VarroI have NVidia and an integrated graphics on my laptop. How do I disable the NVidia graphics temporarily to save power?01:00
Bashing-omVarro: Intel chip as the integrated ? try then ' sudo prime-select intel '.01:04
VarroYeah integrated. Thanks01:05
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illuminatedon an ubuntu box I have an external hard drive that is detected but unmountable.. is there a fix?04:48
rboxwhat does "unmountable" mean04:49
illuminatedit doesn't mount04:52
rboxwhat error04:53
illuminatedI'm going to try to fsck it04:57
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guivercilluminated, you mount partitions & particularly file-systems; drives rarely (since the 1980s where some unix machines didn't partition unlike DOS/windows/Linux) don't have partitions or file-systems on them.07:59
weedmicilluminated: pls repeast the issue - i seem to have missed it and only see one response.08:14
zphinxcan i use preseed for ubuntu 20.04 uefi installs? im trying to get a packer config going for an uefi install but i cant seem to progress08:51
zachi install kde-full in ubuntu09:04
zachi face a problem, when i am working on laptop its become blank screen and suspend session09:05
zachcan anyone one help how to fix this problem09:05
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patHi. I'm using Ubuntu 22.04 with the proprietary nvidia drivers (latest version, 535.86.05). Graphics card rtx 4090 and 3090ti, with two displays. Using gdk3. I have nouveau drivers blacklisted. I was previously on an older version of the drivers, but I noticed a bug, whenever I go fullscreen in vlc player watching a video my primary display (LG CX1) keeps flickering on and off, displaying "The Instant Game Response is launched".10:09
patThis is a problem that has happened before with this screen and playstations, and is related to VRR (g-sync) and ALLM. If I disable gsync, the problem does not occur because ALLM is never activated, so I don't get the flicker. However the choppiness makes watching videos untenable. I suspected it might be a bug in the proprietary nvidia drivers, so I updated to the latest version of the drivers. The bug is still present. HOWEVER, I10:09
patnoticed that in my Gnome Screen Display settings, if I set my scale to 100%, the bug does not occur. It's only when I'm scaling my monitor to 125% that this problem happens. So I'm not sure if this is a Ubuntu bug, a bug with the nvidia proprietary drivers, or a combination of both. Not sure what to do or who to message about this. Any suggestions?10:09
weedmicpat:  1st, which DE are you using if it is not gnome?  which compositor are you using:  "inxi -Gxx | grep compositor"?10:18
pat@weedmic,   Display: x11 server: X.Org v: compositor: gnome-shell v: 42.910:18
weedmicpat - i was afraid it might be wayland - since I keep hearing about issues with that and nvidia, but... not your case - i'm re-reading your posts.10:25
patLinux pc 6.2.0-26-generic #26~22.04.1-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Thu Jul 13 16:27:29 UTC 2 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux (if it helps)10:26
weedmicisn't vlc player a way to watch mp3 files? - is there a chance you do have a game runnign in the background you did not actually exit.  I know one of my kids often leaves steam running - although he swears he exits properly.10:27
weedmicI do not understand what playstation has to do with ubuntu 22.04 - are you using a monitor that is plugged into something else - but communicating w ubuntu through some output cable?10:28
weedmiclet's ensure you are using nvidia also - "inxi -Gxx | grep Device"10:30
patVLC does video & audio I believe. It happens with the default video player as well. No games, no, I don't have any installed/don't use games on this PC. The playstation thing was how I figured out it's related to VRR/gsync/ALLM activation. No, it's just directly into my PC via HDMI.10:32
pat  Device-1: NVIDIA vendor: ASUSTeK driver: nvidia v: 535.86.05 pcie:10:33
pat  Device-2: NVIDIA vendor: ASUSTeK driver: nvidia v: 535.86.05 pcie:10:33
weedmicrun this to see if it actually loaded "lsmod"10:34
weedmicI do not understand this at all -  "The Instant Game Response is launched" - any help is appreciated.10:35
patvideo                  73728  2 asus_wmi,nvidia_modeset10:35
patlots of mentions of nvidia_drm10:35
weedmicalso, did you reboot since the nvidia was compiled into the kernel?10:36
weedmicsure seems as if you are using nvidia and the machine knows there are two different cards.10:36
patSo that is what this screen (LG CX1) displays when ALLM (auto low latency mode) is activated. It's related to interactions with gsync (VRR). When apps go full screen (like games or videos), the screen automatically displays that message and briefly goes blank. This is normal behavior (on Windows etc). However getting stuck in a loop of that message is not normal.10:37
patYeah I did10:37
pathttps://img.nerdburglars.net/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/20220504_211915.jpg here's an example of that popup10:40
pathttps://nerdburglars.net/hardwareguides/lg-cx-flickering-instant-game-response-launched-on-ps5/ - the thread about it happening with PS5 that points to being related to VRR/gsync activating ALLM10:40
patand another: https://www.reddit.com/r/OLED/comments/m4k6wb/instant_game_response_activating_over_and_over/ -- someone in here saying they had the same problem on PC with a 3080. This all works fine on windows btw, and with scaling at 100%. the weird part is that scaling set to 125% in ubuntu seems to be the trigger10:42
weedmicI might not get the sentence exactly, but I do not know what ALLM is (but appreciate you spelling it out).  Seems to me you need gsync, but I don't know what gsync VRR is.    however, after seeing the pic, I think it is a physical setting on the monitor.  now I get what the ALLM is.10:42
weedmicperhaps a chat room with the manufacturer of the monitor?  I now believe this is not ubuntu related (nor really nvidia related either).  I think you just need the right setting.10:43
patHmm, if not ubuntu or nvidia related why does this not happen on Windows, and why does the Ubuntu scaling setting seem to impact whether it happens or not? (not saying you're wrong, just trying to understand the logic)10:47
weedmicask again - someone else may have an idea, but it seems likely to me that if works when you do some settings on the monitor which means nvidia and ubuntu are working.  I, unfortunately, dnk, how to proceed (other than to asks others with similar monitors).10:49
patIt seems to be an issue of getting stuck in a loop of activating ALLM. When I go fullscreen in VLC, Ubuntu and/or the nvidia drivers must be sending a signal to the graphics card to tell it that it should enable/is ready to enable ALLM. it's possible that it's a bug with the TV, but also possible to be a bug with the OS and/or nvidia drivers as well. It's really hard to say/diagnose though :( Like is the TV getting stuck in a weird10:54
patloop, or is it sending a triggering signal from the graphics card over and over again. Maybe there's some log somewhere that could help indicate that but I couldn't see anything in the logs I did look at (xorg logs etc)10:54
patThe fact that it doesnt happen in Windows is interesting though. Perhaps due to nvidia driver differences across the two sending different signals or behaving differently and the TV not handling one particular case properly. Or perhaps due to a bug in the nvidia driver in Ubuntu. And then also, the fact scaling seems to change the behavior is extra odd as well. All around very strange.10:55
imherelet's get this party started12:04
tekisuini hao12:54
tekisuii have a hammer 2 smurfphone12:54
tekisuinow i found out i can charge it with the usb port in the monitor12:54
tekisuibut i also use it to connect to the interweb12:54
tekisuithere the usb -thetering doesn´t wolk somehow ?12:54
tekisuii have Lubuntu 22.0412:54
tomreyntekisui: we don't know anything about the usb hub on your monitor. you seem to have a hardware question.12:57
tekisuiahh i hoped hardware would solve it12:57
tomreynpassing through data *might* work if you have a usb-c connection between computer and monitor12:57
tekisuii think it recognized the usb stick in 18.0412:57
tekisuiam pretty sure ubuntu could connect before12:57
tekisuiis it an nvidia server problem ?12:59
tekisuiwould usb-usb cable fix it ?13:00
tekisuiif i plug an usb cable in the dekstop and also in the monitor13:00
tekisuior do i blow up the monitor ?:D13:01
tekisuidamn i think the thing got digital input also13:01
tekisuiwell i guess it´s protected13:04
tomreynso you have an android smartphone connected to a monitor (which?). and you have some connection (which?) between the computer and the monitor (which?). and now you expect to be able to use the smartphone fort tethering. this might work if you have a usb-c connection between the computer and the monitor, which connects this to the usb connected smartphone. First of all you'd want to check what your monitor supports. Then, if it does support this13:05
tomreynscenario, check whether you have suitable wiring between the devices. Then check what is logged in    journalctl -f    or    sudo udevadmin monitor   when you connect the monitor and, seperately, the phone13:05
tekisuiam pretty sure in ubuntu 18.04 the monitor recognized an usb stick13:06
tekisuii could also use my fuji film13:06
weedmictekisui: most phones do not allow you to use the cable for simulateous data and power.  you have to pick one.  you might want to post your question in #hardware with the model number of the monitor and phone13:07
weedmici connect my phone to a monitor, then the monitor allows me to attach all kinds of things - including power, but it is to power the monitor.  I generally start w a fully charged phone.13:08
tekisuiis there a way to reset ubuntu, if you mess up ??13:13
tekisuisometimes it won´t start13:13
tekisuilike go back before you made the changes13:14
tomreynyou can reinstall, but it may be better to understand why "sometimes it won't start up"13:14
tekisuii mean can you enter safe mode or something ?13:14
tomreynthere's a recovery mode, and a safe graphics mode. but they may not do what you expect.13:15
tekisuiok, merci13:15
tomreynrestoring an earlier system state is only possible if you use a file system supporting that and have it setup accordingly13:16
tomreynnormally we use backups for this purpose.13:16
tomreynor... better yet.. identify and fix issues.13:16
tomreynbecause... on linux ... most of the time... you can!13:17
tekisuiyou use ubuntu touch ?13:18
weedmicdefine "mess up"?  you can do anything you want - even change apt to zypper, kde to gnome to xfce.  but... sometimes it's just not worth the time b/c a new install takes like 8 mins.13:18
tekisuiwould changing to binairy driver solve it ?13:20
tomreynwhat is "it"?13:20
tekisuithe usb port in the monitor not working properly13:20
tekisuiit use to work in ubuntu 18.0413:20
tekisuiam pretty sure13:20
tomreynto fix the usb port in your monitor, fix your monitor13:21
tekisuihmm if i break the system i can select safe graphic mode and it will use Xorg ?13:21
weedmicnot likely if you need the 390 driver - which one do you need?13:22
tekisuione that works13:22
tekisuiwell cross fingers..13:22
weedmicsearch the nvidia card you have and "which driver" "ubuntu" and see.13:23
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fred101ubuntu 22.04.3 - tried to install from nvidia site 535 - dont work - cant get nouveau to work again.13:31
tomreynfred101: sudo apt update && sudo apt purge nvidia*13:39
tomreyn+ reboot13:40
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tomreynand don't install nvidia.com downloaded drivers in the future, use ubuntu's13:40
fred101ok tom, thanks.13:40
AxelWanybody here?13:46
tomreynAxelW: a lot. you'll get a better response when you'll ask an ubuntu support question13:51
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fred101tomreyn,  it blacklisted nouveau - all fixed -  thanks.14:04
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fred101have a good day.14:05
haomscan anyone tell me which man page section is denoted by "3X". just 3 ist for library functions, but what is 3X?14:12
tekisuii found lsusb14:18
tekisuiit shows the usb´s connected14:18
tomreynhaoms: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Man_page#Manual_sections14:22
tomreynthe "x" in "3x" *might* refer to X window system specific libs, but i'm guessing.14:23
haomstomreyn: thanks, i have already looked there, but didnt find the 3X section. notably, the ncurses pages are sorted into 3X, and I am looking why that is, but had no success.14:44
haomsI dont think that the X stands for x windows system.14:44
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deadromgot an usb3-togbit adapter here (broken mobo nic) which is at 100mbit only. device should allow gbit. powercycled the switch (run of the mill 8port desktop), told the interface to renegotiate with ethtool -r , still at 100. anybody have any other ideas?15:10
mybalzitchdiff cable/15:17
mybalzitchwhat chipset does the usb to ethernet device use15:17
mybalzitchyou can also try forcing it to link at gbit, YMMV15:17
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deadromgot an intel pcie lying around, ill go for that15:21
tekisuiwell i fixed the nokia15:33
tekisuiis not working17:09
leftyfb!nl | tekisui17:10
ubottutekisui: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl17:10
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zetherooMy Ubuntu 22.04 system keeps intermittently freezing up. I have a few things running, but there is plenty of memory available and CPU usage is ~25%. I suspect the SSD might be getting worn out. How can I see the health of the SSD and if that is the performance bottleneck?18:17
oerheksgnome disks > smart selftest from the menu18:21
zetheroook, the disk is only 6.5 months old.18:22
zetherooUncorrectable ECC Count is over 900018:23
oerheksthat is not good.18:23
oerheksRMA ?18:23
zetherooMaybe :/18:23
zetherooWhat would be a count that is negligible?18:24
zetherooPower Cycle Count is 288218:24
oerheksNot sure what the warranty says, 1000?18:25
oerhekslike acceptable lcd bits errors, 1018:26
oerheksyou might want to do a long test https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools18:27
oerheks!info gSmartcontrol18:28
ubottugsmartcontrol (1.1.4-1, lunar): graphical user interface for smartctl. In component universe, is extra. Built by gsmartcontrol. Size 528 kB / 1,698 kB18:28
zetherooaccording to my purchase records, this SSD is 4 years old :/18:28
zetherooHow is the SMART value saying only 6 months and 18 days?18:28
oerheksprobably a low level format18:29
zetheroohmm ok18:29
jhutchinszetheroo: Has it been in continuous service since you got it?18:42
zetheroopretty much18:43
zetherooit's in my main laptop18:43
zetherooI notice especially if I am copying data to an NFS share that things tend to lockup as well18:45
leftyfbzetheroo: backup data, replace SSD, rebuild from scratch.19:09
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zetheroo leftyfb: would it be a bad idea to do a clonezilla disk clone to a new SSD?19:24
toddczetheroo: that is a good way  easy if the new drive is the same size or bigger  follow the prompts beginner easy19:30
zetherooyes, toddc - I've done it many times before. Was just wondering if there was any reason not to do it in this case.19:31
zetherooOn another topic - is it normal for the transfer of data to an NFS share/mount to be very fast initially but then come to a complete halt for a while before continuing?19:33
zetherooWith an SMB share/mount the transfer speed is slower but continuous19:33
jdsfighterAnyone had issues with boot hanging for an unspecified amount of time when using `quiet splash`? Removing quiet splash results in completely normal boots, albeit filled with logs. Adding splash in any capacity causes boot to hang for 1-infinity minutes, depending on how the laptop is feeling apparently. (Intel/nvidia rtx 4070m graphics. 23.04)19:37
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: both text and normal boots should result the same in time, can you trace in textboot, where the bottleneck is/stalls at?19:41
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: I'm unfortunately not familiar with the process19:44
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: removing 'quiet splash' changes your boot to text mode booting, then where your boot hangs, write it down at that point19:45
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: did you update-grub too after the grub edit?19:46
snapd-pbPerte de contrôle pour les développeurs et les utilisateurs Linux expérimentés Quid de Snapd.19:46
lotuspsychje!fr | snapd-pb19:46
ubottusnapd-pb: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper «/join #ubuntu-fr» ou «/join #ubuntu-qc». Merci.19:46
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: Ah, yes. I do have that recorded. I also did do update-grub. The boot hangs at the following line every time: "Bluetooth: hci0: Malformed MSFT vendor event:0x02". There are additional logs present that vary based on whether `quiet` is present or not19:48
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: if you noticed your booting is text only, quiet splash was done correctly19:49
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: "quiet splash" =normal boot  "" = text boot19:50
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: with "quiet splash" there is still a small amount of text that shows a few errors. After a varying amount of time, the system loads into the desktop environment/login screen. My expectation is that rather than seeing those handful of errors, I would see the plymouth screen19:51
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: the small amount of text you see with "quiet splash" ON is normal thing just before gdm booting into your desktop19:52
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: Instead, what happens is that with quiet splash, the boot takes much longer and I have no real information as to why. With text-boot, the system fully boots in < 10 seconds. With splash, the system boots in anywhere from 10 seconds to 40+ minutes.19:52
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: the real bottleneck might show when you boot into textmode19:52
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: heres what you can do, after login to desktop try; systemd-analyze blame19:54
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: and/or systemd-analyze  or systemd-analyze critical-chain19:55
lotuspsychjethat might give you an overview to see whats happening under your system hood19:55
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: 1min 35.557s plymouth-quit-wait.service | 1min 31.728s gpu-manager.service19:55
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: Looks like it19:56
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: yeah both looks long times, are you on an ssd or HD spinner?19:59
jdsfighterI'm running all NVME SSD on a brand new laptop19:59
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: nvidia card?19:59
jdsfighterIt's pretty bleeding edge19:59
jdsfighterYeah, RTX 4070m19:59
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: login to xorg or wayland?19:59
jdsfighterI'm unfortunately not sure. Bit new to *nix as a desktop environment. Mostly a windows user that does some docker/dev work against linux20:00
jdsfighterI think xorg20:00
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: nvidia and wayland is a work in progress, so xorg is needed in your case20:01
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE tells me x1120:01
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: you also might wanna check your dmesg is graphics drivers are lacking20:01
lotuspsychjeas your analyze shows gpu related delay20:01
lotuspsychjesudo lshw -C video , can also help find out20:02
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: Seems fairly standard to me: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/KyXsVDPdwp/20:04
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: yeah driver is loaded, pastebin your full dmesg?20:05
lotuspsychjejdsfighter: i just gonna log off for tonight, other volunteers surely will continue with you20:06
jdsfighterlotuspsychje: No worries! I've been working on this all day and I've really gotta get back to actually writing some code. Maybe an issue for another day20:08
tekisuihello, am trying to get the usb port on my monitor to work20:10
tekisuii tried powertop20:10
tekisuican i enable anything there ?20:10
rboxwhat does dmesg say when you plug the monitors usb cable in20:11
tekisuiWhere should i look, itś a long list20:12
rboxlook at dmesg20:13
rboxplug it in20:13
rboxlook again20:13
rboxthe new stuf will be at the bottom20:13
tekisui   1.130276] hub 3-0:1.0: USB hub found20:14
tekisui[    1.130287] hub 3-0:1.0: 2 ports detected20:14
tekisuimaybe this is it ?20:14
rboxthats all it says? 2 lines?20:14
tekisuinahh a whole bunch20:14
tekisuiwell it finds more hubs so it seems20:14
tekisuiah snap20:15
tekisuiseems firefox is blocking the terminal20:15
tekisuithis is in red: [ 1547.658015] sd 7:0:0:0: [sdf] No Caching mode page found20:17
tekisui[ 1547.658021] sd 7:0:0:0: [sdf] Assuming drive cache: write through20:17
rboxthats fine20:18
tekisui[ 1546.131362] usb 3-2: new high-speed USB device number 5 using xhci_hcd20:19
tekisuiis this it ?20:19
rboxis this what20:19
tekisuithe usb port from the monitor20:20
tekisuiit does have electricity20:20
tekisui[ 1547.941255] FAT-fs (sdf): Volume was not properly unmounted. Some data may be corrupt. Please run fsck.20:21
tekisuifsck doesn´t seem a good idea20:21
tekisuiwell i think an hdmi cable might solve it20:22
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MenzadorI have a stupid question. Is there another place I need to have nvidia-settings write xorg.conf for it to work? I'm running Ubuntu 23.04 on a custom machine (ASUS TUF Gaming Z490-PLUS, NVIDIA RTX 3070) and I've been saving to the default location (/etc/X11/xorg.conf), specifically to take advantage of my 240 Hz monitor, but the refresh rate change is lost on reboot20:24
Menzador(the xorg.conf file is still saved in /etc/X11/)20:24
tekisuinvidia x server20:24
jdsfighterI captured a slow started dmesg after any ideas what's going wrong? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qX6kwsCrnN/20:24
tarzeauMenzador: i've got 100 machines with nvidia cards from 6 years ago to until right now. i never have to write xorg.conf. from 1 to 4 screens20:24
Menzadortekisui: Yes, the package name for "NVIDIA X Server Settings" is nvidia-settings20:25
Menzadortarzeau: So simply clicking "Apply" kept your settings? Did you start on an older version of Ubuntu and run release upgrades when they became available? Just gathering more info20:26
tarzeauMenzador: yes 6 generations of lts releases with nvidia repo drivers including cuda20:26
tarzeaunew installation when system disk breaks.20:27
Menzadortarzeau: Can't blame ya, I just switched *back* to Ubuntu from Arch Linux20:27
tarzeauMenzador: when you have 100 machines, you don't want to run anything interactive gui tool 100 times20:27
tarzeauMenzador: we decided to switch back to debian20:27
MenzadorWell I only have one :P20:27
tarzeauwell it's not exactly mine. but i'm root@20:28
MenzadorI mean I could try with [ sudo -i ] if I wanted20:28
jdsfighterI'm almost positive my slow startup is related to Nvidia somehow. This is a 2023 model Lenovo Legion 5 Pro intel i9, nvidia rtx 4070.20:28
Menzadorjdsfighter: Is that a laptop or a desktop?20:28
jdsfighterMenzador: laptop20:28
Menzadorjdsfighter: Mmm. I doubt it, unless you're getting tons of live dmesg input with a cursor (in which case the display manager is taking forever to load)20:29
jdsfighterMenzador: I posted my dmesg: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qX6kwsCrnN/ I'm not sure what's going on. It's intermittent, but the one constant is that is only happens when I have "splash" in my startup20:30
Menzadorjdsfighter: So Plymouth is the application that controls the splash screen. Lemme look at it20:31
Menzadoright lines 1211-19 tell me modesetting is an issue. You said you took out 'splash' in GRUB?20:32
MenzadorThis might sound silly but you may not be able to use your splash screen - a valid solution, although not too shiny, would be to get rid of 'splash' in /etc/default/grub and regenerate your GRUB configuration file jdsfighter20:33
jdsfighterMenzador: those logs are with "slash" in grub.20:33
jdsfighterWithout splash, it works great. I was just hoping for no visible logs20:33
MenzadorYou could do 'nomodeset' but that will ignore your configuration and you probably don't want that20:34
jdsfighterStill happens with `nomodeset`20:34
MenzadorAh in that case just ditch 'splash' in /etc/default/grub and run `update-grub` to update the config file20:35
MenzadorI'm not expecting much for flashy objects on 40 series cards20:35
jdsfighterWell, darn. No real solution for now then?20:35
MenzadorOfc all of this is assuming you're using the NVIDIA driver and not nouveat20:35
jdsfighterYeah, I *think* it's NVIDIA20:36
MenzadorCheck in jockey ("Additional Drivers")20:36
Menzadorjust to be sure20:36
jdsfighterShows "Using NVIDIA driver metapackage from nvidia-driver-535 (proprietary, tested)"20:38
* Menzador thumbs up20:38
MenzadorOK yeah, so the only solution I can think of is to get rid of the splash screen in your GRUB configuration. I know it's not optimal, but at least you'll have a working system. Sometimes, not using an extra feature is required. See !lnw20:39
ubottuWant to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm20:40
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MenzadorOK, forget everything I said trying to troubleshooting my own issue - I forgot GNOME had its own configuration and I thought I was using the new Unity 7-based distro21:11
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