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lubot[telegram] <vanitas_77> Yes windows is installed. But this problem started recently only.06:00
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lubot[telegram] <Michaël> I red of someone who 'solved' his issues by disabling fast boot10:26
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> ^ in Windows that is12:16
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> sorry12:16
lubot[telegram] <Michaël> should've added this (re @Michaël: I red of someone who 'solved' his issues by disabling fast boot)12:16
tomreynvanitas_77: in case you're still around: you shared your wireless passwords above - might want to replace those / inform the admin.12:42
tomreynintel wireless should usually work fine, given you have installed all updates (to get newer driver loadable firmware and kernel versions)12:43
tomreynvarious reports of linux users where the device generally works: https://linux-hardware.org/?id=pci:8086-24fd-8086-011012:46
tomreynMichaël has a point about the possibility of Windows causing the problem by not shutting down cleanly and leaving the firmware in a bad state, though.12:55
tomreynlook into a bios update, too12:56
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