IrcsomeBot<Omar> hi all how can i install py3.11 and switch to it04:22
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I installed it by04:39
IrcsomeBot<Omar> sudo apt install python3.1104:39
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Will switching to it couse any problems?04:39
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IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi18:35
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KevlarUnicornI'm new to Snap, and I just read that Firefox 116 released the other day. What is the schedule for Snap updates?22:45
oerhekssudo snap refresh22:48
oerheks116 is availabla, no?22:48
KevlarUnicornNope. When I do sudo snap refresh, it says everything is up to date. I'm still on Firefox 115.02.22:50
RikMillsKevlarUnicorn: upstream mozilla maintain the snap, so that is a question for them. but as in this case it is likely to be rapid, as most releases include some security fixes22:52
oerheksstill i have 116...22:53
KevlarUnicornI'm on Kubuntu 23.04 if that makes any difference.22:54
oerheksshould not..22:54
RikMillsI have 116.0.1 in 23.0422:54
KevlarUnicornI've got Snap fully enabled, I haven't disabled or changed anything, so I'm not sure why it hasn't updated.22:54
RikMillsthat is in testing VM, but should be the same as any other install22:56
oerheksrun some proper updates? sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade # and reboot22:57
oerheksi see no slow mirrors in USA22:58
KevlarUnicornI did that earlier this afternoon, and this is my current list:22:59
oerhekstry change mirror to main?23:00
RikMillschanging deb repos won't help snap updates23:01
oerheksoh, correct23:01
RikMillsthis seems a snap specific issue, not kubuntu, so maybe there is a better place to ask23:01
RikMillskubuntu does nothing to alter any config that might affect snap updates23:03
RikMillsif there is such a thing23:03
KevlarUnicornIt must be something, because just for a lark, I went into the Discover app, looked up Firefox, listed as 116. I open it (because it's shown as installed), and it says Firefox 115.0.2. I had my hopes up for a second. :/23:04
RikMillsmy knowlegde of snaps is not great, but maybe there are the equivalent of apt phased updates. i.e. update are rolled out gradually across users over a few days rather than all at once23:06
* RikMills shrugs23:07
KevlarUnicornI'm not sure. I'll talk to some Snap folks, though, see if they can help me work this out. I appreciate all of the help! :)23:09

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