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dabblerwhat package provides cryptsetup? `apt-file search $(which cryptsetup)` returns nothing00:23
sarnolddabbler: try it without the 'which'00:24
sarnolddabbler: my guess is that the path that 'which' returns to you is not the path that the file is stored with in the dpkg database; it's related to, but different than, https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=13475800:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Debian bug 134758 in dpkg "dpkg-query: Make -S handle unowned symlinks resolving to owned pathnames" [Wishlist, Open]00:24
dabblercan you not include a path to narrow the results?00:25
sarnoldyou can00:25
sarnoldyou just have to use the exact path that's in the dpkg database00:25
leftyfbdabbler: the package name is cryptsetup00:25
sarnold... well that's odd. I expected to find it with apt-file search /usr/bin/cryptsetup.00:27
dabblersarnold: thanks for explaining with that bug report. i get the issue00:27
EriC^^dabbler: dpkg -S $(which cryptsetup)00:27
sarnold.. sbin, not bin, but now wtf :)00:28
dabbleri've been having an evening of "wtf" lmao00:28
sarnoldaaaaaaa there we go, I'm back to normal now. man I hate this mess.00:29
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dabblermy cryptsetup isn't a symlink, but apt-file still turns up nothing00:35
tomreyntry to   apt-file update00:35
dabblerleftyfb: i did see your answer. thanks :)00:35
leftyfbit's not in the apt-file database00:36
leftyfbactually, I THINK the file is actually part of the snap core now00:36
leftyfbthe apt cryptsetup package says " This package provides the cryptdisks_start and _stop wrappers, as well as luksformat"00:37
leftyfbexcept that's not even the right path00:38
leftyfboh right00:38
dabblerwhat i set out to determine is the best forum in which to ask about cryptsetup hanging when it didn't use to do so with the same command on the same system00:38
dabbleris the answer "here"? :)00:39
tomreynhanging, during boot? which command?00:39
oerheksamd gpu ?00:39
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 2029396 in linux-firmware (Ubuntu) "20230323.gitbcdcfbcf-0ubuntu1.4 borks amdgpu" [Undecided, Confirmed]00:39
oerheksreverse firmware update, seen this before today00:40
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oerheksoops, wrong channel, ignore00:41
dabbler`cryptsetup luksFormat --type luks2 --hash sha512 --cipher aes-xts-plain64 --key-size 512 --pbkdf-memory 1327968 --pbkdf-force-iterations 42890 /dev/sdb5`00:41
sarnolddabbler: so, you're going to hate this so very very much. https://termbin.com/weet00:41
leftyfbdabbler: why do you need all those very specific paramters?00:42
sarnolddabbler: the cryptsetup-bin package puts the cryptsetup executable in /sbin. but that's a symbolic link to /usr/sbin these days because of course it is :(00:42
leftyfbdabbler: have you tried running luksFormat without all the custom parameters? Maybe process of elimination to see if one of them is causing the issue?00:43
dabblerleftyfb: i don't need those exact numbers. they're just the result of the automatic benchmarking it did when i formatted another partition on the same device. i'm just trying to format another one with about the same level of security without having to worry about whatever else my comp might be doing in the background00:44
leftyfbdabbler: process of elimination00:44
dabblerthe option that causes the hang is --pbkdf-force-iterations00:44
leftyfbok, so now you have a starting point00:45
leftyfbare you sure it's hanging or just taking a long time?00:45
leftyfbdabbler: https://gitlab.com/cryptsetup/cryptsetup/-/issues/567   someone there says upgrading their bios solved it for them00:46
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 567 in cryptsetup/cryptsetup "cryptsetup freezes with 100%CPU usage on luksFormat" [Closed]00:46
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 610 in cryptsetup/cryptsetup "--pbkdf-force-iterations is broken - seemingly locks up cryptsetup" [Closed]00:46
ravage"Sorry, but it works as expected... if you wait a few hundred years, it will finish, eventually "00:46
ravagetime could be a problem :)00:46
dabblerravage: lol00:46
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leftyfbthat last link suggests maybe a different kernel?00:48
dabblerwhat doesn't make any sense to me is that if i specify the same benchmarking interval i used before, 4 seconds, instead of forcing the number of iterations, it completes as expected in <5 secs. it ends up using something like 25k or 30k iterations. but if i force 43k, it'll use half the computing power of my machine for as long as it takes me to kill it. (i think i've waited 30 mins before.)00:48
leftyfbdabbler: which release of ubuntu?00:48
leftyfbwhy do you need this much custom hardened security on a release that will be EOL in less than 5 months?00:49
dabblerleftyfb: I don't. It's just the release I have installed00:50
dabblerI don't want to downgrade just to luksFormat00:50
ravageJust use the defaults and it will probably finish within a few seconds00:51
ravageYou really make it "harder" than it needs to be00:51
dabblerif there's a bug, isn't it better to learn it sooner rather than later? :)00:53
leftyfb!bug | dabbler00:53
ubottudabbler: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:53
tomreynyou initially discussed that this is about "cryptsetup hanging when it didn't use to do so with the same command on the same system". something else will have changed, though, i'd suggest trying to find out what did.00:54
leftyfbI'm gonna guess a kernel update00:55
dabblerthat's my guess too00:55
tomreynit could also be cryptsetup defaults, such as a different default pbkdf00:55
tomreyn(your command did not specify which algorithm to use)00:56
dabblerthere will have been a few hotfix updates. default pbkdf hasn't changed: argon2id00:56
leftyfbdabbler: I would try booting to a previous kernel00:57
dabblerleftyfb: good idea. know a good way to get release dates of releases within 6.2?01:02
leftyfbdabbler: I would just start with booting into the previous kernel already on your machine01:02
dabblerok. i think i may need to go back further, but i'll try it. bbs01:03
dabblerUnfortunately I only made by /boot large enough to comfortably hold 2 kernels01:05
dabblerSo many to-dos 😣01:06
dabbler6.2.0-25 still affected. It's ok to remove the same kernel version I'm running when I still have installed a later version that I know works (other than this issue), right?01:12
dabbleraptitude's warning's just is making me second guess01:13
leftyfbdo not use aptitude01:14
dabblerHow come?01:14
leftyfbbecause it causes huge problems01:14
sarnolddabbler: if you need one of those kernel modules that's not currently loaded, you can have a sad time01:17
alevykhHi! what happened with vlc (snap edition)? not working anymore. How to check what happened?01:24
leftyfbalevykh: what happens when you type "vlc" into a terminal and hit enter?01:25
alevykhleftyfb, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/2XY7mpZwhK/01:27
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leftyfbalevykh: maybe try reinstalling it01:32
leftyfbalevykh: you could also try https://github.com/keshavbhatt/olivia/issues/95#issuecomment-77474749201:34
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 95 in keshavbhatt/olivia "Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object weight does not accept value [0 205)" [Closed]01:34
alevykhleftyfb, no effect. dmesg here https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/R4WC5qRTGB/01:34
leftyfbalevykh: did you try the commands in the github link?01:35
sarnoldalevykh: it might be worth asking in #videolan -- they advertise that channel on https://www.videolan.org/support/01:36
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alevykhleftyfb, omg, thanks! https://github.com/keshavbhatt/olivia/issues/95#issuecomment-774747492 helps me01:40
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 95 in keshavbhatt/olivia "Fontconfig warning: FcPattern object weight does not accept value [0 205)" [Closed]01:40
dabblerTrying to boot 6.2.0-24 throws me into recovery01:45
dabblerIdk what's a problem and what isn't in the log it refers to01:46
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dabblerWhy would systemd-remount-fs.service fail to start under 6.2.0-24, but work fine under 6.2.0-26, when linux-image-6.2.0-24 reinstalled without error?01:57
rboxwhat error does the service give01:58
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dabblerrbox: none that I can see in the log02:14
dabblersystemd just says it failed to start02:14
thricecheck the journal02:15
thricejournalctl -u <unit_file>02:15
dabblerOh, sorry it was up farther. "tmpfs: unknown parameter 'subvol'"02:16
dabbler"tmpfs" does not appear in my fstab02:17
dabblerOr it's "/bin/mount for /run exited with exit status 32"02:21
dabblerthrice: ^02:47
thricesorry, I'm not sure about your error, was only describing how to fetch the log02:49
dabblerthrice: gotcha. Thanks02:50
Yukinorohhello, the august 1st gcc update broke fontforge, it's not working properly, there are rounding errors and it crashes02:50
dabblerYukinoroh: you mean fontforge no longer builds properly using the updated gcc?02:59
guivercYukinoroh, without release details we can't know/guess what upgrade you're asking about; package or at least release details are always useful  (also which repos you're using; eg. is this a proposed upgrade? or just hit updates/security etc?)03:00
Yukinorohdabbler: package in ubuntu is broken, a fontforge based script that I used just a few days before the gcc update now crashes with errors... didn't modify anything in that script03:04
Yukinorohit goes like " Winding number did not return to 0 when x=77.9998", and googling tells me that it has to see with float rounding errors... but this compiled just fine few days before the gcc update03:05
dabblerDoes fontforge itself use gcc at runtime?03:07
Yukinorohdabbler, I think so03:07
Yukinorohthese are the updates that now cause fontforge to malfunction03:08
Yukinorohsomethign in there definitely... because I didn't change anything in that fontforge script :(03:08
Yukinorohand it's also the public ubuntu release of fontforge03:09
Yukinoroh2019 version03:09
dabblerFontforge may need updating, rather than gcc being broken. I'd ask about it in a support channel specific to fontforge03:11
Yukinorohthat's exactly what I'm thinking03:11
Yukinorohlast version is of 2023.01.0103:11
Yukinorohquite outdated IMO03:11
YukinorohI'm trying to run the script out of the AppImage but it's not working well with command line03:11
dabblerDistro versions of software generally lag a bit, especially when the distro is based on debian like Ubuntu is. Check what version is in the current stable debian repo03:13
Yukinorohdabbler, I think the issue is that ubuntu is packaging a quite old version of fontforge03:13
Yukinorohlet me try to do the same operation within the GUI, see if even the newest appimage does the same thing03:14
dabblerPackages generally need to be updated in debian before Ubuntu can pick them up03:14
dabblerIs there a snap for fontforge?03:16
Yukinorohdabbler, it's an appimage03:17
Yukinorohwhich doesn't work in command line03:17
Yukinorohthat's why I'm stuck03:17
dabblerUnderstood, but snaps might not have the same limitation. (I haven't played with any, so idk)03:18
Yukinorohright, the appimage seems to work, if I perform the same operation in the UI version of fontforge03:18
Yukinorohit's annoying to do that by hand for 20 fonts though03:18
dabblerIf there's no snap version and/or a snap version wouldn't work via command line either, your fallback is building a more recent version of fontforge from source03:19
Yukinorohthere's no snap it's an appimage03:20
dabblerYukinoroh: https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge/blob/master/INSTALL.md03:22
Yukinorohweird, even the older version doesn't bug in the UI03:24
Yukinorohnot sure what's going on03:24
Yukinorohmaybe the .pe script uses gcc as a backend, should try with a .py python script03:28
Yukinorohdabble: seems to work... changing the script to a python script works03:40
Yukinorohso probably linked to gcc indeed03:40
Yukinorohoops no03:41
Yukinorohnevermind (¬_¬)03:41
JourneyHi, just a quick question on ubuntu pro. What do I need to do if I've cloned a VM that was already attached to pro i.e. what do I need to do on the new Vm so it's treated as a new server with its own subscription?04:38
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Yukinoroharf... even the newest version of FontForge is broken with the new gcc06:09
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stolenSudo pro command not found06:24
stolenHow can I fix that in 14.04 ?06:24
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade06:24
stolenYes I am trying to link esm but it says pro command not found06:25
ravageIt's only supported as a paid subscription so contact sales06:26
guivercWe don't support ESM/Pro... but UA is available for14.04 (UA is the older version of Pro)06:26
Yukinorohlast version of gcc broke fontforge06:28
Yukinorohboth the ubuntu version and the newest version cannot remove overlaps properly06:28
YukinorohI'm stuck :/06:29
tarzeauYukinoroh: which version of fontforge?06:29
Yukinorohtarzeau: both the newest appimage and the one in the ubuntu repository06:29
Yukinoroh I end up with "Winding number did not return to 0" and "monotonic is both needed and unneeded", while I didn't just a few days ago... witht he same build script06:29
tarzeauso 20230101 ?06:30
tarzeaudo you have a test case i can try myself?06:30
Yukinorohbefore the august 1st gcc release I could remove overlap with no errors06:30
webchat94can you help me to figure out the reason for my ubuntu server reboot frequently06:31
tarzeauwhat has gcc to do with fonts?06:31
tarzeauwebchat94: dmesg -Tw output?06:31
webchat94My server has ubuntu 20.04LTS06:31
Yukinorohtarzeau, I think fontforge uses gcc ... well it's the only possible explanation, I used this build script on july 30th, and today it just bugs06:31
Yukinorohmeanwhile there was a gcc security update06:32
tarzeauYukinoroh: no gcc builds fontforge binary. that's it06:32
tarzeauor clang, or any c compiler.06:32
tarzeauYukinoroh: maybe you're lucky at https://github.com/fontforge/fontforge issues searching?06:32
tarzeaui just think your input data broke. but *shrugs*06:32
webchat94can anyone help me to resolve my ubuntu server reboot issue?06:32
tarzeauwebchat94: i just did06:32
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Yukinorohtarzeau, could be gcc or something else within the release06:33
YukinorohI wish I could downgrade to check :/06:33
Yukinorohall the previous gcc versions are zapped from the internet06:33
Yukinorohin just 2 days06:33
guivercJerfin, please don't repeat requests, and reply to questions you were asked  (eg. request dmesg outpot via pastebin link for example)06:33
tarzeauYukinoroh: do you see some helpful msgs when you run fontforge from commandline?06:34
Yukinorohtarzeau, no, it just bugs06:34
tarzeauso you can't start fontforge at all?06:34
Yukinorohtarzeau, https://pastebin.com/J1vkHVWq06:35
YukinorohI didn't get this just on july 29th06:35
Yukinorohnow after the gcc upgrade this is what I get06:35
tarzeauYukinoroh: that's when you load a font?06:35
Yukinorohthat's when I remove the overlaps06:36
tarzeaucan you share your font or not so much?06:36
Yukinorohnot the whole file it's too big, japanese font06:36
Yukinorohthese are the updates that went on august 1st06:37
tarzeauwell if you're on 20.04 how come you have fontforge 20230101 and not 20201107?06:37
tarzeauYukinoroh: dpkg -l fontforge ?06:37
Yukinorohtarzeau, as I said, I tried with both the current ubuntu version and the new appimage06:38
Yukinorohsame result06:38
Yukinorohsame errors06:38
tarzeaui don't care for appimage06:38
Yukinorohwell be it 20201107 then06:38
Yukinorohit started bugging this month06:38
tarzeaufor me whole file is not too big.. so share if you can06:39
Yukinorohsorry I can't share the font06:41
tarzeausorry I can't help you06:41
Yukinorohthanks anyway, gonna try looking for other solutions06:41
ztaneok what now :F06:48
ztanegdm login screen, does not list my username, then asks for smartcard password?! :'D06:49
ztaneI did not enable any such things06:49
ztanecan use console login only :'D06:49
weedmicin general, if people are going to use legacy systems, it is usually because there is some tricky application they depend on that requires nothing ever change (or some other dream state that simply can't be attained).  when this occurs, you need to plan for disaster.  you setup the system, get it working perfectly, then clone the system volume regularaly and store those backup clones offsite.  then 5 years later, when some update or other problem occurs, you06:50
weedmicare back up and running 20 mins later from that clone.  or, make it a VM and do a snapshot.06:50
ztaneok so *now* if I've got yubikey plucked in when rebooting, gdm thinks I *want* to login with that06:54
ztaneof course I *don't want*06:54
ztanebecause it is always plugged in, it is just external protection :D06:54
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nick^Hi my partitions in ubuntu is showing encrypted(before it was windows OS, NTFS)  there was no data in the 2nd HDD partitions so how can I get rid of encrypted partitions?08:39
nick^wanna mention linux is installed on 1st SSD which is working just fine(ext4 formatted).08:39
ice9how to automatically execute a script whenever update-initramfs has finished running?08:58
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vordloHas anyone faced an issue of Steam Launcher lagging on Ubuntu inspite of having a High End PC? Do you know any Possible Fix?09:50
zaggynlLagging? Can you describe the issue?09:50
vordloMy Ubuntu runs smoothly. But whenever I open Steam Launcher, it will start lagging (like it will process on 1 FPS lol)09:53
leontI'm trying to setup LUKS without nuking my windows partition. I've done this before on arch, but I can't figure out how to convince the ubuntu installer to do this10:40
leontAnyone got any pointers?10:40
lotuspsychjeleont: can this help? https://linuxconfig.org/basic-guide-to-encrypting-linux-partitions-with-luks10:48
marlierealso https://cryptsetup-team.pages.debian.net/cryptsetup/10:56
Nicloshello all, I was getting the source code for glibc packages when I tried to build it's generating an error  tthe programs are missing or too old: gcc and make11:35
weedmicNiclos: why not use the glibc that comes with ubuntu?  (glibc-tools)?11:40
Niclosweedmic:the default one is not compatible with the gcc 9.2.0 and Python
weedmicic - I'll give you the archive location - just a sec11:46
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BluesKajHi all11:58
Niclosweedmic: I already build python3 version 3.6.8 and gcc version 9.2.0 and I download the tar.gz files for glibc version 2.17 but when I tried to build the Glibc is generating an error " the programs are missing or too old: gcc and make"11:59
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vcxzahello. are multiple version of glibc installed as default on ubuntu? If so, how can I list them?12:17
ravagethere is only one version installed. maybe 32 and 64 bit12:19
vcxzaravage: yeah, just checked that I can obtain che compatibility list with strings /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6 | grep LIBCXX12:22
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NiclosI tried to build glibc version 2.17 using the source code and its generating an error " the programs are missing or too old: gcc and make"12:48
SteelRoseHi all! Anyone here uses Sanoid/Syncoid?12:48
ograNiclos, on what ? and is that for your hackish attempt to force an unsupported python into your ubuntu again (about which you were told a few times now that this can not be supported here) ?12:50
ogra(2.17 is very old and as not been in a supported ubuntu release since 10y or so)12:52
Niclosogra: I know that is old version but We need for dev.12:57
ograwell, it has only been supported in EOL releases (12.04 or 14.04 i think) tat are 10+ years old .... nothing that can be supported here ... and even if you get it built, you wont be able to install it without breaking the whole distro12:58
ograevery lib and binary is linked against glibc ... if you swap it out th world will break12:59
Niclosso I can not build from the source code in a separate environment?13:02
ograyou can even build it on the current env (if you find the correct versions of tools it expects) but you wont be able to install it anywhere13:03
weedmicone could do it by creating symlinks where the old code points to x (which no longer exists), but x.x does.  however, it takes a very long time to get it done (and might not even work) Niclos13:04
ograbut either way this is nothing we can really support in this channel ...13:05
weedmiccan't you go back to a backup of a state where the machine was working, restore it, and work from there - perhaps convert it to a vm and create a snapshot?13:05
weedmictrue - dat is waar og13:05
NiclosHave the test VM, but when I tried it generate the error.13:09
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ice9how to automatically execute a script whenever update-initramfs has finished running?15:09
tomreynice9: there should be a hook and a directory to place scripts in for this hook in /etc15:15
tomreynice9: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man8/initramfs-tools.8.html#hook%20scripts - those don't just run on updates only, though.15:20
tomreynhook scripts go into /etc/initramfs-tools/hooks/15:20
tomreynhook scripts installe dby packages go into /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks - where you can find several examples, too.15:21
tomreynhelper functions exist in /usr/share/initramfs-tools/hook-functions15:24
natewrenchI read that ubuntu may omit core apps like libreoffice/thunderbird from 10.23. Will they replace them with lighter apps like Abiword/Gnumeric and I guess Seamonkey?15:45
oerhekswhere do you read that?15:45
oerheksmantic is in development, and the bugreport is just a bugreport. no talk about removal at all...?15:48
stolenYep I am trying to get UA in ubuntu 14.04 but it says pro command not found on "sudo pro attach <key>"15:49
leftyfbstolen: in 14.04 is was still called "ua"15:50
stolenso the command will be "sudo ua attach <key>" ?15:51
leftyfba quick google confirms it15:51
leftyfbdo understand, EOL releases even under ua/pro are still unsupported by the community. You'll need to reach out to Canonical for any further support with 14.04. Which btw, 10 years will be in 8 months. After that, you have zero support from anyone for it15:53
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stolenNot my machine, it's at my university. they are revamping the machines soon15:55
leftyfbthey have 8 months :)15:55
stolenit's a public uni running dry on funds15:55
leftyfbthey've had 5+ years to work on this15:56
stolenthe people of my state are just outright lazy tbh. They still think ubuntu 14.04... duh works... no need to upgrade15:58
lotuspsychjestolen: keep running an eol release is bad practice, they will punish themselfs soon15:59
bitbingeHey! I cannot boot the Ubuntu 22.04.2 iso on Dell 7370 in UEFI mode. I tried flashing the iso in many ways. Any ideas?17:15
bitbingePerhaps it's because the EFI partition is the 2nd one?17:15
akikbitbinge: use dd17:15
akikbitbinge: after dd is done, run sync17:16
tomreynthe location of the EFI system partition does not matter when booting from removable media.17:16
tomreynwhat happens when you try to boot what you have?17:16
akikbitbinge: after you've run dd, check sudo dmesg for possible errors17:17
bitbingeakik, I did.17:19
bitbingetomreyn, Windows boots, despite the fact I chose Ubuntu.17:20
tomreynowner's manual, system setup: https://www.dell.com/support/manuals/en-uk/latitude-13-7370-laptop/latitude7370_om/system-setup?guid=guid-e21a2de4-c7db-4cb2-8f3e-4ff8ec4e4a1b&lang=en-us17:20
bitbingeAnd even if I disable Windows boot in the bios.17:20
tomreynyou may want to disable secure boot and fast boot17:21
bitbingeSecure boot is disabled.17:21
stolenhow did you install ubuntu with fast boot on ? Through windows recovery ?17:21
tomreyncomputrace, too17:21
bitbingeDisabled too.17:22
stolenDo you have grub up and running ?17:22
akikbitbinge: use the keyboard hot key that gives you a bootable device list on computer startup17:23
tomreynbefore booting, bring up the one-time boot menu by pressing F12 key, and choose the ubuntu installer media.17:23
tomreynsee "boot sequence" for details17:23
bitbingeI hit the F12 to get the boot menu, and choose UEFI USD blah blah Partition 2 which is the only non-Windows UEFI option.17:24
bitbingePop-os 22.04 boots just fine even without using dd.17:24
akikbitbinge: don't select a partition but the usb stick17:24
tomreynsounds like your ubuntu iso was not properly written to the usb17:24
bitbingeI just started another dd run and will check the dmesg once that's done  and also the fast boot status (but I doubt that's enabled).17:24
bitbingeakik, there's no other option.17:25
akikoh boy17:25
bitbingeAnd BTW the Ubuntu stick boots fine if I select the legacy option.17:25
tomreyni usually recomend using balena etcher for downloading the ISO as well as writing it to the installation media.17:25
tomreynon the bios setup, System Configuration screen options, make sure USB is set to allow Boot Support17:28
tomreyn(enabled by default)17:28
anddamhowdy, should `sudo systemctl start someservice` return immediately to prompt while the service runs in background?17:29
anddambecause I thought so, but starting this unit that I made I see the prompt is waiting https://termbin.com/knfa17:29
akikbitbinge: do you need to disable bios/mbr boot in the uefi?17:29
akikbitbinge: csm too17:34
Guest31I have a default install of lubuntu , and I want to know how to override the DNS settings that I get from DHCP, but I want to do it preferably in a configuration file that I can place and remove.17:36
Guest31I've googled for it, and I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for; I think I need to mkdir /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.d , and put a config file there.17:37
jhutchinsw/msg ubottu dns17:38
alkisgGuest3051: you open the connection editor, specify "dhcp addresses only", and in the dns text box, you enter the dns server17:39
rfmanddam, reading the systemctl.service man page, it says oneshot means "manager will consider the unit started when the main process exits", as opposed to simple which is "started when the main process forks off".  Maybe you want simple?17:39
Guest31https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/dns.html redirects to somewherese else17:39
alkisgGuest31: see above17:40
Guest31Do you mean I should ask in #lubuntu ?17:40
anddamoh right17:40
anddamI want simple17:40
alkisgGuest31: you open the connection editor, specify "dhcp addresses only", and in the dns text box, you enter the dns server17:41
anddamrfm: thx17:41
Guest31alkisg I want to configure this using a file.17:41
alkisgGuest31: well after you use the gui, it'll create a file called /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/name.nmconnection17:41
alkisgGuest31: you can also create that file manually, or with nmcli, or with nmtui17:41
Guest31So, if /etc/netplan is saying to use NetworkManager, and NetworkManager is then controling systemd-resolvd or whatever, then I guess NetworkManager is where to attack this from17:43
alkisgGuest3051: in desktop installations, ONLY network-manager is used. Not the other two at all.17:43
leftyfbGuest31: just use the GUI17:44
Guest31*sigh* kids these days ;)17:44
leftyfbtry again17:44
alkisg...yeah there are people with grandchildren here...17:44
leftyfbGuest31: why do you insist on using the CLI to make a 1 time configuration change to a network profile?17:45
Guest31leftyfb try again17:45
leftyfbyou didn't answer the question17:46
Guest31I need to be able to swap back and forth between DHCP DNS and hard-coded DNS17:46
leftyfbthere might be better ways to achieve your end goal17:46
Guest31If you must know:  My org uses DNS blocking services.  I'm trying to build a lab environment where I can switch a machine from using DHCP DNS to a hard-coded server.17:47
Guest31I want to be able to do something like "sudo activate_raw_dns.sh"17:47
alkisgGuest31: nmcli con up con-with-dhcp-dns, or nmcli con up con-with-static-dns17:48
alkisgOr just click in the menu to change the active connection17:48
leftyfbGuest31: or add or omit the following lines from your profile file https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/BTSWZb2gJG/17:49
ioriaGuest31, yes, you can try to edit  /etc/systemd/resolved.conf  or a dedicated file in resolved.conf.d, then a bash script (with sudo priv) that backup the file and restore it again  but i guess you'll need to restart NM and seems to me a bit cumbersome17:50
Guest31You want cumbersome?  I'm gonna make a package that drops the file, so all I have to do is install or remove the package.17:51
ioriaho, yes that is cumbersome :þ17:51
Guest31Just can't figure out what to put where.  I think I tried the stuff from leftyb already17:51
leftyfbsounds unnecessary17:52
Guest31There are certain things I'm pretty good at.  Packaging happens to be one of them.17:52
Guest31apt install raw-dns ; apt remove raw-dns .17:52
ioriaalternative, switch to networkd  and use sed on the yaml file to change the dns line17:53
leftyfbcould do the same with nmcli or editing the nm file using sed17:54
leftyfbswitching to networkd seem completely overkill for this17:54
alkisgOr by just dropping two files in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections17:54
alkisgNo sudo needed, and people can swap the connection using the menus and the mouse17:55
leftyfbah right, just have 2 different profiles, duh17:55
ioriayou'll stillnedd to restart Nm, and maybe drop the connection17:56
alkisgioria: not restart nm. It's just `nmcli con reload`17:56
ioriamaybe, never tried that17:56
Guest31leftyfb by placing a similar file from your link above into /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d , I was able to get the nameserver to show up under the Global section of "resolvectl status"17:57
Guest31however, it looks like the "link" is still using the old nameserver17:57
Guest31and I restarted both network manager and systemd-resolved17:57
Guest31BUT; I think there's a section in network manager to apply it to all links or something; more stuff to read17:57
* alkisg gives up, Guest31 isn't listening17:58
leftyfbGuest31: make 2 different profiles17:58
leftyfbjust switch between them as needed17:58
Guest31An administrator should be able to create files to get the job done.  I'll stop asking for help on this topic and mentioning my progress if that's what you want.17:59
leftyfbwe've given you like half a dozen ways to skin this cat. You choose the one that best suites you. Good luck18:00
anddamrfm: hrmm actually my service is triggered by its corresponding .timer so my reasoning (likely) was that the oneshot kept the service and if an execution was too long there were not going to be two instances of the service called18:10
anddam           b     '18:11
anddamsorry, an actual 3yo stomping on the keys18:12
anddam*kids these days*18:12
Guest31"Use the gui, dad!"18:13
leftyfbGuest31: lets not18:13
Guest31OK; so,18:25
Guest31whoops; didn't mean to send18:25
anddamthe "OK; so," was fine, the controversial lines were the other ones18:32
Guest31leftyfb, alkisg , Thanks for your help.  I was not paying attention to the complete output of resolvectl , and I was having caching issues.  This ended up being what I used: https://pastebin.com/urP8zkdk18:33
leftyfbGuest31: that won't work18:34
Guest31It does; and I've tested it.18:34
leftyfbnot in the way you typed it in the pastebin it won't18:34
leftyfbthere is no systemd.resolved service. You are properly referring to systemd-resolved18:34
Guest31ugh; resolved.conf.d/18:34
Guest31just some random file under there, like 05-override-dns18:34
Guest31sure; s/\./-/18:35
leftyfbGuest31: that will also run into issues down the road18:36
Guest31I'm all ears.18:37
Guest31(probably less than 5% ears literally)18:37
leftyfbGuest31: DHCP is still controlling your DNS. When your DHCP lease renews on it's own, it's going to override your changes18:37
Guest31I can test that.18:37
Guest31I believe I restarted network manager and got the same results.  NetworkManager (depending on the tricky symlink of /etc/resolv.conf stuff) informs things of things.  In my case, I think NetworkManager is informing systemd-resolved (no . ) ; but the override ends up being in place.18:38
Guest31The networkmanager approach is also cool; I could make a config file for that too.18:38
leftyfbAgain, just make 2 network profiles and just switch between them using nmcli18:39
leftyfbnmcli con down dhcp-dns ; nmcli con up no-dhcl-dns18:39
Guest31ubuntu server doesn't seem to have a lot of stuff under /etc/NetworkManager .  It does seem to have stuff under /etc/systemd/ , mainly resolved.conf18:41
oerheks"I have a default install of lubuntu" .. that is not server18:42
leftyfbubuntu server doesn't use network-manager18:42
leftyfbubuntu server uses netplan18:43
Guest31Yeah, I'm on lubuntu .  And the solution I have also might work for ubuntu server18:43
leftyfbnot unless you make a mess of your server and install and setup network-manager18:44
Guest31I've done dumber things in more critical situations.18:45
leftyfbwe don't encourage dumb things here18:47
Guest31In all seriousness, I appreciate the help and the opinions.18:51
blahboybazThis has been happening a lot lately and the only remedy I know is to restart the machine. I don't like restarting bc I loose the open programs / window I have and have to spend time setting everything up again only to have the situation occur again after a while. You don't necessarily SEE it happen but you notice it the next time you look at it. Is there some way to either 1. correct the problem so it18:56
blahboybazdoes not happen again or 2. refreshes something (the window system?) to get the content back without having to restart the machine?18:56
blahboybazsorry ignore that...18:56
blahboybazhere what I meant to say....18:56
blahboybazI keep having where the launcher bar (left side on my machine) and toolbar (top on my machine) contente disappears (sort of). I have a screenshot to show what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/yjhEKrC18:56
blahboybazThis has been happening a lot lately and the only remedy I know is to restart the machine. I don't like restarting bc I loose the open programs / window I have and have to spend time setting everything up again only to have the situation occur again after a while. You don't necessarily SEE it happen but you notice it the next time you look at it. Is there some way to either 1. correct the problem so it18:56
blahboybazdoes not happen again or 2. refreshes something (the window system?) to get the content back without having to restart the machine?18:56
Guest31Try restarting the display manager18:57
Guest31ps wwaux | grep -i dm ; service gdm3 restart (?)18:57
Guest31you won't need to reboot that way18:58
Guest31You will lose your "open programs" if they're open in the X-windows system (wayland?)18:58
blahboybazGuest31: command is to include the `(?)` as well?18:58
blahboybazGuest31: If I lose my open windows then that is no better than restarting18:59
Guest31My advice was bad; I thought you were having a problem with X and that you wanted to restart it without rebooting.19:00
blahboybazTo clarify the desire was to either stop the problem from happening or to not lose open programs / windows when trying to get it back19:00
Guest31Gnome uses plugins; I forget what that bar name is.  You might be able to restart the plugin associated with it?  That's where I'd look first.19:00
leftyfbblahboybaz: I would start with video drivers19:03
blahboybazleftyfb: I notice that vid drivers were updated (seems like a couple times) in the last few weeks. And microcode was updated a few days ago19:04
bitbingeakik: that's what I see in dmesg after dding ubuntu iso: [74155.744692] GPT:Primary header thinks Alt. header is not at the end of the disk.19:13
bitbinge[74155.744698] GPT:9624191 != 1511673519:13
bitbinge[74155.744701] GPT:Alternate GPT header not at the end of the disk.19:13
bitbinge[74155.744702] GPT:9624191 != 1511673519:13
bitbinge[74155.744703] GPT: Use GNU Parted to correct GPT errors.19:13
bitbinge[74155.744715]  sda: sda1 sda2 sda319:13
akikbitbinge: that alternate gpt header doesn't matter19:14
akikbitbinge: but i'm not sure about those mismatching numbers19:14
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nelginHi all, having some automount nfs trouble. I can go into the automounted directory but no files show up. Config is here. Open to suggestions: https://pastebin.com/RhR4352B19:27
bitbingeHow do I determine I booted in UEFI mode? Ubuntu logo under the Dell logo on the spinner booting screen?19:27
EriC^^bitbinge: ls /sys/firmware/efi19:29
bitbingeThat exists.19:30
EriC^^bitbinge: you're booted in uefi mode then19:31
bitbingeI guess what worked on this Dell Latitude is either disabling all legacy boot options or that coupled with deleting the boot entry for this pendrive. FYI before I disabled legacy even if I deleted that entry it would be recreated pointing to a path that had Microsoft in it, probably the typical path for windows booting.19:32
bitbingeThis Dell BIOS is literally the worst I've ever worked with.19:32
akiknelgin: here's my autofs config: https://paste.linux.chat/?d74a55e40e3e2f11#D6ZhGMd4vZXh6nG8P35r9gmTk9Sn1mEvGaYvg743xFyA19:32
bitbingeThanks for the help everyone.19:32
akikbitbinge: my acer uefi beats you any day... in the worst way19:33
nelginakik, thanks but I'm using autofs not systemd for automounting. I did try it and it didn't give me access to the mountpoint and I couldn't be bothered. systemd is good for parallel startup but I don't like using it for other stuff.19:36
akiknelgin: thanks but i'm also using autofs19:37
nelginx-systemd.automount says you're using systemd's automount.19:37
akiknelgin: i'll remove that and see what happens19:38
nelginYou have autofs installed?19:39
akiknelgin: didn't you see the files i pasted?19:39
=== qrst is now known as plomb
akiknelgin: yes autofs still works now that i removed the x-systemd.automount mount option19:41
ash_mI am trying to install https://github.com/vysheng/tg and I keep getting `error: ‘write’ reading 18 bytes from a region of size 17` the issues only mention installing libpython-dev but that has no installation candidate; I tried installing libpython3-dev but that led to the same error; I tried it uninstalling libpython3-dev and installing libpython2-dev same result19:41
oerheksash_m, project from 2016. ....19:43
oerheksgood luck, if it fails over python319:43
ioriaash_m, have you tried telegram-cli instead ?19:45
akiknelgin: https://paste.linux.chat/?f00d80cdbab55273#9ULfM34TbwcCVRVrPn8AeRbYmP9MtjhaNP28aJ7o6mep19:45
oerheksoh ioria it is in the repos :-D19:46
oerheks!info telegram-cli19:46
ubottutelegram-cli (1.3.1+git20160323.6547c0b21-3.1, lunar): Command-line interface for Telegram messenger. In component universe, is optional. Built by telegram-cli. Size 110 kB / 404 kB19:46
nelginLet me give something like that a go.19:49
akiknelgin: it's an old asustor nas that i'm using. it doesn't do nfs v419:49
nelginStill nothing.19:56
akiknelgin: try mounting it manually19:57
nelginIt works manually, I tested it before changing to automount19:58
akiknelgin: also: sudo automount --dumpmaps19:58
nelginShows map is /etc/auto.nfs which shows my config.19:59
akiknelgin: do you see "Mount point:" and it exists?20:00
akiknelgin: also: journalctl -b 0 -u autofs -e20:01
nelginHmm interesting20:01
nelginmounting www.sysadmininc.com:/export/bbs failed, reason given by server: No such file or directory20:01
nelgin# showmount -e20:01
nelginExport list for www.sysadmininc.com:20:01
nelginI am using nfs4 btw.20:02
nelginmaybe I'll restart the server with debugging and see what it throws out. This is very strange.20:03
ash_mre: telegram-cli, I thought that _was_ telegram-cli?20:08
akiknelgin: you fixed it?20:08
nelginNo, but I think I know what it is. Hang on20:08
akikshowmount -e nfs_server shows the exports from remote20:09
nelginOddly, that just hangs. Doesn't seem a way to specify a port for showmount20:09
akiknelgin: this is for my client/server: https://paste.linux.chat/?31f5f8ca4dbf8608#3rjKp7hWK2GcrLbgivbqUeWgVhKJF9cnQpeX7aFQbyay20:10
akiknfs v4 just uses one port 204920:11
oerheksash_m, no20:11
oerheksit is on git now, see the version naming20:12
nelginNow THIS doesn't make any sense.20:13
oerheksnfs4 or nfs4.2 ?20:14
akiknelgin: shouldn't the "server" in the beginning of the line say "bbs" ?20:15
nelginOh, I thought that was a literal, hang on20:15
akiki pasted my active config20:16
akikso i use "cd /mounts/asus_data4"20:16
nelginNope, that wasn't it.20:16
akiknelgin: this is as basic as it gets https://paste.linux.chat/?f00d80cdbab55273#9ULfM34TbwcCVRVrPn8AeRbYmP9MtjhaNP28aJ7o6mep20:17
akiki don't even use any variables20:18
akikone export, on mount20:18
nelginI give up.20:23
akiknelgin: journalctl -b 0 -u autofs -e20:24
akiknelgin: nc -vz nfs_server 2049 <- from your nfs client20:24
akiknelgin: something's missing if showmount -e nfs_server doesn't work20:25
nelginAug 03 15:24:59 bbs.endofthelinebbs.com systemd[1]: Starting Automounts filesystems on demand...20:25
nelginAug 03 15:25:00 bbs.endofthelinebbs.com systemd[1]: Started Automounts filesystems on demand.20:25
cpl4netHi, Im learning to use the terminal. Any cool or interesting tutorial for dummies like me?20:29
tarzeaulearn about pipes20:31
nelginroot@bbs:/etc/default# nc -vz www.sysadmininc.com 204920:31
nelginConnection to www.sysadmininc.com ( 2049 port [tcp/nfs] succeeded!20:31
akiknelgin: something's wrong with your autofs config then if the manual mount works20:32
akiknelgin: https://paste.linux.chat/?1ab06744804f1108#J6DvXHUHbq7dFJViJVDN7b2JRp6QtxQHRWjsAK8Uv51920:33
nelginI'm not sure adding all the extra options you have would help, since the file system mounts.20:35
cpl4nettarzeau what do you mean?20:35
akiknelgin: mount mount point: just says /mounts20:35
akiknelgin: my mount point20:35
akiknelgin: your's says /nfs/bbs20:36
akiknelgin: so it probably means you should try to cd to /nfs/bbs/bbs20:36
tomreynbtw. i would not recommend exposing nfs to the internet, but only in a LAN, and use a vpn to access it remotely, if needed.20:37
nelginIt's not exposed to the internet, it's firewalled.20:37
nelginAhh, ok. Now /nfs/bbs/bbs works.20:38
nelginThat's obviously not what I intended20:39
tomreyni noticed it's generally firewalled, am just not sure whether you may have punched a hole into this firewall for yourself to access it from the Internet (which I would recommend against).20:39
nelginHow would you recommend I nfs across the internet then?20:40
tomreyna vpn20:40
nelginActually, it's not across the internet, it's two servers in the same data center.20:41
tomreynthat's much better already.20:41
leftyfbnelgin: understand that cifs is easier and faster than nfs20:42
nelginI don't need speed.20:42
nelginroot@bbs:/nfs/bbs# ls20:44
nelginAlright there we go. It was my misunderstanding of the master.auto file. All sorted thank you akik.20:44
akiknelgin: excellent20:45
nelginThe only bit of the RHCE I had problems with was the automount nfs bit. I forgot to remove the target directory haha.20:49
bitbingeOK. Now that I booted this Dell 7370, turns out suspend doesn't work. At least on this Ubuntu 22.04.2 liveUSB. Once I restore from sleep I see a Dell logo that boots the pendrive again.20:56
oerheksnot the best test, live and suspend20:57
oerhekstry after installing?20:57
bitbingeOk, that'll take time, all the backing up win, installing and restoring :/ I gotta get an external ssd for testing, I guess that should be a good enough test.21:00
bitbingeWeird, it works on another ubuntu 22.04 based os iso. I honestly think there's something wrong with this latest Ubuntu iso. Did something change?21:06
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srcubuntu 23.04 any easy way to make c++20 and modules 'just work' (tm)21:09
srcI'm struggling to set them up properly, I can build them manually and have a gcm.cache dir as stated here https://devicetests.com/compiling-cpp20-modules-gcc-ubuntu but a) this is local b) this gives me still errors in my IDE (which uses clangd for analyzing my code)21:11
srcbit baffled it's this hard (given this is a c++20 feature and I'm on ubuntu 23.04), so I hope I'm just doing something wrong21:11
srcany hints/suggestions welcome21:12
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floogyHi, I got issues with timesyncd on a plesk ubuntu 22.04 vserver. https://bpa.st/DIUA21:58
leftyfbfloogy: what do the logs say? (journalctl)22:02
floogyMaybe I can something do with that? "Start request repeated too quickly."22:13
floogy# egrep -v '#|^ *$' /etc/systemd/system.conf22:16
=== root is now known as Guest437
floogyhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/1166390/systemd-timesyncd-service-wont-start Doesn't works for me22:42
ash_mupdate on the telegram-cli thing: I could install it, but after entering my phone number I get, "You are using an outdated app that is no longer supported. To access your messages, please update your app to the latest version. If you don’t know how to update your app, go to https://telegram.org/dl"22:44
ash_mI suspect that client is using an out-of-date api?22:45
=== halvors1 is now known as halvors
floogyleftyfb, # ldd /lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd22:59
floogylinux-gate.so.1 (0xf7fa5000)22:59
floogylibsystemd-shared-249.so => not found22:59
=== RaGE_Syria5 is now known as RaGE_Syria
leftyfbfloogy: maybe contact your host provider23:05
floogyHm, something is wrong with systemd https://bpa.st/NUWA23:05
floogy /lib/systemd/systemd-timesyncd: error while loading shared libraries: libsystemd-shared-249.so: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS6423:07
leftyfbfloogy: you’ve either done something horribly bad/wrong or this is a custom image from your hosting provider and you need to contact them for support23:09
floogy# LANG=C apt policy systemd-timesyncd | head -n223:10
floogyWARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.23:10
floogy  Installed: (none)23:10
floogyleftyfb, that did the trick. Somehow it was installed as i38623:13
linuxkindleWhich package tool is stable cli interface?Could you talk about it?23:16
oerheks stable cli interface?23:24
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tweakhi. i've been struggling with this issue a while now, i have an ALC236 Analog card in this laptop, and no matter which kernal module i load, can't get the mute button LED to work. it's not listed in /sys/class/led/ though there is a LED listed there that I don't actually have (scroll lock). the mute button works, but not it's LED. HP Laptop23:58

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