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alistair60@dbungert  I'm not following,why wouldn't MOK enrollment be required?15:33
dbungertMOK enrollment is not expected, to my knowledge, when using the nvidia drivers.15:34
dbungertin theory if you're using `search_drivers: true` it should do the right thing, I take it that's not quite working?15:34
alistair60I hadn't tried that tbh, i was just installing it via the packages section. That being said when you do a manual install and select Third party drivers in my experience it asks you to set a secure boot password and then prompts to add the key after first boot. Would this bypass that somehow?15:38
dbungertsearch_drivers may give you better results, there is more going on than bare package installation.  That may explain the difference.15:40
alistair60Ok cool, I'll give that a go and see if I win. Thanks for the help15:40
dbungertsure thing, good luck15:41
ogayotYou will also need    drivers: {install: true} in a full automated install15:42
alistair60Thanks, I'll add that as well15:42

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