uses DNS blocking services" 18:03
leftyfbyeah, said org has poor security18:04
leftyfbif that's the only way they're "blocking" endpoints18:04
oerheksIndeed, him.18:04

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